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Summing the Lies of Trump’s Approval Ratings

When was the last day you can remember that didn’t come with headlines of Trump’s new lowest poll numbers? Go ahead and take a minute. Since before the primaries, the mainstream media has pushed a narrative that no one likes Trump. They rely on Gallup polls and similar resources. They also love to make clips … Continue reading “Summing the Lies of Trump’s Approval Ratings”

Clinton Collapse: The Public Demise of the Former President and First Lady

A little more than a year ago, Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady and Senator from New York, was likely packing her bags to move back into the White House. With decades of political capital, she was running against a real estate mogul and reality show host who’d never held a political office. To inspire … Continue reading “Clinton Collapse: The Public Demise of the Former President and First Lady”

The Swamp’s Harassment Problem

By the time we finish writing this article, another powerful Member of Congress or a Hollywood figure will likely face credible accusations of sexual harassment or misconduct. The accusations and lawsuits are flying fast and furious against the powerful this month and it appears we’ve only scratched the surface. The sickest part about all of … Continue reading “The Swamp’s Harassment Problem”

Tallying the Clinton Rap Sheet

One of Trump’s big campaign promises was to make Hillary Clinton face justice. He has made moves to that end by restructuring the Department of Justice and getting rid of the clearly compromised Comey, but true justice still seems far away. Until she announces her next presidential bid, we have to endure an endless media … Continue reading “Tallying the Clinton Rap Sheet”

A Hard Look at Roy Moore Accusations

In the massive fallout following Harvey Weinstein’s demise, the left is equal parts excited and desperate to see a single Republican pulled into the mix. The media has spent more time covering Roy Moore and his Senate race in Alabama than all of the leftist sex offenders combined. While I hate to let liberal media … Continue reading “A Hard Look at Roy Moore Accusations”

Hillary Paid Millions to Silence Witnesses

The Russian dossier scandal is far more serious than anyone had guessed. We now know that the Clinton 2016 campaign paid Fusion GPS to develop the phony “dossier” which claimed that Trump was caught with a prostitute. There is also evidence the Fusion GPS paid reporters to cover the story which came to be known … Continue reading “Hillary Paid Millions to Silence Witnesses”

Shouldn’t Alabamans Choose Their Own Senator?

The Swamp in Washington, DC has sent a disturbing message to the people of Alabama: If you do not select the Senate candidate preferred by us, then we will nullify your votes and install our own puppet. Thomas Jefferson might have a different take on this situation. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has announced … Continue reading “Shouldn’t Alabamans Choose Their Own Senator?”

Latino Supporters Rally behind Trump

You’ve been told for years that the left is the group supporting minorities in the country. It’s assumed by mainstream media that all minority voters will always be Democrats. All the left has to do to secure any election is cut into the uneducated, low-class white vote. These are all lies and a sad attempt … Continue reading “Latino Supporters Rally behind Trump”

New York Times Op-Ed Asks “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?”

There’s no doubt that race tensions in the U.S. have reached a peak in recent years. Some of these tensions are based in real issues that Americans are dealing with: immigration, terrorism, and the ever-present issue of globalism. Other so-called tensions, however, are clear race-baiting: statues of celebrated Americans torn down on a whim and political … Continue reading “New York Times Op-Ed Asks “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?””

Trump Approval Drops to 46%: Here’s Why We’re Pleased

The numbers are in and 45 is down to 46. At least, that’s where Rasmussen Reports Daily Tracking Poll had Trump’s approval rating as of earlier this week. At the moment this sentence was written, he was down to 41% approval, with 57% disapproving of his performance. He’s never had a higher approval rating than … Continue reading “Trump Approval Drops to 46%: Here’s Why We’re Pleased”