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The New Master of the Middle East: Vladimir Putin

As many Americans’ attention is focused on North Korea, the specter of China as the background culprit of the crisis surrounding that nation has taken root, although it can be said that China is not the only enabler of North Korea as a rogue state. China is not the only country that would like to … Continue reading “The New Master of the Middle East: Vladimir Putin”

Trump’s Big Economic Win: A Manufacturing Boom in America

Factory activity in the U.S. reached a 13-year peak last month in September according to a survey published by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). This is extraordinary in light of clear hindrances imposed by the hurricanes Irma and Harvey- which were projected to place a serious damper on growth this quarter. The country’s economic … Continue reading “Trump’s Big Economic Win: A Manufacturing Boom in America”

Liberals Caught Pushing Fake News Again

Trump has warned us about fake news. The left rails against it, but the truth is that they are regularly caught red handed. This is a roundup of the biggest fake stories just from the last week. They are all leftist and mainstream, and they range from injecting fallacies into real stories to completely made … Continue reading “Liberals Caught Pushing Fake News Again”

Betsy DeVos’ Change to Title IX Is a Huge Win

Just when you think things might calm down, we get hit with another wave of insanity and destruction. Watching the news the past couple of months has been exhausting. Still, we’re Americans and we’re tough, so we’ll keep facing our problems with heads held high. With larger events in the fold, it’s easy to miss … Continue reading “Betsy DeVos’ Change to Title IX Is a Huge Win”

Hypocrisy in Liberal Racism

The tragedy in Las Vegas was terrible, and it deserves our attention. Still, we shouldn’t let it blind us to other things happening in the country. One of those is a renewed surge from the left. They’re scrambling to rally under any banner they can find, and they have injected new vigor to their propaganda … Continue reading “Hypocrisy in Liberal Racism”

Whose Shooting Was It? The Political Fallout After an Attack, and What it Says About Us

Stephen Paddock, the shooter who killed nearly 60 people in Las Vegas last weekend is an enigma. He was a one time employee of Lockheed Martin, the aircraft manufacturer, and a high stakes gambler who was able to make his brother’s family and their mother comfortable using his significant winnings. It’s clear that Stephen Paddock … Continue reading “Whose Shooting Was It? The Political Fallout After an Attack, and What it Says About Us”

Is It Possible to Outlaw All Congressional Lobbying?

Over the last several decades, the influence of billionaires and other globalists has increased so much in Washington that conservatives may be convinced that our nation’s government no longer serves “the People” the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence so prominently claims to look after. Throughout the 20th century, a force likely unforeseen by our … Continue reading “Is It Possible to Outlaw All Congressional Lobbying?”

The Fiery Words of Steve Bannon

As many readers may know, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore beat former state Attorney General Luther Strange in the Republican primary runoff election on Tuesday, September 26, sending him into the special general election against Democrat Douglas Jones on December 12. Analysts agree this was a landmark turning point that showed that … Continue reading “The Fiery Words of Steve Bannon”

How the Senate Race in Alabama Could Foreshadow the 2018 Midterm Elections

In Alabama, a special Senate primary runoff election was held last week due to the vacancy of the seat formerly occupied by Trump administration Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The primary race produced a frenzy of activity in the Republican Party as different factions competed to support one of two GOP runoff candidates: Luther Strange or … Continue reading “How the Senate Race in Alabama Could Foreshadow the 2018 Midterm Elections”

When Will Obamacare Finally Fail?

As many Americans are aware, the government disaster known as Obamacare continues to plague citizens who are in desperate need of health care coverage that’s affordable for themselves and their families. The promises made by former President Obama regarding his signature health care legislation have mostly been broken, such as being able to keep your … Continue reading “When Will Obamacare Finally Fail?”