Obama’s Government Still Thwarting Trump

The Russian investigation continues to be one of the primary talking points of mainstream media and the left. They pretty much need to prove Trump colluded with Russia, because they have no other weapons.

They assumed his un-presidential demeanor would have him impeached in no time. They were wrong. They figured they could dig up some dirt that would prove he performed countless illegal business interactions. They were wrong.

Anyone who has paid attention to President Trump can see that this Russia probe is a political witch hunt that holds no water, but it’s their final hail-mary pass, and they aren’t ready to give up yet. Unfortunately for the left, this is blowing up in their face the same way all of their plans do.

The Deep State Theory

It sounds like something out of a spy thriller. The Obama-led corrupt government used the DOJ and FBI to attack their political rival. When that failed, they worked to undermine the new leadership and force it into impotence. Unfortunately, it’s reality.

This dates back far before the recent election. You might remember that several years ago the IRS was caught deliberately attacking Tea Party groups who were anti-Obama. This ideology was inundated throughout Obama’s followers, so it should come as no surprise that there is a growing body of proof that his corruption impacted all levels of federal government.

We know with certainty now that Obama illegally spied on Trump’s campaign. There is also zero doubt that Mueller’s Russia investigation is tainted with extreme political bias. Unfortunately, this is where the story begins, rather than ends.

New Information

The thousands of “lost” text messages have now been revealed. There is a lot of data to sift through, but some new information is already available. The uncovered messages show that Peter Strzok worked with other FBI agents to “create an insurance policy” and work with a “secret society” to oppose Trump. That’s the least concrete thing we’ve learned so far.

What comes clearer is that Strzok deliberately sabotaged his investigation of Hillary Clinton. He assumed that she would be the next president, and he feared coming down hard on his soon-to-be new boss.

This is a complete breakdown of justice. We’ve been able to assume all along that Clinton stayed out of jail on the principle of political bias alone. Now we have proof that one of the primary investigators was a direct party to this bias. There’s no question at all. Strzok obstructed justice, and his text messages suggest that he wasn’t a lone operator.

The Obama Factor

This is disgusting and disturbing, but it runs deeper than a few bad FBI agents. This is the norm that Obama created. Every day we get new details outlining the true depth of corruption that he sewed through the DOJ and FBI. He pushed these agencies to adopt political bias, and now the emerging truth is threatening the integrity of the entire country.

Remember: it was Obama’s Secretary of State who originally received favor. Then, he endorsed her as a presidential candidate, and the favors extended. Ultimately, the finger of blame points resolutely at Obama.

Except, we have to blame the American people as well. Obama got away with the deepest layers of corruption our country has ever seen because he was never held accountable. Millions gave him a pass because he was the first black president. Fear of being called racist stayed their tongues.

Worst of all, mainstream media abandoned any pretense of acknowledging his wrongdoings. Even today, they pretend that he was a perfect president who isn’t irrefutably linked to war crimes, incredible acts of illegal corruption and most of the general problems America faces today.

It’s no wonder Obama worked so hard to deepen racial divides and keep those discussions at the forefront of every discussion. It was the cornerstone of his defense, and he has now effectively gotten away with all of it.

The one silver lining to all of this is that Trump is under unprecedented scrutiny. It means that everything he does as President will stand the test of time and be unassailable by the next regime.

We can also hope that the mainstream media will learn a lesson from all of this and carry high-level scrutiny to all politicians, but that’s a pipe dream. It’s really all about promoting their biases and trying to cling to power. Thankfully, the American people are wise to their act, and together we can move away from the cesspool that was created by 44.

~ American Liberty Report

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