NY Terror Attack Proves Trump’s Travel Ban is Needed

Eight Americans were killed and twelve others were injured last week because our political class in America is too cowardly to address the issue of skyrocketing legal immigration into America. Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, a 29-year-old man from Uzbekistan whose only job prospect was being a driver for Uber, mowed down pedestrians in a bike lane in Manhattan.

So, now the terrorist truck attacks that have plagued London and France have finally come to America. But at least our politicians can claim that they are not racists because they allow unlimited immigration from the most militant Islamic regions of the world!

At some point we’re going to have to demand that Congress address two deadly serious issues: 1) President Trump is absolutely correct that we need a moratorium on immigrants and refugees from all terrorist hotspots, and 2) our overall immigration rates are unsustainable and dangerous.

Even if federal judges appointed by Obama were not somehow currently in charge of America’s immigration policy, it would not have prevented the terrorist attack in New York. Uzbekistan is not on any of President Trump’s proposed “travel bans” (which are temporary moratoriums). Sayfullo Saipov was in the country due to the risible “diversity lottery” in which 50,000 random people from anywhere else in the world can win a golden ticket to come to America and sign up for welfare immediately. Unfortunately for Saipov’s neighbors, he may have sponsored an addition 23 Uzbeks to come to America as soon as the chain migration process kicked in.

America now has an estimated 45.7 million foreign-born people living within our borders. That number does not include the 11 to 30 million illegal aliens from all corners of the world (depending on whose numbers you use). In Los Angeles, 44 percent of residents no longer speak English at home. Yet when you ask virtually any Member of Congress certain uncomfortable questions about immigration policy, you are likely to get a dispassionate shrug in response, followed by the usual platitudes that every person everywhere in the world somehow has a right to pursue the American dream.

Whose decision was it, for example, to transplant entire Somali villages in places like Minnesota and Maine? Congressman: Shrug. (Actual answer: The United Nations Refugee Agency.)

Why has America taken in more immigrants from Islamic republics in the 16 years after the 9/11 attacks than we took in during the two decades prior to the attacks? Congressman: Shrug.

Given that 16 percent of Muslims admit that they support acts of violence in the name of Islam, how is it justifiable to bring in more than 100,000 mostly unvetted immigrants from Muslim countries every single year? Congressman: Shrug.

Since Muslims are steeped in a culture which has truly alien views on the social order compared to Western countries (on issues such as spousal abuse, child-rearing, freedom of speech, education of women and girls, driving in the bike lane, etc.), what is the positive net benefit for America if we allow so many in? Congressman: “Sorry, we’re out of time for this interview, I have to get to a fundraiser!”

Senator Tom Cotton has introduced the RAISE Act in the Senate (short for Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy). The bill would eliminate the diversity lottery and establish a points-based immigration system. If passed into law, immigrants would have to demonstrate that they have skills that would benefit the American economy if they are allowed in.

The very best pirates from Somalia need not apply, in other words.

Chain migration would be limited to immediate family members such as spouses and minor children; no more sick and elderly relatives allowed. Given the education rates in many terrorist hotbed countries, the bill would have the same effect as President Trump’s “travel ban” and it would even extend to countries like Saipov’s Uzbekistan. Sorry guys, we’re full up on Uber drivers!

President Trump would sign the bill into law, if passed, and the administration helped to write the legislation. But what are the odds that the bill will even be voted on in the Senate? Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, after all, was the author of the “diversity lottery” way back in 1990. Many Republicans are too afraid to touch this issue because they fear being called racists and, let’s face it, they often have armed security nearby in case the Sayfullo Saipovs in our midst decide that today is the day for their personal jihad against the Great Satan.

The RAISE Act is a sensible solution to the out-of-control immigration rates and would reduce the number of potential terrorists that we are allowing into the US in the name of “diversity.” You can reach your Senators at 202-224-3121 if you want to let them know that you support the RAISE Act (Senate bill 1720).

~ American Liberty Report

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