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Army Core of Engineers Brings Dakota Pipeline to a Halt

BISMARCK, N.D. – Early last week, the Army Corps of Engineers said it has completed its review of the hotly disputed Dakota Access pipeline. They have said that they want to conduct further study and seek more tribal input before making a decision on whether or not to allow the pipeline to cross beneath a … Continue reading “Army Core of Engineers Brings Dakota Pipeline to a Halt”

Trump’s Kellyanne Conway vs. Clinton’s Robby Mook

On a recent post-election episode of CNN’s State of the Union program, host Jake Tapper reviewed a debate that was held at Harvard University featuring President-Elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and her counterpart, Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. The two reminisced, argued and attempted to fill in their sides of the story … Continue reading “Trump’s Kellyanne Conway vs. Clinton’s Robby Mook”

Trump Voters Are Not Who You Think They Are

During this past presidential election season, pundits and pollsters were tempted to draw a demographic picture of an average Donald Trump supporter and put them in a box that would be easy to categorize. The adjectives “poor,” “white,” “old,” “uneducated,” “rural” and “racist” tended to come up again and again. Unfortunately for the pollsters and … Continue reading “Trump Voters Are Not Who You Think They Are”

Trump Hate Hoaxes

As soon as Donald Trump was declared the winner of the presidential election, a wave of hysteria swept across the nation’s liberal and progressive voters. At first, there was utter denial of the results. But later, as Trump’s victory finally began to sink in, a disturbing series of news reports filled the airwaves. It seems … Continue reading “Trump Hate Hoaxes”

A Brief Consideration of Flag Burning

In a tweet sent last week, President-Elect Donald Trump suggested a possible controversial policy for the nation: that it should be illegal to burn the American flag and that violators should face jail time or even a loss of their citizenship for doing so. While Trump’s suggestion may have enraged liberals and made conservatives proud, … Continue reading “A Brief Consideration of Flag Burning”

Who Is Trump’s New Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin?

President-Elect Donald Trump has been busy making many appointments to his presidential cabinet. Recently, he chose a prominent businessperson to be his Treasury Secretary — entrepreneur, former investment banker and Hollywood film producer Steven Mnuchin. To be sure, Mnuchin is more of a “blue-chip” selection for Trump’s cabinet than some of the real estate mogul’s … Continue reading “Who Is Trump’s New Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin?”

What is the Future of the Democratic Party?

Now that Donald Trump will be our next president and Republicans control both the Senate and House, Democrats must be asking themselves what the future holds for their party. After rousing from their after-election-night stupor of disbelief, a decided minority of that party hold to the illusion they might be saved by a recount while … Continue reading “What is the Future of the Democratic Party?”

Will the Presidential Vote Recount Go as Planned?

Even though Hillary Clinton may have lost the presidential election, she’s not quite off the public stage yet; Clinton is clinging for dear life to a political effort that will almost certainly wind up a failure, but has at least a chance of inflicting some misery on the incoming Donald Trump administration in terms of … Continue reading “Will the Presidential Vote Recount Go as Planned?”


Suspicions of child abuse in the private sector, however spurious, are pursued with a fervor and passion that sometimes destroys the lives of innocent people. Whatever the cost, most of us agree that those who prey on children should be pursued to the end of the Earth and treated with all the punishments permissible by … Continue reading “PizzaGate”

Trump Head Fake or Con Job on His Supporters?

By Robert Ringer Donald Trump’s supporters were feeling giddy with excitement right after his electrifying win over the Face of Evil, which well they should have.  After all, with their support, he succeeded in depriving Barack Obama of a third term via a Hillary presidency. But in less than two weeks, Trump managed to raise … Continue reading “Trump Head Fake or Con Job on His Supporters?”