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Trump Cracks Down on the MS-13 Gang

By now, most people are aware that the Trump administration has made the deportation of illegal immigrants a super high priority. While progressives and social justice warriors have tried to protest this action, much of their resistance and obstruction is based on simple fantasies, rather than reality. And some of the reality in the U.S. … Continue reading “Trump Cracks Down on the MS-13 Gang”

Is Trump Really in Control of the Military?

As the 100-day mark of the Trump presidency comes to pass, observers have seen an unusual number of military actions, deployments, statements and announcements for such a short period at the beginning of a president’s term. While it was clear when President Trump took office that the U.S. was already engaged in a number of … Continue reading “Is Trump Really in Control of the Military?”

The 7 Most Important Players in Trump’s Infrastructure Push

As many readers are probably aware, one of the major campaign promises of President Trump was to repair America’s ailing infrastructure. Roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, power plants and public buildings all are in need of huge amounts of repair and revitalization across the country. Trump has proposed putting together a $1 trillion package to undertake … Continue reading “The 7 Most Important Players in Trump’s Infrastructure Push”

Violent Leftist Protests Continue: Dems Remain Silent

We’ve been seeing it since the early days of the Trump campaign; violent leftwing protesters. They posed as Klan members and scrawled misshapen swastikas on buildings. They antagonized Trump supporters at rallies. They blocked freeways. They screamed apoplecticly on election night and after the inauguration. They have assaulted people just for looking like Trump supporters. … Continue reading “Violent Leftist Protests Continue: Dems Remain Silent”

Washington Corruption Is Worse Than You Think

To those American citizens who are convinced that Washington, D.C. is every bit the “swamp” that President Trump and his campaign team referred to it as, their worst fears have likely been confirmed with the release of a new book by Republican Congressman Ken Buck of Colorado. Appropriately enough, the book is entitled, “Drain the … Continue reading “Washington Corruption Is Worse Than You Think”

Why Obama — Not Trump — Is the Real Russian Stooge

Over the last year, there’s been much noise in liberal news outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN about Russian influence on the American political system. And as it turns out, progressive talk of Russian infiltration of our government at the highest levels might in fact be truer than most … Continue reading “Why Obama — Not Trump — Is the Real Russian Stooge”

Shattered: A Portrait of Clinton’s Failed Candidacy

Unless you’ve been living in a spider hole for the past eight months, you know that Hillary Clinton only narrowly lost her bid for the presidency by a slender margin to an unhinged tycoon with an itchy nuclear finger who colluded with the KGB to hack the election and steal the throne. At least, that’s … Continue reading “Shattered: A Portrait of Clinton’s Failed Candidacy”

Has Trump Been Compromised by the Deep State?

When Donald Trump started filling his cabinet with Goldman Sachs alumni and Wall Street denizens whom few felt could reasonably be trusted, many Trump supporters began to wonder if he really does intend to drain the swamp. When the Trump administration failed to push RyanCare through, we began asking whether Trump wanted a health care … Continue reading “Has Trump Been Compromised by the Deep State?”

Why Russia Supports Assad

Tensions are high around Syria right now, and the conflict seems to grow shadier and more complicated every day. If not for Russia, a UN-backed force likely would have removed Assad from power years ago. Why then, is Russia so invested in keeping a war criminal in power? The answer is as complicated as the … Continue reading “Why Russia Supports Assad”

How Will Neil Gorsuch Rule on the Supreme Court?

With the ascension of Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court, conservatives can breathe a sigh of relief that not only is the nation’s top judicial chamber headed back toward having a conservative majority, but Gorsuch could prove the equal or better of deceased Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away … Continue reading “How Will Neil Gorsuch Rule on the Supreme Court?”