Obama Quietly Trying to Rebuild Democratic Party

Former President Barack Obama made his interest in the future of the Democratic Party clear well before the end of his second term. During his last six months in office, he used Airforce One to fly all over the United States campaigning for Hillary Clinton- a move that is a clear conflict of interest.

Of course, he also attempted to salt the Earth for the incoming Trump Administration by imposing harsher than ever before sanctions on Russia, pushing the antagonism so far that military leaders were afraid a nuclear exchange might result.

But Obama’s attempts to create an unlevel playing field for Republicans have not ended with his departure from office. According to sources close to the 44th President, he has been involved in a series of discussions concerned with the future of the Democratic Party. Indeed, since leaving office he had been on a world wind speaking tour all over the United States earning big bucks giving college commencement speeches, keynote talks, panel discussions, as well as many other not so public meetings with high-ranking members of the left.

He has held a series of meetings by request with members of both the House and Senate. These meetings have taken place almost exclusively in Obama’s new Washington DC mansion in the west end of the nation’s capital.

Over the last few weeks, he has had meetings with Senator D. Chris Van Hollen from Maryland. He also met in person and spoke on the phone with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez numerous times this last Spring.

According to David Simas, Obama’s former political advisor- now CEO of the Obama Foundation- says the former president has been making a series of calls to DNC officials.

The former president hasn’t had an official role on the political scene since he left the White House, but his activities are similar to activities that would have been familiar to him during his time as a community organizer. According to sources, Obama himself is trying to avoid the spotlight while galvanizing the party for a new push toward power in the 2020 election cycle.

As the former president and leaders of the Democratic Party try to rebuild their organization- the party struggles with significant branding problems. When they were strong, they threw their support behind a President who was at war for every single day of his presidency. They aligned unilaterally behind a healthcare bill that came with an immensely unpopular mandate, and which is now hugely unpopular and collapsing. They are a party that is largely responsible for the dramatic deterioration in race relations.

Over the past six months, the Democratic Party has been the party of hysteria, false accusations, and pushed a haughty and entitled Hillary Clinton into a failed bid for the presidency that has left the party addled and disoriented.

Recently, a PR firm was tasked to come up with a 2018 slogan for the DNC. What they came up with was met with almost unanimous acclaim from the tone deaf DNC leadership. It is, “I mean, have you seen the other guys.”

This callow and nauseatingly advertisement-like slogan is the very coinage of the Democratic mind at this point in history. It is arrogant, shallow, judgmental, inauthentic, and sophomoric.

We look forward to the national cringe that will be invoked when the DNC unveils their new slogan of change. But in the meantime, it is concerning that Barack Obama continues to do so much heavy lifting while remaining largely under the radar.

Looking at his work as a community organizer, it is clear to see that what this job title really means is organizing political agitation. This is a role in which Obama pushed wedge issues- just as he did throughout his presidency- to urge one group of people to feel oppressed by another group, to engender guilt, entitlement, and strife. And to blackball anyone who dissents as a bigot of one sort or another.

But, while there is little hope of reasoning with these ideologues, there is plenty of reason to think that whatever the DNC is gearing up for will be their last hurrah. The Democrats have lost special elections all across the country this year as Americans have told them in county after county- state after state- ‘we are tired of your divisive name calling.’

They are a party without a calling, without a platform, and without support- and if they manage to do anything meaningful in 2020, it is likely to be as corrupt as Hillary Clinton herself.

~ American Liberty Report