Man Arrested for Threatening to Dismember Rand Paul

It would be an unfair exaggeration to say that the left has a monopoly on political violence. But they’re working on cornering that market, and no one knows that better than Rand Paul.

He’s been the target of real threats and real violence on two separate occasions in the last seven months.

In November of 2017, Paul’s neighbor Rene Boucher, came out of nowhere while Paul was in his yard, and tackled Paul, breaking one or more of Paul’s ribs. Now, a man has been arrested for threatening to kill and dismember Paul and his entire family.

Senator Paul made mention of the threat last week at an event in Kentucky saying, “It’s just horrendous that we have to deal with things like this.”

This happened shortly after prosecutors filed appeals on the Boucher attack from November. Boucher has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and is being fined $10,000.

The senator has been treated for both his broken ribs and for pneumonia related to the attack. The senator had yet to recover from that assault when the death threats came.

Prosecutors asked for 21 months for Boucher. But the judge determined that the incident was an isolated one, was not politically motivated, and reduced the sentence.

Senator Paul was also present at the Republican Congressional baseball practice session last year where several shots were fired by Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson. Rep. Steve Scalise suffered the worst injury and had to be hospitalized.

Indeed, Mr. Paul has been near to many acts of violence directed at conservative politicians. Were it not for the disparate nature of the attacks, it would be difficult to believe that they were not connected in some way. It would seem that short of a vast left-wing conspiracy- the attacks are connected by a common political ideology.

But of course, in the broader context, these are far from isolated incidents. The left has been becoming increasingly violent since the 2016 election, and even before that.

In 2016 there were numerous violent incidents where Antifa and anti-trump protesters staged full-fledged riots. Conservatives arriving at talks to hear speakers like Ann Coulter have been physically assaulted.

There was the 2015 incident involving the man known only as ‘Based Stick Man.’ He showed up to a rally wearing homemade body armor and a simple stick and was forced to use it to defend himself and a group of friends from a mob of mask-wearing Antifa members.

Last year Steven Crowder and his crew infiltrated an Antifa group that was planning to bring knives and guns to a political event and attack Trump supporters. The meeting was secretly recorded by producer “Not Gay Jared” who was given a knife which he was expected to use to attack anyone in a red ball cap.

The Crowder crew then presented the footage to police. They also presented it to an NBC news crew who flatly refused to even look at the tape.

After the bizarre ejection of the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, and her family from a restaurant things continued to escalate.

Sanders went home after the incident, but her family went on to another restaurant. They were followed by staff from the first establishment and harassed at the second restaurant.

In response to those events, Rep. Maxine Waters was filmed stoking up a small crowd and calling for violence and harassment on any conservative, Trump staffer, or Trump supporter in public and to “make sure they know they are not welcome anywhere,” to use her words.

This is the tone of today’s Democratic party. While some ranking Dems have distanced themselves from Waters- her words have emboldened many Democrat voters. As a result, conservatives are being harassed and violently challenged in locations all over the country.

It’s interesting to take notice of the language used by Waters during her inflammatory incitement to violence. “Tell them they are not welcome anywhere,” she said.

What does it mean to not be welcome anywhere? That sounds like a death threat, almost. If one is not welcome anywhere- what place on Earth is safe?

This is the condition of our republic. The left is using openly warlike language and calling- in no uncertain terms- for a civil war. The Democrats started the first Civil War, and they seem to be looking to start another.

We can only hope, for their sakes, that they do not follow through. Because they do not have the numbers, or the guns to cash the checks they are writing.

~ American Liberty Report