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The Democrats Hypocritical Attack of Jeff Sessions

Politicians of the Democratic Party are not letting up in their attacks on the Trump administration and the members of the administration Cabinet. Already, former Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn has been forced from his position as National Security Advisor after only 24 days in his role, and both Trump’s picks for the Secretary of the … Continue reading “The Democrats Hypocritical Attack of Jeff Sessions”

Is the Department of Justice Funding Left-Wing Groups?

If the Obama administration was blithely going around giving out money to progressive and left-wing voter advocacy causes and organizations, you would likely hear about this in the news, and it would probably be called illegal, correct? Well, what if the Obama White House managed to do just that, but somehow found a way to make … Continue reading “Is the Department of Justice Funding Left-Wing Groups?”

Indisputable Proof Obama Wiretapped Trump

On Saturday, March 4, 2017, President Trump tweeted from his personal Twitter account; “How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!” This is a serious accusation and it has got the media and the nation in an uproar. Even many … Continue reading “Indisputable Proof Obama Wiretapped Trump”

What’s Hillary Clinton Up To?

Since she lost the presidential election of 2016, many people have wondered if Hillary Clinton — and the Clintons generally — are washed up politically. To be sure, Clinton was outmaneuvered, and even many of the people who voted for her disliked her immensely and thought at the very least that she was more than … Continue reading “What’s Hillary Clinton Up To?”

Trump’s Plan to Combat ISIS

Battling ISIS was a major point in Trump’s campaign, and after a little more than a month in office, he is taking strides to live up to his promises. A new plan is in place, and Trump met with advisors to discuss the details. While they are yet to be released, there are clear signs … Continue reading “Trump’s Plan to Combat ISIS”

Trump’s Federal Budget Will Be Where His Rubber Hits the Road

One of the most anticipated yields of the new Trump administration is the federal budget, and while the finished request document is expected to be sent to Congress sometime in mid-March, the administration has begun asking federal agencies to detail their spending plans for the upcoming fiscal year. The finished budget proposal is expected to … Continue reading “Trump’s Federal Budget Will Be Where His Rubber Hits the Road”

Steve Bannon Explains his Plan for America

Every year, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) brings conservatives from across the country together, and this year it was no different. The now-familiar faces of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus were met with standing ovations from the crowds at the conference, which drew more than 10,000 attendees. … Continue reading “Steve Bannon Explains his Plan for America”

The Battle between President Trump and John McCain

Many political observers like to think of President Donald Trump’s greatest enemies as occupying positions on the political Left amongst progressives and Democrats. But it’s also no secret that a few members of Trump’s own party are far from the former real estate magnate’s friends, as both members of the Bush family and Mitt Romney … Continue reading “The Battle between President Trump and John McCain”

What did Andrew Breitbart know About John Podesta?

Andrew Breitbart, the inspiration for the British conservative news outlet Breitbart, died shortly after tweeting that John Podesta is a notorious pedophile. Today, Podesta goes on attack against “fake Pizzagate news,” even as more chilling evidence concerning the ritual child abuse scandal known as Pizzagate continues floating around the internet. Five years after his death, … Continue reading “What did Andrew Breitbart know About John Podesta?”

U.S. Lawmakers Are Probing George Soros

For most conservatives, the name of progressive billionaire philanthropist George Soros has a nasty ring. Soros stands accused of financing a myriad of liberal activist groups that have sparked violent attacks on police, politicians and civilians in a quest to generate sympathy and media attention for his causes via “color revolutions” — a nice way … Continue reading “U.S. Lawmakers Are Probing George Soros”