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The Changing Face of Conservatism

Ever since the traumatic events of 9/11, just over fifteen years ago- and the strange mental gymnastics that made the war on terror possible, Americans have been on a steady course toward a higher level awareness when it comes to politics and world events. It’s no longer possible for us to stay in our individual … Continue reading “The Changing Face of Conservatism”

A Brief History of Rigged Elections

In the wake of exposures by filmmaker James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas and other sources, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has made claims that the 2016 presidential race is “rigged” and that there’s ample evidence of dirty tricks being played by the Democratic Party. The Democrats have predictably protested, with prominent members of the Party from … Continue reading “A Brief History of Rigged Elections”

Hillary’s Worst Lies to the American People

Over the course of the presidential race, there have been many damaging revelations about the Democratic campaign of Hillary Clinton that have come courtesy of Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks. Here’s a recap of some of the most incriminating ones that have been revealed thus far: Clinton Plans to Gut Social Security As We Know It This … Continue reading “Hillary’s Worst Lies to the American People”

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Gut Social Security

For what seems like time immemorial, candidates running for president of the United States could debate almost any issue, except for what were termed “unmentionable topics” — Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Unmentionable, because to bring them up for questioning meant stepping into voters’ crosshairs on an ultra-sensitive topic. To raise the prospect of reducing … Continue reading “Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Gut Social Security”

The Clinton’s Campaign’s Social Media War on Trump

From the start of the presidential campaign season, it was clear that the Hillary Clinton campaign needed to win over certain broad demographic segments in order to claim victory in the general election. One of these groups was millennial voters. In the primary season, very few millennials were leaning toward Clinton, despite the fact that … Continue reading “The Clinton’s Campaign’s Social Media War on Trump”

Robert Creamer’s Ties to Clinton and Obama Go Deeper Than Previously Thought

In a bombshell event that rocked the Hillary Clinton presidential election campaign, a group calling itself Project Veritas has released deeply disturbing videos of Democratic Party consultants and operatives admitting on camera that they fomented violence at Donald Trump rallies earlier this year and effected voter fraud in past elections. Based on the statements of … Continue reading “Robert Creamer’s Ties to Clinton and Obama Go Deeper Than Previously Thought”

Who Are Robert Creamer and Scott Foval?

In recent weeks, a bombshell has exploded in the presidential race in the form of two undercover videos shot with a hidden camera, exposing dirty tricks of consultants working for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. The videos, released by a group calling itself the Veritas Project, are the work of a man named James … Continue reading “Who Are Robert Creamer and Scott Foval?”

Trump: “I will Drain the Swamp Congress has Become.”

Congress’ approval rating hit all-time lows in 2014. That was the year of Obama’s reelection, and at the time there was a great deal of scrutiny on the president’s political opponents- the most active of whom were congressmen and congresswomen. Since then, there has been a steady decline in the intensity of the coverage that … Continue reading “Trump: “I will Drain the Swamp Congress has Become.””

A New Standard Sighting at Hillary Rallies: Hecklers

In recent weeks and months, the political campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has seen its share of hecklers and interrupters from rally crowds increase, as populist anger stews and frustration with the lying liberal candidate mounts. It hasn’t helped Clinton that “Alt Right” website such as Infowars and other outlets are now selling … Continue reading “A New Standard Sighting at Hillary Rallies: Hecklers”

Hillary’s Communist Witch Hunt

When Democratic National Committee (DNC) internal emails were exposed by whistleblower organization WikiLeaks in July, they generated a storm of controversy and showed unsavory practices being committed at the highest levels of the Democratic Party. Accusations such as the selling of dinner invitations with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for $200,000 and a clear … Continue reading “Hillary’s Communist Witch Hunt”