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Obama’s Post Presidency Plans Still Include Knocking Down President Trump

If you thought it was annoying that Hillary Clinton continues to linger in the media, blaming everyone except herself for losing the 2016 election, wait until you hear what Obama’s been up to. So, we know now- because of the FISA memo- that when Trump tweeted an accusation of wiretapping against former president Obama; he … Continue reading “Obama’s Post Presidency Plans Still Include Knocking Down President Trump”

Russia is Doing it Again: A New Era of McCarthyism

Two recent articles that have been virtually ignored by the mainstream media are ironically both based on some excellent journalistic work by New York Times. Both involve a muddled attempt by the CIA to fabricate a negative expose on Donald Trump and his supposed collusion with the Russians Government. At question is, who instigated the … Continue reading “Russia is Doing it Again: A New Era of McCarthyism”

Africa’s White Genocide

Since the summer of 2017 there have been more than 380 violent attacks on white farmers in South Africa. More than 80 of those attacks have been fatal. These attacks have been marked by extreme brutality. Not just simple robberies, victims and officials have documented their loved ones being raped, tortured, forced to watch their … Continue reading “Africa’s White Genocide”

2018 Fiscal Budget: When Congress Unites, the American People Lose

President Trump signed a sweeping spending bill after a tumultuous few weeks of political infighting. The bipartisan budget deal adds hundreds of billions of dollars in federal spending on domestic programs, the military, and disaster relief. The passage of this bill reopened the government after a brief overnight shutdown. Broad budget numbers are set for … Continue reading “2018 Fiscal Budget: When Congress Unites, the American People Lose”

Can California Go Any Further to the Left?

After years of gradually leaning to the left, the state of California appears to be in an all-out free fall. If anyone is asking can the “left-coast” become even bluer, the next round of state elections will probably offer an emphatic “yes” to that question. Even some of the state’s Republicans, and there are a … Continue reading “Can California Go Any Further to the Left?”

How Immigration Changes Are Killing California’s Economy

Immigration is the top topic right now. Congress is under enormous pressure to resolve the DACA issue within a week, and neither side can really afford the blame of another shut down. While the country debates which way is best to handle “dreamers,” a lot of people are missing the big story in California. Trump’s … Continue reading “How Immigration Changes Are Killing California’s Economy”

The Coming Fall of Obama

Now that the FISA memo has been out long enough for us to be familiar with its contents, it’s time to start thinking more seriously about its many serious implications. We know one thing, at very least, it’s a damning referendum on the behavior of the entire Democratic Party over the past two years. It … Continue reading “The Coming Fall of Obama”

Everything We Know about the Declassified FISA Memo

President Trump was caught on a hot mic after last week’s thunderous and amazing State of the Union speech, declaring “100 percent” that he would publicly release the classified “FISA memo” compiled by Republicans on the House Select Committee on Intelligence. The president delivered on that promise Friday afternoon and the aftershocks are still reeling … Continue reading “Everything We Know about the Declassified FISA Memo”

What’s New in Fake News?

You know it’s out there, but even the strongest minds can still get caught up in fake news on occasion. These aren’t all of the fake news stories to hit the mainstream recently, but they are the most important. North Korea Madness If you haven’t noticed yet, North Korea is one of the left’s last … Continue reading “What’s New in Fake News?”

The Legacy of Hypocrisy from Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is one of the biggest names on the left. Every time liberals try to stir controversy around Trump or a conservative policy change, she is at the center of those efforts. There is no shortage of stupid quotes that can be attributed to her, but the most frustrating moments are when she blatantly … Continue reading “The Legacy of Hypocrisy from Nancy Pelosi”