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Sally Yates Accused of Leaking Info to the Press

Monday Donald Trump accused the previous acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, of leaking sensitive information from the White House. She and the former National Intelligence Director, James Clapper went before Congress to answer regarding an investigation into 2016 ‘Russian Election Interference.’ Trump, using his usual method of bypassing the press with his personal Twitter account, … Continue reading “Sally Yates Accused of Leaking Info to the Press”

Could North Korea Attack the U.S. with an EMP Weapon?

For most Americans, the threat that North Korea represents militarily for now seems rather remote, unless you live in Hawaii, which is in the range of existing North Korean long-range missiles. So far, the Hermit Kingdom has had five nuclear tests and launched dozens of missiles, some of which have flown successfully and others of … Continue reading “Could North Korea Attack the U.S. with an EMP Weapon?”

The Republican Establishment – Democrats Secret Weapon

Congressional negotiators saw their deal to fund the federal government through September pass in Congress and as always both sides are claiming victory. What passed is not really a true budget but a continuing resolution to agree to a temporary budget meaning the fight over the next “budget” begins tomorrow over the next one this … Continue reading “The Republican Establishment – Democrats Secret Weapon”

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement on the Near Horizon

Now that the Democrats have proven unable to stop Justice Neil Gorsuch from assuming the bench it is more than likely that President Trump will have at least one more chance to affect the future of the Supreme Court for years to come. In Gorsuch, Trump was able to replace a fellow conservative, Justice Antonin … Continue reading “Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement on the Near Horizon”

Trump Invites Duterte to the White House

Of all of today’s world leaders — from despots to dictators to dubious third-world strongmen — a few stick out on the world stage, via their ruthlessness, their actions or simply their big mouths. In the latter category, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte can certainly claim one of the more prestigious prizes as his outlandish comments … Continue reading “Trump Invites Duterte to the White House”

Trump’s Tax Plan: The Good and the Bad

Tax reform — it’s something that President Trump has been talking about on and off almost since the beginning of his run for President, and finally, it looks like Congress may be on the verge of getting around to actually making it happen — at least in one form or another. Late last week, the … Continue reading “Trump’s Tax Plan: The Good and the Bad”

Will ‘El Chapo’ Pay for the Mexican Border Wall?

While there’s been much discussion of how and when President Trump’s proposed wall on the southern border of the U.S. will get built, one topic that’s been less argued about is who will pay for the wall. Ultimately, it’s likely that Mexico will pay for the wall one way or another — either via import … Continue reading “Will ‘El Chapo’ Pay for the Mexican Border Wall?”

The German Economy Proves Trump Right

While Europe seems to be plagued with political and economic uncertainty, there is one country that appears completely unfazed: Germany. Recent reports have shown that their economy is doing better than ever, and for many it is an unexpected surprise. For those who have followed Trump’s economic plans, though, the German economy is an obvious … Continue reading “The German Economy Proves Trump Right”

Paul Ryan in the Hot Seat After Second Failure

Earlier this year, Marco Rubio commented that we should dispel the myth that House Speaker Paul Ryan, “Knows what he’s doing,” regarding the ongoing impasse over Trump’s plan to replace Obamacare. Now, after two failures to push Trump’s bill that is meant to replace the Affordable Care Act- the president’s support base is turning a … Continue reading “Paul Ryan in the Hot Seat After Second Failure”

What’s Really Driving the Market Surge

The left is inevitably sad, because stock markets have completely bounced back from their early-spring slump. March and April are traditionally weak months in the first place (taxes are due after all), but that didn’t stop the left from celebrating economic stagnation. Their part is over, and rational Americans are happy to see that their … Continue reading “What’s Really Driving the Market Surge”