Obama Says US Safe From ISIS Attacks, Yet California Shooting Confirmed Terrorist Connection

The Paris attacks shocked the world. It froze it and shook it to its very core. Things like that don’t just happen in France, a country that hasn’t exactly been leading the charge on the war on terror.

Soon after the events, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks on Paris and then turned its attention towards other world powers; namely the United States. ISIS suggested the terror group had the ability to launch tacks in multiple states throughout the U.S. at a moment’s notice, including shootings and suicide bombings.

Obama’s response? Telling the country it’s safe and nothing can happen. However, just the other day, that proved grossly incorrect.

The Call for Stricter Immigration Screenings

Following the attacks in Paris, both Democrats and Republicans acted together in creating new, strict guidelines for allowing Syrian refugees into the country. State governors spanning the entire country penned letters to the federal government, backing these new changes.

Unlike the rhetoric from the uninformed or the far left, these changes were not designed to bar and shut down boarders to all immigrants. These new requirements were to offer more significant background checks in order to make complete sure all incoming Syrian refugees are who they say they are, and not Islamic fundamentalist terrorists portraying themselves as refugees.

The Need to Protect

Most current citizens in the United States understand the nation came about on the foundation of immigrants. However, they also understand the need to protect the nation and the precious lives within the country from external attacks. It is exactly why the two parties came together to not prevent immigration but to significantly improve screenings of refugees.

However, President Obama came out and said he would veto any bill on his desk designed to implement these new, stronger guidelines. In essence, he said the lives of potential terrorists are more important than the lives of those living inside of the country. The draw between both Republicans and Democrats going against their elected president proved so strong though that they passed a veto-proof bill.

ISIS Can Attack Anywhere

Elected officials called for these stricter requirements after not only the Paris attacks, but after ISIS directly fired verbal shots at the U.S.

The extremists pointed out states it has dozens of well trained individuals in who are capable of attempting a Paris level attack at a moment’s notice.

In fact, according to an LA Times interview with the FBI director, he stated “Islamic State presence in the U.S. is the new normal.” Despite this, Obama wanted to veto bills making it more difficult for terrorists to enter the country.

Obama went on to say the United States is safe against an ISIS attack as details were still coming in about the tragedy in California. The threats of internal attacks are more real now than it ever has been before.

While the FBI monitors and tracks hundreds of individuals within the United States for possible ties to terrorist organizations, it is not necessarily the direct orders from high-ranking ISIS officials that should cause concern. It is the copycat potential of current ISIS members within the U.S. and Islamic extremists who want to cause as much harm and death as possible. That fear came to fruition on Wednesday, December 2nd.

Terror Link in San Bernardino Shooting

Early reports proved a bit hazy around the California shooting. Outside of 14 initial deaths and dozens more wounded by a married couple, investigators did not have a true motive. While the dust has not yet settled and an investigation will continue on for weeks, if not months into the full background, the FBI discovered the shooters did in fact have a connection with ISIS terrorists.

Tashfeen Malik, the wife, had remained in contact with a terror suspect the FBI had been monitoring. During this time, Farook, the husband, who took multiple trips to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, became radicalized.

The notion of ISIS being unable to attack the United States is simply incorrect. Perhaps President Obama said this to bring a tense nation a sense of unwarranted calm. However, it seems he is doing whatever he can to make it easier for more terrorists to enter the country.

It is why House GOP unveiled a new bill to not only increase screenings on refugees but to also shore up security for individuals traveling into the United States. As a nation and as a government, it is job number one to protect citizens of the U.S. first. Yet it appears that is not the goal of the administration.

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