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CalExit: Could California Really be Split in Two?

For some time now, there’s been talk in California of potentially splitting the state into multiple pieces — for a number of reasons. First, there’s the argument that with 39 million people, California simply has too big a population to be represented fairly in Congress. In the Senate, just two senators represent a state that … Continue reading “CalExit: Could California Really be Split in Two?”

Why Conservatives Should Be Thanking Chuck Schumer

He’s the man conservatives love to hate, or at least grumble about when they see his face — Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, chairman of the Senate Rules Committee. For nearly two decades, Schumer has been leading the Democrats’ charge in many cases on familiar issues such as immigration, healthcare and … Continue reading “Why Conservatives Should Be Thanking Chuck Schumer”

The Underground Refugee Railroad

Recently, prominent independent Christian journalist Josh Tolley, interviewed a woman who did not give her name but described some extraordinary things regarding refugees entering the United States with little to no vetting. We will call her Jane. Jane, according to her own account, is an ordinary citizen. She does not appear to be a politician … Continue reading “The Underground Refugee Railroad”

The President Isn’t the Most Powerful Man in Washington Anymore

If you asked political analysts who the most powerful man in Washington is at the moment, many of them would likely say it’s not President Trump; in fact, like many earlier presidents, Trump is at the mercy of myriad other powerful men and interests, both within his government and outside it. Instead, given the political … Continue reading “The President Isn’t the Most Powerful Man in Washington Anymore”

The Inherent Hypocrisy in the March for Science

The marches to protest Trump have certainly slowed and quieted, but there is another one schedule for April, and it might be pretty big. This is the March for Science — a gathering of American scholars to promote the virtues of their profession and oppose the reigning administration. For starters, it’s a little sad that … Continue reading “The Inherent Hypocrisy in the March for Science”

Democrats Still Fighting to Get Trump to Resign

Is it any wonder that the oldest member of the Senate, 83-year-old Democrat Dianne Feinstein, is considered a hypocrite by many voters in her own state? Recently, Senator Feinstein stated to a journalist outside a fundraiser that she believes President Donald Trump will eventually be forced to resign from his position as the country’s commander-in-chief … Continue reading “Democrats Still Fighting to Get Trump to Resign”

Comey Denies Trump’s Wiretapping Claim despite Evidence

FBI Director James Comey has appeared before the House Intelligence Committee where he testified that the FBI is in the middle of conducting a wide-ranging inquiry into Moscow’s efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election. The inquiry began in late July he said, and he asserted, that the FBI has found no evidence supporting the … Continue reading “Comey Denies Trump’s Wiretapping Claim despite Evidence”

Is It Time for McCain to Go?

Senator John McCain is to many minds a man long past his prime — a Senator who may have decided that in his current role he wields just as much, if not more power than the person in the position he once coveted — the presidency. As the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee … Continue reading “Is It Time for McCain to Go?”

Democrats Admit Trump-Russia Collusion Is Fake (Finally)

Throughout much of the presidential campaign of Donald Trump — or at least during the latter stages, as revelation after revelation about the Democrats was dumped by WikiLeaks — there was a steady drumbeat from the media, from the team working for Hillary Clinton and others that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia. That … Continue reading “Democrats Admit Trump-Russia Collusion Is Fake (Finally)”

The 19 Federal Agencies Trump Wants to Eliminate

President Trump has finally delivered his budget blueprint to Congress, and in it, he’s proposing to entirely eliminate 19 federal agencies. Many of these agencies are superfluous, redundant or should be the responsibilities of states, rather than the federal government. In many cases, we’re sending money outside the country to help foreign organizations and governments … Continue reading “The 19 Federal Agencies Trump Wants to Eliminate”