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Trump’s $20 Billion Plan to Break the Education Monopoly

The Republican nominee for the presidency, Donald J. Trump, took the opportunity during his appearance at the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy to unveil his plan to redirect $20 billion federal dollars to create a block grant that he says will help disadvantaged children struggling in low-performing public schools to attend higher quality charter … Continue reading “Trump’s $20 Billion Plan to Break the Education Monopoly”

The Generals and Trump

Hillary Clinton, backed by a platoon of liberal media pundits, have gone out of their way to question Donald Trump’s judgment and ability to lead the nation’s military during the perilous times we live in. Now, 88 retired Generals and Admirals have penned a letter of support for the Republican, stating their confidence in him … Continue reading “The Generals and Trump”

How Much Money did Obama Send to Iran?

In yet another major international scandal coming from the Obama White House, the president delivered an estimated $1.3 billion in freshly minted cash to the nation of Iran earlier this year. This was done as a follow-up after an initial and widely reported $400 million “ransom” payment, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. The … Continue reading “How Much Money did Obama Send to Iran?”

The Dark Emperor: George Soros

When one looks at lists of the largest donors to global political causes in the last 15 to 20 years, one name continues to pop up again and again, especially when it comes to large contributions to progressive and Democratic organizations and political action committees: George Soros. As the world’s 27th-wealthiest individual, Soros has a … Continue reading “The Dark Emperor: George Soros”

Obama and the TPP

Throughout the course of the presidential primary season, opposition to the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) free-trade agreement has been building as more and more voters realize the scope and impact of this landmark accord. Put very simply the TPP is a global agreement to remove tariffs on goods imported and exported from the country’s that participate … Continue reading “Obama and the TPP”

In a Working-Class Pennsylvania Town, It’s All In for Trump

A recent article in the Boston Globe rang true for many regarding the nation’s economy. The article was about Butler, a small town in Pennsylvania, and it showed why today’s middle-class Americans are worried. They’re worried about the future, and they believe that America has fundamentally changed from the America their parents enjoyed a generation … Continue reading “In a Working-Class Pennsylvania Town, It’s All In for Trump”

Should the Senate Be Abolished?

A recent editorial in the Washington Post made an interesting argument for a radical change in government that conservatives could find worth pondering as it might possibly help their cause. The notion in question? Abolishing the U.S. Senate. As radical an idea as this seems, there are actually sound reasons for doing so — namely … Continue reading “Should the Senate Be Abolished?”

New Evidence Damns Hillary Clinton’s Web of Lies

In a new development in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, the FBI revealed that Clinton used software specially designed to make recovery of data impossible in deleting messages from her private server. Republican Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina told Fox News that the software is called BleachBit, and it’s designed to securely erase data so … Continue reading “New Evidence Damns Hillary Clinton’s Web of Lies”

Special Prosecutor Needed for the Clinton Foundation

As the crimes and misdemeanors of the Clintons — both Hillary and Bill — continue to come to light and gain greater media attention, the case of the continued operation of their family’s supposedly “nonprofit” Foundation appears to be increasingly suspect. The Clinton Foundation, which has been in existence for 19 years — since before … Continue reading “Special Prosecutor Needed for the Clinton Foundation”

Could Hillary Clinton Be Impeached Immediately?

As the presidential race counts down into its final months, the lead that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton enjoys in key swing states appears to be holding, and some conservatives fear that this, combined with an incredibly biased media toward Clinton and against GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, all but ensures the Clintons’ national victory on … Continue reading “Could Hillary Clinton Be Impeached Immediately?”