Nothing to See Here, Just a Child-Trafficking Camp on Land Owned by a Clinton Foundation Donor

A group of veterans has made a disturbing discovery in the remote desert of Arizona, near our still wall-less southern border, that has shaken its members to the core. If you watch any videos posted by Veterans on Patrol, you will notice that they look shell-shocked, as if they just finished clearing a neighborhood in Fallujah circa 2003.

Their emotions are very raw, and the situation is only compounded by the noncommittal, uncaring shrugs they’ve received from law enforcement after reporting their findings to them.

A word of caution: This story is not for the weak of heart.

As we learn about this story and all the connections to the same sinister forces that are working to undermine the Trump administration, we keep coming back to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 blowup behind the scenes at NBC, after her interview with Matt Lauer didn’t go so well.

Hillary threw a full glass of water in Huma Abedin’s face and screamed at her lackeys, “You f**king idiots, you were supposed to have this thing set up for me and you’ve screwed it up! If that f**king b**tard wins, we all hang from nooses!” What a peach! And what a curiously specific metaphor for Hillary to use.

Back to Arizona…

Veterans on Patrol is a group that searches homeless camps to find homeless veterans, so they can help provide them with supplies and services to get them back on their feet. While searching a stretch of land owned by the CEMEX corporation on May 29, 2018, Veterans on Patrol found a camp hidden in a clump of trees, not far from the border.

“It became something so terrifying in such a short time,” said Danni Ward, a volunteer with the group.

They found restraints tied to trees, hair dye, toys, children’s clothing, pornographic materials, boxes of condoms, a baby stroller and crib, and an underground bunker – the entrance to which is too small for an adult to fit through – a holding cell, in other words. The words, “Hello Maddie” are scrawled on the top of the bunker.

“This place is meant for child trafficking,” says Ward. “It’s meant for torturous, terrible things that should never happen to a small child, let alone anyone.”

Veterans on Patrol says its members found other evidence which they turned over to the police, but which they have not shared publicly yet. Local Tucson police searched the site, shrugged and handed the case over to detectives. The discovery is horrifying, although not surprising to anyone who has followed our previous coverage of our porous southern border.

An estimated 30,000 women and children are trafficked across the border with Mexico every year, according to numbers that the US State Department used to publish. The Obama administration solved this problem by no longer publishing the numbers.

No numbers, no problem – and we can go back to pretending that every illegal alien is a scientist carrying the cure for cancer in their backpack. The former Soviet Union solved the issue of prostitution in the worker’s paradise in the same manner: Officially deny the existence of the problem.

Here is where things start to get really weird.

The child trafficking camp is situated on a plot of land owned by the CEMEX Corporation. Carlos Slim, the Lebanese phone monopolist from Mexico who owns the New York Times, also owns CEMEX. George Soros is reported to be holding $41 million in CEMEX shares. CEMEX has publicly stated that it will not allow its land to be used when the Trump administration constructs the border wall. Hmmm… Why not?

CEMEX is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. When the Hillary Clinton-run State Department outsourced the Haiti relief effort following the 2010 earthquake there to the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons famously scammed the poor country.

Millions of dollars disappeared, homes that were supposed to be built never materialized… and CEMEX was right in the middle of it, moving cargo containers back and forth from Haiti, Mexico and the US. You have to wonder if “Maddie” was on one of those containers.

The globalists are now circling the wagons. YouTube has taken down several videos by Veterans on Patrol. Their Facebook page is probably next.

Veterans on Patrol is asking for more veterans to travel to Arizona right now if they can, to help take up the search for the missing children. They need more boots on the ground to search more areas and are also asking for supplies (food, water, flashlights and so forth – don’t send money).

They have demanded that Arizona police bring in cadaver dogs to conduct a thorough search of the area where they found the child trafficking camp. Given that Tucson’s mayor is Jonathan Rothschild, of that Rothschild family, many doubt that the local investigation will go anywhere.

Since we’re talking about child trafficking, pedophilia and possibly murder, here’s another piece of the puzzle which readers deserve to know. Evil does like to flaunt itself and operate right out in plain sight, after all.

The Clinton Foundation held a swanky fundraiser in New York City on May 25th. Sting and Shaggy performed. Attendees got to have their picture taken with Bill Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi. US figure skater Adam Rippon gave a speech.

One attendee paid $65,000 for the chance to get drunk on Chardonnay with Hillary Clinton. But the most disturbing gift of the night and the one that garnered the largest cash donation was the prize offered to spend some time with Bill Clinton.

The winner will get to fly on a private jet with Bill Clinton to a private island in the Caribbean. The anonymous Hollywood attorney who runs the Crazy Days and Nights blog has confirmed that longtime Clinton pal and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is the owner of the plane and the island. Right out in the open.

Words can’t even describe the disgust.

If the Clintons are operating this brazenly once again, it means they are firmly convinced that Democrats will regain control of the House and Senate in November and sweep everything under the rug. The Spygate scandal, the FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation, the child trafficking camp in the desert… those investigations will all go away if the Democrats win.

In the meantime, the search is under way in Arizona and you can follow it on social media with the tags #OperationBackyardBrawl and #WhereAreTheChildren.

The mainstream media won’t touch this story with a ten-foot pole, but you can still follow the efforts of the veterans for now – until Facebook shuts them down for “hate speech.”

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