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The Battle between President Trump and John McCain

Many political observers like to think of President Donald Trump’s greatest enemies as occupying positions on the political Left amongst progressives and Democrats. But it’s also no secret that a few members of Trump’s own party are far from the former real estate magnate’s friends, as both members of the Bush family and Mitt Romney … Continue reading “The Battle between President Trump and John McCain”

What did Andrew Breitbart know About John Podesta?

Andrew Breitbart, the inspiration for the British conservative news outlet Breitbart, died shortly after tweeting that John Podesta is a notorious pedophile. Today, Podesta goes on attack against “fake Pizzagate news,” even as more chilling evidence concerning the ritual child abuse scandal known as Pizzagate continues floating around the internet. Five years after his death, … Continue reading “What did Andrew Breitbart know About John Podesta?”

U.S. Lawmakers Are Probing George Soros

For most conservatives, the name of progressive billionaire philanthropist George Soros has a nasty ring. Soros stands accused of financing a myriad of liberal activist groups that have sparked violent attacks on police, politicians and civilians in a quest to generate sympathy and media attention for his causes via “color revolutions” — a nice way … Continue reading “U.S. Lawmakers Are Probing George Soros”

The Deep State Targets President Trump

With Donald Trump less than six weeks into his presidency, the usual 100 first days grace period seems to be non-existent. More than a few are already asking if there is a so-called “deep state” working to ensure his presidency fails. A rush of leaks traced back to government officials has hindered the Trump administration, … Continue reading “The Deep State Targets President Trump”

Maryland Schools May Teach Boys are Presumed Guilty in Rape Cases

Over the last two decades, radical feminism has gained an increasingly potent position within the rule of law in America. It’s an issue that’s seen fathers being stripped of their right to see their children by family courts. It’s been a major factor in the disproportionate use of pharmaceutical drugs to chemically restrain young boys … Continue reading “Maryland Schools May Teach Boys are Presumed Guilty in Rape Cases”

Congressional Democrats Plan to Remove Trump Using the 25th Amendment

Ever since President Donald Trump took the oath of office as the nation’s commander-in-chief, Democrats have been scrambling to see if there’s any possible way they could remove him from power. Even before Trump took office, there was talk of impeaching him, but that’s likely an impossibility as long as Republicans control both houses of … Continue reading “Congressional Democrats Plan to Remove Trump Using the 25th Amendment”

10 Alarming Facts about America’s Infrastructure

No matter whether politically speaking you lean to the left or lean to the right, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 15 to 20 years, you know that America’s infrastructure is in a pretty sorry state. From crumbling highways to unsafe bridges to transportation networks that are way behind the times, … Continue reading “10 Alarming Facts about America’s Infrastructure”

Who Could Run Against Trump in 2020?

Although it may seem premature, given all the fuss surrounding the new administration of President Donald Trump, Washington insiders are already talking about who could face off against Trump in the 2020 presidential election. While some names are potentially serious contenders, others are only being bandied about because they’ve garnered media attention in the last … Continue reading “Who Could Run Against Trump in 2020?”

Who Is Stephen Miller?

During the presidential tenure of Barack Obama, one name stood out for a period among Obama’s advisors: that of Ben Rhodes, whose lengthy official title was Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication and Speechwriting. In reality, Rhodes was more of a glorified writer of presidential addresses than a policy … Continue reading “Who Is Stephen Miller?”

Sabotage in the White House

To understand what’s going on in the Trump administration, it is necessary to understand two things. One, Trump’s transition team is not there to be the Trump administration, they are there to set the groundwork for the next four years. This is standard practice in business, and it’s reasonable to assume that Trump expects people … Continue reading “Sabotage in the White House”