Man Uses Trans-Age Defense for Pedophilia; Confirms Conservative Fears

While the bathroom debate and its accompanying arguments are not at the absolute front of national attention, they aren’t far removed from anyone’s mind. They’re still hot topics, and our nation is still split about how to deal with transgenderism and similar issues.

The left would tell you it’s all about equality and doing right by a marginalized group. Sane people realize that no one issue exists in a bathroom, and even if transgenderism wasn’t literal insanity, protecting it as a way of life will come with a mixed bag of consequences. One of the most disturbing of those consequences recently came to light in a Chicago court.

The Story

Joseph Roman is a 38-year-old from Chicago. He is facing multiple charges of sexual assault against minors. The charges are severe enough that he was given no bail. It turns out, he had sleepovers with the young girls of his friends. He used those opportunities to abuse the girls for a span of two years, ending in December of 2017. It’s probably worth noting that at the time of the writing these are allegations and not convictions.

With his lawyer’s support, Roman has admitted to several counts of the abuse. His defense is centered around progressive liberal logic. He claims to be trans-age. That’s right. Roman is hoping for acquittal on account of him identifying as a 9-year-old boy trapped in a grown man’s body. This is exactly the disgusting fallout conservatives have been warning against for years.

Cascade Effect

Here’s the problem. As a nation, we have gone to great lengths to widely accept deviant sexual orientations and their accompanying mental states. Rather than admit that homosexuality and transgenderism are aberrant mentalities and probably require compassionate treatment, our nation has decided that this is perfectly normal and natural.

Once we made that move, it was only a matter of time before other aberrant mentalities came into the discussion to get their widespread acceptance too. The first to make a move is pedophilia, but bestiality, necrophilia and other horrors we haven’t yet imagined aren’t far behind.

Remember: homosexuality and transgenderism were considered fireable offenses less than three decades ago. Other fringe groups have seen the successful move that these minorities have made into mainstream acceptance, and they have been emboldened. Regardless of the outcome of Roman’s trial, it’s only the beginning. We now have to strap in for the wildly offensive arguments headed our way. There is a movement fighting to make pedophilia ok.

We Told You So

This is where you, dear readers, get to bask in the “I told you so” moment. We’ve all been saying it for years, and now here it is. We warned that abandoning mental treatments for transgenderism and arguing that it isn’t a sickness would have fallout. That fallout has arrived.

Liberals are bad at basic logic, so we’ll break it down in simple terms. If a person can genuinely believe that their very anatomy is a lie and that they were born the wrong gender, they are not mentally well. If we make excuses and argue that they are just fine, where is the logical barrier to keep that from applying to people who identify as trans-racial? What about people who genuinely believe they are not human? Or even alive? How can you justify claiming that only one of these groups is sane?

The inevitable logical conclusion is that either transgenderism is a mental problem that merits medical help, or none of these issues are. By extension, can we really claim that Roman did something wrong, since he identifies as a young boy?

Of course we can! What he did is despicable and utterly contemptible. The problem is that we have passed laws and upheld rulings that give him wiggle room. If he can get away with violent pedophilia because we refused to acknowledge that transgender people need help, then what service have we really done to our country?

They said it was never about the bathrooms, and in a way they were right. It was about the courtrooms. Is the freedom to deny your very DNA worth the safety of our children?

The point of all of this is not to accuse transgenders as child molesters. It’s to point out that legal protection afforded to a fringe group can be exploited by the most malicious among us, and that it creates undeniable danger for innocent bystanders. In this case, children are at risk, and even if Roman doesn’t walk free, there will only be more cases like this in the future. Eventually, we will have to decide between indulging delusions and doing what is right for defenseless children.

~ American Liberty Report

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