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Why the Tea Party Still Matters

You don’t hear much about the Tea Party today. Based on the 1773 actions of the Sons of Liberty, the modern Tea Party is less romantic- and significantly less likely to have their deeds related to public school children in the next fifty years. But the Tea Party is still alive, and its values are … Continue reading “Why the Tea Party Still Matters”

Strip Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Away

Multiple DEA agents speaking anonymously to Politico have confirmed that Team Obama spent eight years derailing a multi-agency investigation targeting Hezbollah, in order to facilitate the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. The details of this illegal collusion with a known terrorist group is the worst scandal of the Obama years — and that’s saying something! Worse than Benghazi? … Continue reading “Strip Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Away”

Sorting Through the New Tax Cut Bill

There has never been a time when so much effort and money was spent to stop tax reform than over the last 12 months. In spite of that, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bill passed the House 224 to 201 and the Senate 51-48. And Trump signed the $1.5 trillion package into law last … Continue reading “Sorting Through the New Tax Cut Bill”

The Pentagon Admits Conducting UFO Research

The Pentagon has admitted that they had been running an ongoing project to study “Unidentified Flying Objects,” which, according to them was funded to the tune of $20 million dollars. Now, it’s time to take a little trip down the rabbit hole. If you’ve ever wondered about UFOs, you’re not alone. Not by a long … Continue reading “The Pentagon Admits Conducting UFO Research”

The Fragile State of the Mueller Investigation

At one point, Democrats were confident that the Mueller investigation would be the nail in the coffin of Trump’s presidency. Now, after the investigation has gone in circles with nothing but setbacks to show, that confidence is waning. The biggest problem that the Mueller investigation is currently facing is the mounting evidence that it was … Continue reading “The Fragile State of the Mueller Investigation”

The So Called War on Women and the Democrats’ Endgame

There has hardly been a day of late that there hasn’t been accusations of sexual misconduct against a public official or celebrity. The question now is are these isolated incidents or something more. Former House majority leader Tom DeLay believes the current rash of accusations is more than the story of a few isolated women. … Continue reading “The So Called War on Women and the Democrats’ Endgame”

CNN Accidentally Debunks Myth that GOP Tax Plan Favors the Wealthy

The left is screaming their dislike of the new tax code. Rather than admit that they are arguing against a tax break and a stronger economy, they’re spinning stories about how this favors the rich instead of the poor. CNN has been a leader in this story, but they accidentally published a tax calculator that … Continue reading “CNN Accidentally Debunks Myth that GOP Tax Plan Favors the Wealthy”

12 Days of Trump-Mas

2017 will go down in history as the glorious first year of President Trump’s eight-year mission to Make America Great Again. We’re still not tired of winning! In celebration of all the good things that the media absolutely, positively refuses to report on, here’s a look back at some of the fabulous things happened over … Continue reading “12 Days of Trump-Mas”

If President Trump is a Racist, How Did This Happen?

The Los Angeles Times asks whether President Donald Trump is a “textbook racist.” Rolling Stone magazine, currently up for sale after being sued into oblivion for publishing fake news, published an article in August titled, “Donald Trump’s Long History of Racism.” A SportsCenter hostess from ESPN received a two week suspension for calling the president … Continue reading “If President Trump is a Racist, How Did This Happen?”

A Dark Week for the Mainstream Media

First, there was Black Thursday, then there was Cyber Monday, but nothing matches the Mainstream media’s Black Weekend when most in the media followed CNN down its rabbit of Russia/Trump obsession. The network kicked off the first weekend in December with either an unvetted or intentionally dishonest story that countless commentators, pundits, and bloggers quickly … Continue reading “A Dark Week for the Mainstream Media”