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NeverTrump Group Finds Itself a Presidential Candidate

On August 8, a new candidate entered the race for the presidency of the United States. His name is Evan McMullin, and he’s an ex-CIA agent and a former Goldman Sachs investment banker. McMullin has also served as a policy director for the House Republican Conference of the U.S. House of Representatives. But McMullin’s campaign … Continue reading “NeverTrump Group Finds Itself a Presidential Candidate”

Orlando Terrorist’s Family Ties to Hillary Clinton

At a Democratic presidential campaign rally in Kissimmee, Florida the other day, guess who was spotted sitting over the shoulder of Hillary Clinton? Why, it was none other than Seddique Mateen, the father of Afghani Muslim killer-psychopath Omar Mateen, the worst mass murderer in American history! In something of a surreal coincidence, the elder Mateen … Continue reading “Orlando Terrorist’s Family Ties to Hillary Clinton”

Hillary Clinton’s Terrorism Ties

Trying to paint a complete picture of the crimes, suspicious activity, and corruption of the Clintons is a big job. Probably the broadest single stroke one can make to this end is to discuss the Clinton Foundation, which has been a funnel for dirty money and a charnel house of secrets and bribes. There’s so … Continue reading “Hillary Clinton’s Terrorism Ties”

Is the Mainstream Media Biased Against Donald Trump?

From broadcast network NBC to news channel CNN (occasionally referred to as the “Clinton News Network”) to newspapers such as The New York Times, much of the media has been accused of favoring Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over GOP candidate Donald Trump. In the case of NBC, in particular, coverage of the contest appears … Continue reading “Is the Mainstream Media Biased Against Donald Trump?”

Sending Pallets of Cash Abroad

The recent admission by the Obama administration that it had sent pallets of Swiss Francs and Euros in the value of $400 million to Iran aboard an unmarked cargo plane in January has sent shockwaves through the country. Political commentators on both sides have labeled the money a ransom payment given in return for the … Continue reading “Sending Pallets of Cash Abroad”

How Donald Trump Changed the GOP Platform—And Why it Matters

In some ways, the Republican Party platform for the 2016 presidential campaign is a Donald Trump platform. In many other ways it isn’t, but the presidential nominee has the opportunity during the next three months to convince the American people that the parts of the platform he deems most important should become American law if … Continue reading “How Donald Trump Changed the GOP Platform—And Why it Matters”

How the TPP Will Destroy America’s Working Class

In this election year, much attention has been paid to free trade agreements of the sort that were popularized with the enactment of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by President Bill Clinton in 1993. That landmark agreement, which at the time was hailed as a godsend for American exporters and industry, has since … Continue reading “How the TPP Will Destroy America’s Working Class”

Trump Was Right—Again

In the wake of the now-concluded Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, one speaker at the event continues to receive media attention for his provocative, calculated remarks to the audience, most of whom doubtlessly did not know the full story that went along with his address. The speaker in question was Khizr Khan, a Pakistani-American lawyer … Continue reading “Trump Was Right—Again”

The GOP Unravelling Con

A non-scrutinizing glance at the media today will paint a bleak picture of a fractured and wholly un-united GOP. Most outlets blame the Trump campaign, accusing it of brash action and brazen remarks. Some self-proclaimed “experts” will suggest that divisions stem back further than his campaign, all the way back to the formation of the … Continue reading “The GOP Unravelling Con”

The Democrats’ Dangerous Ignorance of Terrorism

As the presidential race between GOP candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton counts down to its final months, at least one clear issue divides the two candidates — their willingness, readiness and ability to talk about one of the greatest threats the nation currently faces: terrorism. Specifically, terrorism of the type that we have … Continue reading “The Democrats’ Dangerous Ignorance of Terrorism”