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Man Uses Trans-Age Defense for Pedophilia; Confirms Conservative Fears

While the bathroom debate and its accompanying arguments are not at the absolute front of national attention, they aren’t far removed from anyone’s mind. They’re still hot topics, and our nation is still split about how to deal with transgenderism and similar issues. The left would tell you it’s all about equality and doing right … Continue reading “Man Uses Trans-Age Defense for Pedophilia; Confirms Conservative Fears”

The Nunes Report: Why Did the FBI Fight its Release?

As promised, President Trump authorized the release of a memo offered by House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (Rep-CA) despite the concerted efforts of a number of parties. Since the Democrats have been beating the Trump-Russia collusion drum for over a year to little effect it was no surprise when they did all they could … Continue reading “The Nunes Report: Why Did the FBI Fight its Release?”

So Many Harassment Settlements, So Little Disclosure

Remember back in November of 2017 when it was reported that 264 congressional staffers had been paid $17 million, courtesy of the American taxpayers, to shut them up because they were sexually harassed by our elected Representatives and Senators? We were assured at the time that full disclosure was forthcoming and that the American people … Continue reading “So Many Harassment Settlements, So Little Disclosure”

Crazy New 2018 Laws and Bills in Blue States

The New Year is well under way and that means we have a new opportunity to point at the leadership of blue states and laugh at them for their ineptitude. For some strange reason, President Donald Trump still hasn’t been impeached due to Russian collusion that never happened, taxes are being cut, the economy is … Continue reading “Crazy New 2018 Laws and Bills in Blue States”

Sanctuary Cities Put On Notice by the DOJ

President Trump and the Justice Department (DOJ) kept up the pressure on the so-called “sanctuary cities” in the U.S. by doing a run around several federal district judges who placed injunctions on earlier efforts to punish those cities. Ironically, it may be an action taken by former President Obama that was approved by the courts … Continue reading “Sanctuary Cities Put On Notice by the DOJ”

The Legacy of Planned Parenthood’s Disgraced CEO Cecile Richards

Planned Parenthood has made a lot of news over the past two years. There have been countless allegations of illegal activity among clinics. Doctors have been caught violating abortion laws left and right. The entire organization nearly lost all of their government funding. And, through it all, they have continued to rally a vocal minority … Continue reading “The Legacy of Planned Parenthood’s Disgraced CEO Cecile Richards”

Follow the Money: Obama and Terrorism

You already know that Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is the most inappropriate award ever given. There’s no question that he abused his power to stir conflicts across the globe. He directly harmed America and her allies, and he never showed a shred of remorse in the process. What you probably don’t know is the true … Continue reading “Follow the Money: Obama and Terrorism”

What Really Caused the Government Shut Down Will Shock (and Dismay) You

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you might be surprised to learn that the government just went through a short shutdown. The Senate failed to pass a budget before the deadline, so for a few days nonessential services were suspended. A stopgap resolution has passed, so the government will be funded for a … Continue reading “What Really Caused the Government Shut Down Will Shock (and Dismay) You”

Trump Rages Over FISA Memo

If you’re like most of us here and have been paying attention to non-fake-news, then you like it when Trump gets mad. It isn’t that we enjoy seeing him have a bad time, it’s that when Trump gets mad he makes things happen… great things… things that make America great again. That’s just what happened … Continue reading “Trump Rages Over FISA Memo”

Obama’s Government Still Thwarting Trump

The Russian investigation continues to be one of the primary talking points of mainstream media and the left. They pretty much need to prove Trump colluded with Russia, because they have no other weapons. They assumed his un-presidential demeanor would have him impeached in no time. They were wrong. They figured they could dig up … Continue reading “Obama’s Government Still Thwarting Trump”