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Julian Assange and Donald Trump on Same Team?

Though he is decidedly liberal and in exile for stealing state documents, supporters of Donald Trump must consider Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, their next best hope of derailing Hillary Clinton’s bid for President. On March 16 of 2016 WikiLeaks released a searchable archive of over 30,000 emails and attachments sent both to and from … Continue reading “Julian Assange and Donald Trump on Same Team?”

Trump: Why Republicans Hate Him but Conservatives Love Him

In the nearly three century history of the Republican Party, conservatives have done a lot of great work. They outlawed slavery, passed the Civil Rights Act and played a major part in bringing about the end of the Cold War. The next few months leading up to the vote for the presidency, may not be … Continue reading “Trump: Why Republicans Hate Him but Conservatives Love Him”

Trump vs. the Judge: Was Trump Right in Being Critical?

Recently, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was in the news for criticizing the judge who is overseeing one of the cases involving Trump’s defunct Trump University, a real estate education program he had a majority interest in and had drawn income from (although he was not involved in the daily operations of its classes). Some … Continue reading “Trump vs. the Judge: Was Trump Right in Being Critical?”

Political Dynasties Harm Democracies

How often have you heard Democrats and liberals claim that Donald Trump will harm democracy? If you have paid close attention to the coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign, your answer is—a lot. “Trump is a fascist,” many of his political opponents have stated, a claim that seems based on Trump’s criticism of political leaders … Continue reading “Political Dynasties Harm Democracies”

Is Opposition Among Rank and File Republicans Helping or Hurting Trump?

Donald Trump has been a whirlwind that wound his way through the Republican primaries and, to the amazement of Republican leaders, became the last man standing from the original field of 17 Presidential candidates. Many believed he was running as a bit of a joke. Many more hoped that was the case and he would … Continue reading “Is Opposition Among Rank and File Republicans Helping or Hurting Trump?”

Trump to Sanders: Keep Up the Fight

It is fair to say that the entire country is waiting to see what Bernie Sanders does next. On one hand, Hillary Clinton now has enough pledged delegates to secure the Democratic nomination, which makes some people think this is the end of the road for Sanders. On the other hand, Sanders has previously commented … Continue reading “Trump to Sanders: Keep Up the Fight”

Why Latinos Love Donald Trump

Donald Trump has made headlines with many of his comments over the last year. One of his plans, which has garnished a good amount of support from Republicans, is the construction of a wall running between the Mexican and United States border. Now, some thought this would turn the Latino vote against him, but that … Continue reading “Why Latinos Love Donald Trump”

Obama And His Thought Police Thugs

If you’re skeptical of even the smallest component of the global warming story that’s being pushed by both liberals and the mainstream media then you’re probably somewhat accustomed to being called names, dismissed as paranoid, and worse. You may have even caught whispers that some people would like to take legal action against “Climate Change … Continue reading “Obama And His Thought Police Thugs”

A Russian Wrench in Hillary’s Side

Republicans have been waiting anxiously for Hillary Clinton to face punishment for her creation of America’s most massive security threat in recent memory. Popularly known as the “email scandal” of 2015, the FBI launched an investigation into Clinton’s improper use of private email on a home server throughout her tenure as Secretary of State. The … Continue reading “A Russian Wrench in Hillary’s Side”

Do Democrats Still Love Johnny Depp? After Publicly Denouncing Trump, Liberal Favorite Faces Abuse Allegations

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has shared a curious connection with Johnny Depp these days. The eccentric actor portrayed Trump in Funny or Die’s film “The Art of the Deal,” a satire based on Trump’s 1987 book of the same name. The movie debuted in February of 2016 to rave reviews across party lines for its … Continue reading “Do Democrats Still Love Johnny Depp? After Publicly Denouncing Trump, Liberal Favorite Faces Abuse Allegations”