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The Democrats’ Ship Continues to Leak

The Democratic national convention in Philadelphia was turned into a near-disaster by the release of more than 19,000 private Democratic Party email messages and dozens of voicemails that were provided to major news outlets by the independent organization Wikileaks. Wikileaks, which previously has released material related to U.S. diplomatic cables, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars … Continue reading “The Democrats’ Ship Continues to Leak”

The Liberal Media Bias is Real

Imagine the following scenario. A poll of people in the American media shows that 90 percent of them are conservative based on their own statements about their voting records and political views. Imagine the outrage in Liberal Land. “You’re unfair,” liberal politicians will scream. “We lose elections because you ignore stories that prove our policies … Continue reading “The Liberal Media Bias is Real”

Calling Out Hillary on her Lies

One thing politicians can generally count on is that the American public often has the attention span of a gnat and Hillary Clinton is counting on that. Two grieving parents who lost sons while serving their country pleaded their case before millions of viewers over the past few weeks. Pat Smith told the story of … Continue reading “Calling Out Hillary on her Lies”

Why Trump’s Campaign Is So Important for America

Trump’s campaign has left a trail of metaphorical destruction in its wake. The traditional GOP approach has failed, everyone involved in politics has been bluntly criticized for their shortcomings which has produced the most intense left vs right election the country has ever seen. Donald Trump’s polarizing approached has caused the Democrats to rally behind … Continue reading “Why Trump’s Campaign Is So Important for America”

“Law and Order” Becomes a Campaign Issue

As the violent protests that erupted at both the Republican and Democratic national conventions recently have shown, tensions in America are rising around multiple issues that have caused more attention to be paid of late to law, order and policing for communities in the United States. It isn’t just the blistering heat of the season … Continue reading ““Law and Order” Becomes a Campaign Issue”

Trump Controls the Conversation about Clinton’s Email Scandal

According to the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton, and most of the pundits of the mainstream media, Donald Trump did it again and spoke before thinking. In the midst of the Democratic National Convention, Trump broke protocol and held a news conference, the day after the President verbally passed the crown to Clinton. Some called … Continue reading “Trump Controls the Conversation about Clinton’s Email Scandal”

Who Is Tim Kaine?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made an announcement last week that she had chosen someone to be her vice presidential running mate for her party’s ticket, and that someone is Tim Kaine, the junior U.S. senator from Virginia. Ostensibly a liberal and a progressive, Kaine has a few minor qualities that might endear him to … Continue reading “Who Is Tim Kaine?”

A Media Fracas at the Convention

It’s been less than a week since the GOP Convention ended, but the fallout from one fracas hasn’t faded away. One of the biggest stories to come out of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, beyond Melania Trump and Ted Cruz, was the near-throwdown between TV and radio host Alex Jones and Cenk Uygur, … Continue reading “A Media Fracas at the Convention”

Facebook Is Now Censoring Conservative Memes

Controversy continues to swirl around Facebook as it appears the social media network is persisting in its censorship of conservative posts and messages. As reported earlier this year, Facebook’s “Trending Topics” news team has been accused of applying curatorial guidelines and algorithms that favored liberal and progressive news networks and stories, effectively censoring or stifling … Continue reading “Facebook Is Now Censoring Conservative Memes”

Ted Cruz’s Future Plans

In the aftermath of the Republican National Convention, one big name keeps coming up that’s entirely separate from those of the other people that were on the speaking rosters for each day — that of Ted Cruz. The former presidential candidate and senator from Texas drew boos when he got onstage to speak, and during … Continue reading “Ted Cruz’s Future Plans”