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Mainstream Media’s Biggest Misses

You hear about more Trump scandals every day. To the rational mind, every scandal is clearly blown out of proportion, but that doesn’t stop the media from doing its thing. What if we were to compare overblown Trump scandals to underreported Democrat scandals? Is it possible we can find instances of the left behaving in … Continue reading “Mainstream Media’s Biggest Misses”

Democrats Refuse to Let the Comey Circus Fade

When President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey two weeks ago the White House’s official reason was that President Trump no longer had confidence in Comey and that it felt he was being insubordinate. The list of insubordinations was long, it included such acts as not giving the White House a preview of Comey’s upcoming … Continue reading “Democrats Refuse to Let the Comey Circus Fade”

Venezuela’s Death by Socialism: Will the Left Ever Learn?

As if to stand as a grim reminder of what the left has in store for the United States, socialist ruled Venezuela is in its death throws as food riots rage on. Over the past three years the nation on the northernmost shore of South America has been in steady decline and over the last … Continue reading “Venezuela’s Death by Socialism: Will the Left Ever Learn?”

Kamala Harris Run for President in 2020?

While the presidential election of 2020 is still several years away, there’s already intense speculation about who will run, particularly on the Democratic side, since it’s assumed that President Trump will desire a second term in office. Up until recently, the most likely Democratic choices appeared to be the obvious ones — Senator Elizabeth Warren … Continue reading “Kamala Harris Run for President in 2020?”

American Women Are Becoming ISIS Wives

In its quest to replace soldiers who are dying on the battlefield, ISIS has begun to recruit women from the West — including from America — in order to bear the group offspring. The organization refers to these children as “cubs of the Caliphate,” who it hopes will one day carry on the fight against … Continue reading “American Women Are Becoming ISIS Wives”

Could Elon Musk Be Trump’s Infrastructure Savior?

On his Inauguration Day, President Trump promised the U.S. would soon get “new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation.” While President Trump has announced it’s his intention to make big things happen with infrastructure efforts in the U.S., not many other announcements have been made … Continue reading “Could Elon Musk Be Trump’s Infrastructure Savior?”

Time To Put Dirty Dems Under Oath

By Robert Ringer Hmm … haven’t we seen this movie before? Nixon, Reagan, and Bush II all managed to cause the Radical Left to go berserk — shutting down free speech, becoming ever more violent, lying and slandering with reckless abandon, and more. But at their worst, Radical Leftists never approached the level of hysteria … Continue reading “Time To Put Dirty Dems Under Oath”

Unable to Build A Wall, Trump Builds a Fence

I’m sure you’ve heard the bad news: funding for President Trump’s wall along the southern border of the U.S. wasn’t included in the final budget deal. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tried to assure the American people that illegal immigration will still be stopped by insisting that border security will be enhanced in the … Continue reading “Unable to Build A Wall, Trump Builds a Fence”

Everything France Lost in Their Presidential Election

The French election has finally been resolved. Marine Le Pen certainly had established politics shaking in their boots, but France turned away from the rise of populism and elected Emmanuel Macron. With this vote, the French made a statement about where they stand on current issues, and leftists around the world have celebrated. What you … Continue reading “Everything France Lost in Their Presidential Election”

Stephen Colbert Is More Proof of How Hungry the Left Are to Eat Their Own

While the event was quickly eclipsed by other news, May started with a huge uproar over Stephen Colbert. The Late Show host is vehemently anti-Trump and a staunch opponent of the American right. Despite his longstanding efforts to boost the left, they are the primary source of his latest woes. In their social media campaign … Continue reading “Stephen Colbert Is More Proof of How Hungry the Left Are to Eat Their Own”

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