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King Obama? Would he Have Been Able to Beat Trump?

In an interview with David Axlerod, President Obama made it clear that he believes he would have won the election if he had run against Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Trump in one of his famous tweets begged to differ. So the question stand – would Barack Obama have been able to crown himself … Continue reading “King Obama? Would he Have Been Able to Beat Trump?”

Betsy DeVos – The Future of Education in America

When Donald Trump named Betsy DeVos as his pick for heading the Department of Education opponents of school choice, school vouchers, charter school, and parental control warned that could mean the end of public education as we know it. Those who voted for Trump see her choice as his intention to eventually do just that … Continue reading “Betsy DeVos – The Future of Education in America”

What Would a Conservative Social Network Look Like?

Since 2006, Facebook, the world’s most popular online social network, has been accessible and open to membership to anyone with an email address. Over the years, news stories have become integrated into Facebook users’ news feeds. In 2011, Facebook began to allow news organizations to sponsor stories which would appear in targeted users’ feeds unsolicited. … Continue reading “What Would a Conservative Social Network Look Like?”

For Democrats, the Enemy Is Russia

A new McCarthyism may be taking root as the Democratic Party can’t seem to let go of an obsession with Russia and theories that Russian hackers were responsible for Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential election of 2016. This idea, which was first introduced during the campaign season in relation to hacked emails of … Continue reading “For Democrats, the Enemy Is Russia”

Clinton’s Hail-Mary Attempt to Steal the Election

The presidential election of 2016 is over, and Donald Trump was the winner… Or was he? If one knows anything about presidential elections, one should be aware that the contest held on Election Day is merely aimed at choosing participants in the Electoral College, who will be the people charged with the actual voting for … Continue reading “Clinton’s Hail-Mary Attempt to Steal the Election”

Democratic Donors Want a Postmortem of the 2016 Campaign

The sorry Democrats, whose blowout in the presidential election of 2016 was indicative of much greater issues, have a lot to introspect on; there’s been a demand for a postmortem on the campaign of Hillary Clinton by big-money donors. But it doesn’t take a genius or an expensive political consultant to see that the party … Continue reading “Democratic Donors Want a Postmortem of the 2016 Campaign”

Will Sylvester Stallone be Apart of Trump’s Administration?

Of all of President-Elect Donald Trump’s choices for the roles in his administration, perhaps none has been so odd as Trump’s asking action film star Sylvester Stallone to chair the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). The NEA post in the past has been given to artists and actors, so the fact that Trump offered … Continue reading “Will Sylvester Stallone be Apart of Trump’s Administration?”

The Forecast for Western Politics

The world was shocked by Brexit. Then it was stunned by Trump. Across the west, political change is happening dramatically and quickly. At the root of it all are conservative populist candidates. Just how much will they change the foreseeable future? Let’s look at the trends of this movement and the motivations behind it. Populist … Continue reading “The Forecast for Western Politics”

Did Russia Hack the Presidential Election?

Since Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election was announced, bitter Democrats have been searching for any and all means at their disposal to invalidate or nullify his victory. They’re trying just about every strategy you can think of — a recount of the vote in multiple states, attempting to persuade members of the Electoral … Continue reading “Did Russia Hack the Presidential Election?”

New Proposal Would Stop the U.S. from Funding Terrorists

Throughout President-Elect Donald Trump’s election campaign, a constant refrain of his foreign policy positions was to say that the U.S. should not get needlessly involved in external conflicts — that we should never have gone into Iraq, Libya or numerous other countries where the U.S. has invaded and sown chaos, death and destruction (and expended … Continue reading “New Proposal Would Stop the U.S. from Funding Terrorists”