Official Confirms, Obama Approved Steele Dossier

A former Obama White House official has come forward claiming that the one-time British spy, Christopher Steele provided him with the documents that the infamous Trump Dossier is based on. This claim has been confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

These claims and corroborations prove that President Obama approved the use of the dossier as the sole evidence of the claims made by Steele.

That is to say, Obama accepted the claims made in the dossier because they were in the dossier. And, no- you’re not the only one to notice that that makes zero sense.

It is now well established that the dossier was used as the evidence upon which the FBI was given permission to spy on Trump by the FISA court. Now, we have proof positive that Obama, while still in office, was key to pushing the agenda to use phony information to frame Trump.

This comes in a report from the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Jonathan Winter. He turned over this testimony in response to Nunes investigation, saying, “Devin Nunes is investigating me: Here’s the Truth.”

“While talking about that hacking, Blumenthal and I discussed Steele’s reports,” Winter told the Senate. “He showed me notes gathered by a journalist I did not know, Cody Shearer, that alleged the Russians had compromising information on Trump of a sexual and financial nature.”

His official statement includes the following;

In September 2016, Steele and I met in Washington and discussed the information now known as the “dossier.” Steele’s sources suggested that the Kremlin not only had been behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign but also had compromised Trump and developed ties with his associates and campaign.

Winer wrote an op-ed which corroborates the testimony regarding a string of events delineated in a criminal referral intended for Steele which was issued by the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley. These contain allegations of lying to the FBI about his previous media contacts.

So, it would appear that Steele either lied to the British court, or to the FBI. Otherwise, the documents themselves, which he foisted on US intelligence and law enforcement contain statements that are materially false. Statements by the British court have been turned over to the U.S. government, yet the Grassley memo is heavily redacted. This makes it impossible to identify the contradictions in terms that Grassley discovered.

Winer’s op-ed piece explains that he took the information provided by Steele about Trump and went on to share it with Victoria Nuland, the former Assistant Secretary of State. She then went on to notify the former Secretary of State John Kerry.

Winer then provided Steele with a collection of anti-Trump memos that came from Sidney Blumenthal, the Clinton operative. These memos had their origins in communications coming directly from Clinton’s own hatchet man Cody Shearer. Winer said he didn’t believe that Steele would share any of this information with anyone in government. But he was soon to find out otherwise.

“But I learned later that Steele did, in fact, share them,” Winer said. “He shared them with the FBI after the FBI asked him to provide everything that he had on the allegations relating to Donald Trump, his campaign and any Russian interference in U.S. elections.”

Then, Steele pulled all of his support from Winer and went silent.

Last week Steele failed to appear at a court hearing after the release of the Grassley memo. The memo indicates that Steele did lie to the FBI about the contacts he claimed to have within the media. This prompted the FBI to sever their relationship with Steele.

Now, this is where things become amusing. The FBI cuts off their relationship with Steele only after Steele skips out on his court date. And it’s clear that he did so only because he has been found out for the liar that he is. Not only this, but it is clear now that the Steele dossier has always been known to be nothing more than a tissue of falsehoods. So the FBI is trying to seem as if they never had anything to do with Steele. But it was the FBI that used the Steele dossier to apply for their FISA warrant several times!

Too little, too late, FBI.

Steele was expected to give a deposition that has been on the docket for quite some time now. So it’s unlikely that his absence is going to go unnoticed. This court case stems from a civil lawsuit for several million dollars filed against Buzzfeed for publishing rumors about Trump soliciting Russian prostitutes based on the unsubstantiated Steele dossier.

Unredacted documents from the suit read in part, “There is substantial evidence suggesting that Mr. Steele materially misled the FBI about a key aspect of his dossier, which bears negatively on his credibility.”

In compensation for the “opposition research” provided by the former British spy, Steele was paid $168,000 by Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS was the front line team hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign to dredge up opposition research on Trump. The Clinton campaign used a law firm as an intermediary to hire Fusion GPS.

What we have here is one organization looking for dirt, and passing the buck to another organization to find that dirt. When Fusion GPS couldn’t find anything legitimate, they realized that they had to lie about Trump to earn their paycheck. But, unwilling to do the lying themselves, Fusion GPS turned to Steele.

This is how the Deep State works. They get someone else to do the dirty work so that the core players never take the fall. That’s what the $168,000 was for. It was compensation for taking on the risk of lying to practically every government in the western world.

Apparently, Steele thought he was slick enough to shoulder the guilt.

These lies are the crux upon which Hillary Clinton intended to go to nuclear war with Russia.

What we have learned from all this is that everyone associated with the Steele dossier knew from the beginning that is was nothing but nonsense- everyone except perhaps the apparently gullible FISA court judge.

Most notably, however, we now know Barack Obama knew full well the fallacious nature of the information and permitted the FBI to go forward with their pursuit of a warrant to wiretap Donald Trump and his campaign team while he was still a civilian.

In other words, when Trump said “Obama wiretapped me,” he was not just whistling Dixie.

What’s more, this reveals a vein of deceit that runs from the heart of the DNC to the former White House, through the mainstream media and directly into a festering pool of mendacity moldering in the belly of the entire United States intelligence community.

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