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Bernie Sanders Wife under Investigation for Bank Fraud

Jane Sanders, the wife of Senator Bernie Sanders- the socialist candidate in 2016’s presidential race has been called a champion of the little man while advocating for massive wealth redistribution, at the same time owning multiple vacation homes, and driving a conspicuously lavish sports car- is under investigation for bank fraud. Jane Sanders is the … Continue reading “Bernie Sanders Wife under Investigation for Bank Fraud”

Republicans Continue to Win: What Does it all Mean?

In spite of a concerted effort by Democrats to outspend their way to regain a seat in Congress, Karen Handle of Georgia was a clear winner in the Atlanta area special election. Democrats touted the race between Jon Ossoff and Handle as sure proof that Donald Trump is already a failed president. But when the … Continue reading “Republicans Continue to Win: What Does it all Mean?”

Should Trump have Retaliated against N. Korea for Student’s Death?

Donald Trump has been talking about North Korea for a long time. In February of 2016, he told Charlie Rose and a panel of talking heads on CBS that China is in complete control of North Korea and that he would force them to reign in the rogue communist state using economic sanctions. Even among … Continue reading “Should Trump have Retaliated against N. Korea for Student’s Death?”

Federal Judge Loosens Restrictions on Trump’s Travel Ban

In 2011, former President Barack Obama set up a travel ban that restricted travel of people from the same seven countries targeted by Trump’s “Muslim Ban.” But there are at least two important differences between Trump’s ban and Obama’s. For one thing, Obama’s travel ban wasn’t popularly known as a ban on Muslims and for … Continue reading “Federal Judge Loosens Restrictions on Trump’s Travel Ban”

Have Liberals Finally Lost It?

As the presidency of Donald Trump stretches into the heat of its first summer, tensions with liberals seem to be at a breaking point. Just this year, we’ve seen mainstream media commentators calling for the assassination of Trump, demanding his impeachment and encouraging bans on free speech bans on college campuses nationwide. We’ve seen rioting … Continue reading “Have Liberals Finally Lost It?”

Mitch Landrieu — The Dark Horse Democrat

In 2020, Hillary Clinton will be 73. Bernie Sanders will be 79. Elizabeth Warren will be 71. Nancy Pelosi will be 80. And Joe Biden will be 78. Democrats are starting to face the facts — the old guard of their party is becoming exactly how they’re described: old. The party of the Left is … Continue reading “Mitch Landrieu — The Dark Horse Democrat”

A Death Sentence for a Facebook Post

It sounds almost like something out of a post-apocalyptic science-fiction novel — a 30-year-old man is sentenced to death for something he writes on a social media site such as Facebook. Except that the hard truth is that in this case, the sentence is real, and the man is named Taimoor Raza. The place where … Continue reading “A Death Sentence for a Facebook Post”

Seattle’s Gun Tax Completely Backfired

Seattle. The epicenter of progressivism never fails to astound the world with bad ideas. They lead the charge in almost every social program, and the results vary from null to devastating. Perhaps their biggest blunder in recent years has stayed surprisingly under most radars. They passed a creative gun control law that had lofty aims … Continue reading “Seattle’s Gun Tax Completely Backfired”

Real Climate Science You Don’t Hear About

You hear about new climate science every day. You’re also savvy enough to wonder how much bias goes into that reporting. To give you an idea, here’s a short review of four studies published this year that have received no media attention even though their findings are significant. The Cause of Arctic Warming Arctic sea … Continue reading “Real Climate Science You Don’t Hear About”

Ivanka Trump: “There’s a New Level of Viciousness”

There’s no denying that Donald Trump’s Daughter, Ivanka Trump is a formidable woman despite being raised in the lap of luxury. She is the proprietor of a successful fashion line and a veteran in numerous high-level business and finance ventures. Perhaps her most distinguishing accomplishment is the fact that the 45th president trusts her to … Continue reading “Ivanka Trump: “There’s a New Level of Viciousness””