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The Sexual Harassment Storm and its Effect on Washington

What began with a sexual harassment fishing expedition by the media and Democrats to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president has morphed into a bipartisan nightmare from Democrat and Republican alike. The question is – who will pay for their indiscretions and which party has the most to lose if it makes the wrong response? … Continue reading “The Sexual Harassment Storm and its Effect on Washington”

What You Need to Know About Net Neutrality

The internet has been at the center of the greatest economic mobility in the history of the world. Since its invention, it has grown faster and spurned more innovation than any other technological achievement in history. It is definitive proof of the value of supply-side economics (or Reaganomics as you might prefer), and its freedom … Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Net Neutrality”

Democrat Congressman Al Green Sued Staffer He had Sex with, Claimed She was a ‘Drug Addict’

The idea that prominent figures on the left would be guilty of sexual harassment and abuse of women doesn’t really play well into the left’s narrative of gender equality and better treatment of women. Yet when the floodgates of sexual harassment claims recently blew open, it was mostly liberal politicians and celebrities that found themselves … Continue reading “Democrat Congressman Al Green Sued Staffer He had Sex with, Claimed She was a ‘Drug Addict’”

Soros Responds to Resistance in Hungary

George Soros and the Soros Foundation have been under a great deal of pressure globally for their involvement in violent revolutions in a host of countries which have been funded and orchestrated by Soros and his people. He’s been behind a host of revolutionary movements that have changed the shape of geopolitics in many regions, … Continue reading “Soros Responds to Resistance in Hungary”

Lois Lerner Learned from the Best

It has been almost a full year since the “most transparent administration in history” left office and the cover-ups continue. Former IRS executive Lois Lerner is now asking a federal judge to permanently seal her taped deposition in a civil lawsuit against the IRS. Lerner was the career bureaucrat who ran the illegal operation to … Continue reading “Lois Lerner Learned from the Best”

College Kids Hate America more than ISIS

Fifty years ago, college campuses were a bastion of honest, intellectual discourse. After hearing and testing a variety of viewpoints, students could freely form their own opinions about the world. Unfortunately, independent thinking and fair debate at many, if not most, American colleges are things of the past. From the moment eager freshmen enroll in … Continue reading “College Kids Hate America more than ISIS”

Trump’s Presidential Strategy One Year In

A common mantra of mainstream media types and the Washington establishment is that President Trump has no strategy but are they right? One reporter wrote, “Trump does not have a grand strategy’. Rather, it is a collection of principles. What that reporter and many others miss is that what passes for strategy in Washington is … Continue reading “Trump’s Presidential Strategy One Year In”

Liberal Businesses are Plummeting

Every other day you hear about a new important boycott for devout members of the left. Some business has offended their self-righteousness, so they’re going to punch that business right in the wallet. What you don’t hear about are major businesses folding from these efforts. Aside from local cake and wedding stores being illegally harassed … Continue reading “Liberal Businesses are Plummeting”

Why President Trump Should stay Focused on the Economy

There is no denying that President Trump has taken a hit on a couple of fronts during his first year in office. Recently the feeding frenzy of the left has found Judge Roy Moore guilty of sexual harassment allegations that date back 38 years. Republicans did the President dirty when they didn’t back up his … Continue reading “Why President Trump Should stay Focused on the Economy”

Everything the Left Gets Wrong about Big Game Hunting

You might have seen the recent uproar over Trump’s decision on big game hunting in Africa. His office initially legalized certain aspects of elephant trade in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The order has since been halted, but it gave us a chance to see another way that liberals are completely wrong. They criticize big game hunting … Continue reading “Everything the Left Gets Wrong about Big Game Hunting”