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Another Look at “Tolerance” From the Left

The Democrats are the party of tolerance, right? They are supposed to be the group of Americans who stand fast in support of minorities against the greed, hate, misogyny and despicable racism that fuel the conservatives of our country. At least, that’s what they claim. We’ve debunked many of these points of view from a … Continue reading “Another Look at “Tolerance” From the Left”

Europe to Pay Migrants to Leave

As the increasing problem of immigrants grips both the United States and Europe, European nations have begun taking a novel, two-pronged approach to the issue that the U.S. is not likely to consider for several reasons, practicality and cost being among them. The first approach, proposed by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, is to actually pay … Continue reading “Europe to Pay Migrants to Leave”

Inside the Robert DeNiro-Donald Trump Hate Fest

The actor Robert DeNiro is famous for his leading roles, including such famous movies as Taxi Driver, The Godfather Part II, The Deer Hunter, Raging Bull, The Untouchables, Cape Fear, GoodFellas, Casino and many, many others. But of late, DeNiro has become famous for something else: a nearly nonstop stream of verbal abuse directed at … Continue reading “Inside the Robert DeNiro-Donald Trump Hate Fest”

The University of Central Florida Held a Leftist ‘Fight Club’ Workshop

Although most activists on the Left believe they’re the liberal “good guys” fighting “evil, fascist forces” for nothing other than love, peace and understanding, that hasn’t stopped some of their numbers in recent years from adopting the measures of physical violence they typically decry with their whiny protesting. On college campuses, multiple flashpoints have been … Continue reading “The University of Central Florida Held a Leftist ‘Fight Club’ Workshop”

Trump Holding the Axe over Cabinet Members Already

The moment Donald Trump started naming cabinet members to fill out the seats in his administration, pundits, reporters, supporters, and everyone else was ready to pounce and say that his picks reveal something about how the new president will do his job. Even many otherwise committed Trump supporters have gone a bit queasy over his … Continue reading “Trump Holding the Axe over Cabinet Members Already”

Pro-Trump Demonstrations Are Happening

For a long period now, it seems as if any time there’s been a protest or demonstration in the news, it’s been Liberals and Democrats marching against Donald Trump or for one social justice policy or another. Conservatives are tired of hearing about angry progressives attacking police, smashing windows, destroying property and beating people up. … Continue reading “Pro-Trump Demonstrations Are Happening”

Why Winning Wars is a Revolutionary Idea

It’s no secret that war is big business. For as long as there have been military organizations dependent on the riches of a nation or population, there have been people within the leadership class who are willing to use those riches in combination with the power of the military for their own enrichment. When it … Continue reading “Why Winning Wars is a Revolutionary Idea”

What Comes Next for President Trump?

The first week of Donald Trump’s presidency offered something that has become quite rare in Washington, he kept his campaign promises. Those who voted for him can’t wait to see what’s next and the pundits who so wrongly proclaimed there was no way he would ever be elected are wringing their hands over what might … Continue reading “What Comes Next for President Trump?”

Democrats in Congress Get Set to Battle Neil Gorsuch

One of the major issues that dominated the 2016 presidential election campaign was that the next president was likely to pick at least three and as many as five Supreme Court justices over the next four to eight years due to the number of members of the court who are expected to retire shortly (as … Continue reading “Democrats in Congress Get Set to Battle Neil Gorsuch”

Obama’s Hypocrisy over Trump’s Middle Eastern Travel Ban

During his campaign for office, President Donald Trump promised to vet immigrants to the United States much more thoroughly than his predecessors and vowed that he would stop letting people in from certain countries temporarily “until we can figure out what’s going on.” True to his word, Trump signed an executive order mandating both such … Continue reading “Obama’s Hypocrisy over Trump’s Middle Eastern Travel Ban”