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A Breakdown of Trump’s Tariff Plan

Did you hear the good news? North and South Korea are reopening peace talks and negotiations for the first time in over a decade. Trump’s hard line tactics worked after all! Oh, you didn’t know? That’s probably because mainstream media is trying its best to distract everyone from another of Trump’s extraordinary successes. Instead, they’re … Continue reading “A Breakdown of Trump’s Tariff Plan”

Trump Fighting a ‘Secret’ War for America

Donald Trump tweeted, in the way that only he can, his support for capitalism. He wrote; “When a country (USA) is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good, and easy to win. Example, when we are down $100 billion with a certain country … Continue reading “Trump Fighting a ‘Secret’ War for America”

Progressives “New” Economic Plan

The progressives have a new economic plan! They’re ready to save the world in 11 points. We got our hands on a copy of it so you can enjoy the show. We’ll go over each point and try not to laugh too much. 1. Jobs The proposition is to create jobs by investing in infrastructure. … Continue reading “Progressives “New” Economic Plan”

Florida Student Protesters: A Soros Backed Front

We’ve seen numerous instances of George Soros-backed “activist” groups paying people to disrupt conservative gatherings, stage violent protests, block roads, and threaten and attack anyone who even remotely appears to support the president. We’ve seen their ads on Craigslist. We’ve seen supposedly opposing groups arriving on the same buses, staying in the same hotels, and … Continue reading “Florida Student Protesters: A Soros Backed Front”

“You Have Failed to Contain Russia…You Will Listen to Us Now,” Putin Threatens New Nuclear Arms Race

While the media in the U.S. fill the airwaves with talk of a mythical collusion, the Russian Bear is growling about something far more deadly than tweets and Facebook. For the first time since the Soviet Union collapsed, a Russian leader has come close to declaring that the Cold War is still very much alive. … Continue reading ““You Have Failed to Contain Russia…You Will Listen to Us Now,” Putin Threatens New Nuclear Arms Race”

Barack Obama’s ‘Secret’ Speech Leaked

Former President Barack Obama spoke at a sports analytics conference at MIT last week to an eager audience of 3,500. What drew notice about the event wasn’t so much about what he had to say but what his listeners had to agree to hear the speech. Attendees were told ahead of time that audio and … Continue reading “Barack Obama’s ‘Secret’ Speech Leaked”

How the Trump Tax Cuts Could Repeal Obamacare

In an astonishing example of irrelevance, New York Magazine says that the Trump tax cuts are the least popular tax cut plan in history. After you stop laughing at that insight, we have some great news for you: The Trump tax cuts might have actually planted the seed that will ultimately unravel Obamacare once and for all. That wasn’t … Continue reading “How the Trump Tax Cuts Could Repeal Obamacare”

Watch The Minute Democrats Admit Their Goal is to Ban the Second Amendment

When news of the school shooting in Parkland, FL broke the question wasn’t “if” the mainstream media and progressives would uses it as a platform for gun control but “how quickly?” That answer was a quickly as a microphone could be stuck in front of a grieving, emotion filled child’s mouth. Usually, the gun control … Continue reading “Watch The Minute Democrats Admit Their Goal is to Ban the Second Amendment”

Trump vs Obama: Gun Control

And the war raged on. Two weeks later, America still has a single topic on her mind: guns. We’ve seen everyone argue until they’re blue in the face, so we’re going to take a step back for a moment. Instead of quoting statistics and pushing agendas, we’re going to compare history and use it to … Continue reading “Trump vs Obama: Gun Control”

At Least Three Governments Are Now Investigating the Clinton Foundation

If one were able to suffer through an entire mainstream media newscast, they might come under the false impression that Donald Trump’s presidency will be over any second now. But since the mainstream media now functions as a 180-degree funhouse mirror, which relays facts upside-down and backwards from reality, what it really means is that … Continue reading “At Least Three Governments Are Now Investigating the Clinton Foundation”