Obama’s Strategy: Planned Failure

Two years into his last term in office President Obama began to realize half of America really hated his policies—and that although he had the power to could enact any policy he wanted in the remainder of his last term in office, it would likely be repealed by the next President.

So shady Obama devised a scheme to turn the American people onto his policies—even if it would take time. In one of the most brilliant evil genius schemes ever devised, Obama utilized planned political failures to manipulate the masses and steer the country toward long-term leftist goals.

This story only recently broke. Leftists noticed a change in the firearms background check system, and they tried to pin it on Trump. In so doing, they uncovered yet another corruption plot that took place under Obama’s watch. In a nutshell, Obama’s Department of Justice redefined existing legislation to change the definition of the word “fugitive.”

This change ultimately removed 500,000 names from the FBI NICS database and enabled formerly banned persons from being able to legally obtain firearms. We aren’t yet sure how many people this affected, but so far the FBI is suggesting that failed background checks declined by 80 percent after the change. That’s a lot of illegal weapons.

Before we move on, there’s something interesting to note here. The official reclassification happened because lawyers working under Obama decided that a fugitive from the law only became such after crossing state lines. Before, simply leaving the jurisdiction of the court in question was sufficient.

Here’s the telling part. This change actually restored the old, 19th Century definition of a fugitive. It was put in place to make it easier for southern slave owners to recover freed “property” who escaped to the North. Northern states didn’t recognize the slaves as property, but they were compelled by federal law to return fugitives to the state they fled.

This callback to the empowerment of slave owners was willfully exploited by the Obama Administration. There is no question he knew about the change, and yet, he did nothing to contest it. Why? It happened right before Trump took office.

Obama knew that empowering criminals to purchase guns would create problems for the new administration. Moreover, it would suggest, statistically, that current restriction on firearms are inadequate. He deliberately dismantled gun safety regulations as an excuse to call for more.

Health Care

This second case is one you might already understand. Obamacare was designed to fail. Let’s review the facts. Ultimately, it’s a variation on the Republican plan for healthcare reform. The original idea was to empower private insurance to improve healthcare access. The left took that plan and gutted the sound economics from it.

The point was that they could set it up to fail and point at the Republicans. “See, there way doesn’t work.” The Obama Administration was never surprised by the problems that arose from Obamacare. Skyrocketing premiums, reduced overall coverage and runaway healthcare costs were all part of the plan. After the “free market” plan failed, they could call for single payer as the only sensible alternative—which is he socialized option they really wanted to enact anyways.

Deliberate obstacles have existed all along. Healthcare.gov was a failure when the site launched. Inconsistent legislation at every level has made it virtually impossible for insurers to provide consistent coverage. The Obama Administration even made sure to tax the poor when they couldn’t afford insurance to guarantee that they would hate the system.

Overall, it was strategically brilliant. Force healthcare costs to go up and the people will have little choice but to demand a single-payer system. Fortunately for America, Trump surprised them with the win and has worked to restore sound economics to health care. If he can get enough changes through, we might be able to avoid the disaster of a Bernie Sanders system.


This one runs deep. Obama’s attack on the energy sector was two-pronged. Part of it was planned failure. The other was basic corruption. Let’s start with the failure.

For those who remember, the invasion of Iraq started in 2003. The primary fighting was finished in a matter of weeks. Occupying the region turned out to be a lot tougher than anticipated, but huge progress towards stability was achieved before Obama took office.

That unravelled quickly. Obama actively worked to destabilize the Middle East throughout his presidency. You can see it in the hasty withdrawal from Iraq (that every single general opposed), the abandonment of allies in Egypt, the bombing campaign in Libya, the Iran nuclear deal and the indecision and inaction in Syria. Every one of these decisions was clearly aimed at destabilization. As many presidents before him, Obama’s choices were motivated by oil. What separates him is that he wanted oil prices to skyrocket, and they did.

It was only the innovative techniques of fracking and shale oil collection that reversed Obama’s trend. So, he did his best to cripple them with unilateral regulation. Simultaneously, he worked to subsidize solar and other alternative energy production to the tune of billions of dollars a year.

Why did he combine planned failure in international power with heavy energy subsidies? He simply wanted to write checks to friends and sycophants. Remember the Solyndra fiasco? That was the sole motivation.

There is no question that Obama was an evil mastermind. Or, he at least had masterminds working under him. The subtlety and brilliance of his corrupt politics were hard to identify. And, his people were loyal. You didn’t see the level of intelligence leaks that plague Trump.

Unfortunately, this brilliance was only applied to self-service and deliberately hurting America. When Trump took office, we all knew he had a huge job laid at his feet. With time, we continue to learn that the job was much bigger than expected. Still, we can see how rapidly things improved as soon as the President of the United States was no longer actively working against our well-being.

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