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A Tough Look at Gender Bias in Science

Have you heard about the sexism in science? There were tons of signs at the big march in Washington a week and a half ago. In case you’re out of the loop, the far left is once again doubling down on their narrative of sexism and discrimination to galvanize supporters. In this instance, they’re attacking … Continue reading “A Tough Look at Gender Bias in Science”

The Democrats, the CIA, and the Real Foreign Election Meddling Story

Anyone who keeps up with news from the mainstream media has probably noticed the mantra that Donald Trump’s campaign worked in concert with the Russians to influence the presidential election has all but faded away. One reason for this shift is that any honest digging into the Russian/American election affair has pointed to far different … Continue reading “The Democrats, the CIA, and the Real Foreign Election Meddling Story”

The Budget or the Wall: Which One Gets Done?

The last time the government shutdown was October of 2013. During which Democrats proved masters at shifting the blame during budget negotiations by accusing Republicans of causing the shutdown. Images of senior citizens not receiving their Social Security checks and military personnel going without pay abounded during Obama’s last term. Now, President Trump’s signature campaign … Continue reading “The Budget or the Wall: Which One Gets Done?”

The True Economic Condition of the U.S.

While President Trump’s economic push and speeches have generated much enthusiasm in the stock market and tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs in and around the nation, there are hard figures that show that the country’s true economic condition may be worse than people realize. In fact, there are many arguments to be made that … Continue reading “The True Economic Condition of the U.S.”

Obama’s First Post Presidency Speech

Former president Barack Obama, who has conspicuously refused to leave Washington DC after an election result which is widely regarded as a referendum on the policies of his party has given his first speech since leaving office this week. It was the introductory opening to a conversation with students at the University of Chicago but … Continue reading “Obama’s First Post Presidency Speech”

Is Trump Getting Bad Advice?

Donald Trump’s has faced fierce opposition from the right, the left, the media, and the corporate world since the minute he took over for President Obama. He has spoken to the people of middle America promising to respect their right to earn their livings through honest labor and he has delivered on his promises to … Continue reading “Is Trump Getting Bad Advice?”

Trump and the Desire to Be Loved

By Robert Ringer I still don’t know whether Donald Trump’s presidency is going to crash and burn or if he’s going to go down as one of the greatest presidents in history.  With a mouth like his, coupled with a remarkable lack of self-control and an incomparable talent for making people angry, anything is possible.  … Continue reading “Trump and the Desire to Be Loved”

Aaron Hernandez’s Wrong Turn

By Robert Ringer Not since O.J. Simpson has an NFL star player created such a media stir as the now deceased Aaron Hernandez.  Of course, there are major differences between both their personalities and their crimes. We know without question that O.J. violently hacked and stabbed to death his ex-wife and Ron Goldman with a … Continue reading “Aaron Hernandez’s Wrong Turn”

Will There Be a Government Shutdown This Year?

Although the chances of a government shutdown happening may have seemed remote as recently as a month ago, the odds of one actually happening due to a Congressional showdown are rising fast. The global investment bank Goldman Sachs is now quoting the risk of a shutdown as being at least one in three, and some … Continue reading “Will There Be a Government Shutdown This Year?”

Will the U.S. Try to Arrest Julian Assange?

Throughout 2016, whistleblower organization WikiLeaks heroically provided conservatives with much ammunition to use in the epic battle against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. First, there were leaks of emails between staffers at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that showed instances of “pay-for-play” and unethical connections with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Then came the damning emails from … Continue reading “Will the U.S. Try to Arrest Julian Assange?”