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GOP Bill Will Make Obama’s DACA Criminals Your New Neighbors

The House GOP is determined to commit electoral suicide in 2018 by granting legitimacy to an Obama immigration policy that was clearly unconstitutional from the get-go: The Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Obama declared this major change to immigration law as an election-year incentive for Hispanic voters in 2012. Even as the GOP … Continue reading “GOP Bill Will Make Obama’s DACA Criminals Your New Neighbors”

What Fake News Won’t Tell You about the Scathing IG Report on the FBI

The Inspector General’s bombshell report about the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email scandal has the liberal-aligned fake news media scurrying to mislead the American people about how a group of Obama-era cronies tried to sway an election. Among the many things biased media outlets are conveniently glossing over is that fact that during IG … Continue reading “What Fake News Won’t Tell You about the Scathing IG Report on the FBI”

Real Science Keeps Tipping Over Darwin’s Apple Cart

The modern scientific field is not faring well against God. A recent study in the journal Human Evolution made a discovery that has startled the scientists conducting it – namely, that all current species on earth showed up at approximately the same time, roughly 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. Since the chaos religion of evolution … Continue reading “Real Science Keeps Tipping Over Darwin’s Apple Cart”

Obama Conducting Secret Interviews of 2020 Candidates

Rumors have run rampant in Washington for the last few months that the DNC is already prepping candidates for the 2020 presidential campaign and former president Barack Obama is leading the committee by holding secret meetings with potential candidates. At least nine potential candidates for the Democratic nomination have met in one-on-one sessions with Obama … Continue reading “Obama Conducting Secret Interviews of 2020 Candidates”

We’d Better Impeach Trump before He Brings Peace on Earth

Donald Trump has now cemented his place in history as one of America’s greatest presidents. The only thing more shocking than a freshman politician luring the North Koreans to the negotiating table and getting them to agree to denuclearization is the treasonous hypocrisy of the president’s opponents. The inability of the fake news media, the … Continue reading “We’d Better Impeach Trump before He Brings Peace on Earth”

Why the GOP Is Nicknamed the “Stupid Party”

Always eager to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, the House GOP appears dead-set on passing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens prior to the 2018 midterms. Is there anyone out there who still wonders why the GOP is nicknamed the “Stupid Party?” Republicans are rushing to try to pass amnesty for the DACA … Continue reading “Why the GOP Is Nicknamed the “Stupid Party””

Finland’s Supreme Court Just OK’d Muslim Rape of Children

People love to toss around hyperbole these days. Saying something is the absolute worst is just a gambit for your attention. Keep that in mind. When I tell you that Finland has provided us with one of the worst stories you are likely to hear, it is no gambit. It’s a warning. The story we’re … Continue reading “Finland’s Supreme Court Just OK’d Muslim Rape of Children”

Iran Admits They Enabled 9/11 Attackers

Mohammad-Javad Larijani, a prominent Iranian politician, and former diplomat admitted on a Farsi language broadcast confirmed allegations made in a 9/11 Commission report. Larijani acknowledged that Iran knowingly enabled passage of al-Qaeda members who later carried out the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. Larijani is a member of a politically influential Iranian family and … Continue reading “Iran Admits They Enabled 9/11 Attackers”

Insider Proves Obama Wasn’t Bowing to Saudi King

One of the great controversies of the Obama administration has finally been cleared up. Ben Rhodes, the creative writing major who was placed in charge of creating a media echo chamber among stupid reporters to sucker America into the Iran nuclear deal, is publishing his memoirs this week. Rhodes finally unravels the mystery of that … Continue reading “Insider Proves Obama Wasn’t Bowing to Saudi King”

Trump’s Approval Rating Higher than Obama’s

The mainstream media has tried their best since Trump’s election to portray President Obama as a savior-figure that the entire country will miss while portraying President Trump as an unfit Russian puppet that the entire country stands against. Given the media’s commitment to this narrative, they aren’t likely to be pleased with the results of … Continue reading “Trump’s Approval Rating Higher than Obama’s”