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Robert Mueller’s Dirty Past Comes to Light

A sordid story about the FBI’s involvement with organized crime in Boston has shed new light on the character of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a man that the media has assured us is “beyond reproach.” Mueller was a central figure in an FBI cover up that kept four completely innocent men in prison for decades, in … Continue reading “Robert Mueller’s Dirty Past Comes to Light”

Mueller’s Witch Hunt May Soon be Over

Paul Manafort‘s legal team has presented a motion to dismiss as he faces charges that could lead to a virtual life sentence if he were to be convicted. U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III, the federal judge who is overseeing one of the cases that Manafort faces wrote: Given the nature of the charges against … Continue reading “Mueller’s Witch Hunt May Soon be Over”

Parkland Student Backs Out of Debate with Pro-Second Amendment Student

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, high school students across the country have been given a voice unlike ever before. Unfortunately, the only students who have been afforded this platform are those fighting for strict gun-control measures and those who hate the NRA and President Trump. Meanwhile, pro-Second Amendment students – even those who … Continue reading “Parkland Student Backs Out of Debate with Pro-Second Amendment Student”

Can Trump Fix Health Care the Way He Fixed the Economy?

The economy is booming. Everyone at every level is excited about rising opportunities in virtually every industry. While the tax cuts played a huge roll, Trump got things moving before the GOP finally pitched in. With targeted deregulation, he set the economy ablaze last year. In the meantime, Congress completely failed to tackle Obamacare. President … Continue reading “Can Trump Fix Health Care the Way He Fixed the Economy?”

It’s Official: Obama Attempted a Secret Coup

We hate to say ‘we told you so.’ Actually, ‘hate’ is too strong a word. Let’s put it this way, it would be better for everyone if we didn’t have to remind people of what we’ve been saying all along and have now been vindicated over. Former President Barack Obama began working against Donald Trump … Continue reading “It’s Official: Obama Attempted a Secret Coup”

Comparing Economies: Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama

Economics is one of the eternal battlegrounds between the right and left. Liberals condemn Reaganomics and praise former Presidents Clinton and Obama. Conservatives herald Reagan as the greatest president of all time and condemn Obama as possibly the worst. Is it possible to cut through the partisan politics and get a realistic view? In modern … Continue reading “Comparing Economies: Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama”

Obama’s Strategy: Planned Failure

Two years into his last term in office President Obama began to realize half of America really hated his policies—and that although he had the power to could enact any policy he wanted in the remainder of his last term in office, it would likely be repealed by the next President. So shady Obama devised … Continue reading “Obama’s Strategy: Planned Failure”

Trump the Negotiator and China

When President Trump announced new tough tariffs, aimed mainly at China, the headlines that followed the next day accused the President of acting hastily, predicting jobs and the stock market would suffer greatly due to his actions. When USA today reported the day after Trump’s announcement, the headline was: Dow closes 425 points lower on … Continue reading “Trump the Negotiator and China”

Trump Gets Tough on Russia

At President Trump’s directive, the U.S. is expelling 60 Russian intelligence officers (read: spies) and has ordered the Russian government to close its consulate in Seattle. The move comes in retaliation for the alleged attempt of the Russian government to murder, Sergei Skripal, a former Russian spy who now lives in the United Kingdom. President … Continue reading “Trump Gets Tough on Russia”

Congress’ Huge Budget Bill: 5 Things to Know

With just hours before another shutdown would have commenced, the Senate voted 65-32 to pass a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill. With President Trump’s signature, a threatened shutdown will be avoided for at least six months. However, as it is with many compromises, few in Washington could declare total victory. The pattern has become all … Continue reading “Congress’ Huge Budget Bill: 5 Things to Know”