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George Will: Democracy’s New Worst Enemy

The newest spokesperson for denying America a free and fair election expresses utter disdain for the will of the people. George Will has become a popular voice in the shockingly public campaign against free elections made palatable by exaggerations of Donald Trump’s supposedly overly nationalistic policies. Will has written a host of commentaries explaining why … Continue reading “George Will: Democracy’s New Worst Enemy”

Hillary Clinton’s Showdown with the FBI

As Hillary Clinton’s clinching of the Democratic presidential nomination inches ever closer, a potential skeleton in her closet threatens to burst forth — the email scandal which she has been treating like the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz (“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”). As Clinton has raised funds, courted super … Continue reading “Hillary Clinton’s Showdown with the FBI”

Now that Trump is the Last Man Standing what Happens to all other Bound Delegates?

Now that all other Republican hopefuls have dropped out of the presidential race and Trump truly is the last man standing, many believe that all delegates will fall to him. In theory it sounds great – as though the party, and all remaining delegates, would unite behind the last man standing automatically. But this is … Continue reading “Now that Trump is the Last Man Standing what Happens to all other Bound Delegates?”

Trump’s Running Mate — Strengths and Weaknesses of Potential Picks

Now that the field has been cleared for Donald Trump to claim the title of presumptive nominee, all eyes are turning to the big show – with Trump facing off against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The next question on the minds of almost everyone is who will Mr. Trump choose as VP? There are … Continue reading “Trump’s Running Mate — Strengths and Weaknesses of Potential Picks”

President of Argentina Calls Obama a Traitor at UN General Assembly

You might not have heard about it with all the media hype surrounding Vladamir Putin and Barack Obama’s dueling presidential addresses to the United Nations General Assembly last Monday, but something pretty spectacular happened. The former president of Argentina, Christina Fernandez de Kirchener, delivered quite a shock to the General Assembly when she announced that … Continue reading “President of Argentina Calls Obama a Traitor at UN General Assembly”

Paul Ryan Talks to Millennials

The millennials of America have had a lot of words written about them, and it seems like there’s a full generation who have washed their hands of them. However you feel about them though, they represent the future of America. They’re an influential group and there’s a lot of talent to be found there. Paul … Continue reading “Paul Ryan Talks to Millennials”

Fatal Wait Times: How Socialized Medicine Kills

You have undoubtedly heard the argument for socialized medicine. The idea is that a single-payer system is more fair and effective. Anyone can get treatment any time that they need it, and the overall health of the nation improves as a result. Does that sound like too-good-to-be-true propaganda? It is. Single-payer healthcare does have some … Continue reading “Fatal Wait Times: How Socialized Medicine Kills”

Should Conservatives Consider Voting For Libertarians?

“By and large, actual libertarians are conservatives who like weed and aren’t as hostile to abortion as their more traditional counterparts.” In 2013, the Public Religion Research Institute polled a “nationally representative probability sample” of Americans and reported its results in a 48-page booklet entitled “In Search of Libertarians in America.” Historically, libertarians have argued … Continue reading “Should Conservatives Consider Voting For Libertarians?”

The Trump Pivot

Perhaps sensing that he is close to clinching the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump seems to have started to pivot away from his brash, bullying speaking style toward a more studied, reserved demeanor, perhaps in anticipation of taking on Hillary Clinton in the Fall and being perceived as a more mature candidate. Whether by calculation … Continue reading “The Trump Pivot”

Is the Insurrection Near at Hand?

By Robert Ringer While I am a lifelong advocate of nonviolence and would love to see Cleveland find a way to escape violence and rioting during the Republican Convention in July, the odds are against it. In fact, it would not surprise me if not only were there many serious injuries resulting from any such … Continue reading “Is the Insurrection Near at Hand?”