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Top 10 Scandals of the Obama Presidency

As President Obama prepares to leave office, many liberals and progressives are still convinced that somehow the current president is something of a saint — after all, he was awarded a Nobel Prize, wasn’t he (before he bombed a hospital)? Didn’t Obama bring Hope and Change to the country? Change — yes. But for the … Continue reading “Top 10 Scandals of the Obama Presidency”

Trump’s Move against North Korea

North Korea is a state that has dogged successive presidential administrations of the U.S. from George H.W. Bush onward as the Asian country’s weapons program has become somewhat supercharged with the advent of nuclear technology originally allowed into the country for power purposes. The postures and positions of Presidents Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and … Continue reading “Trump’s Move against North Korea”

Operation Northwoods

The fight against the Third Reich in WW2 left the world vulnerable to the depredations of totalitarian communism. It is a grossly underrepresented fact that while the nightmare that was German Fascism killed more than 6 million persons of Jewish heritage, Communist regimes all over the world killed more than 300 million of their own … Continue reading “Operation Northwoods”

Trump’s First Successful Act to Drain the Swamp

Once again, Trump has shaken the core of politics and scored a huge victory for the people, all before taking office. To the chagrin of many of his opponents, he has taken the first stride towards draining the swamp and maintaining the promises of his campaign, but the move has done more than just diminish … Continue reading “Trump’s First Successful Act to Drain the Swamp”

Megyn Kelly Is Leaving Fox!

By the accounts of some Republican news watchers, Megyn Kelly has been called America’s Sweetheart; she’s shepherded conservatives through rough times and held President-Elect Donald Trump’s feet to the fire at critical junctures when his hyperbole was threatening to drink the truth under the table in sparring with candidates both Republican and Democratic. But now, … Continue reading “Megyn Kelly Is Leaving Fox!”

Tech Journal Casts Doubt on Dems’ Russian Hacking Claims

Democratic Party claims about Russian hacking interfering in the election of 2016 continue to make the news. A recent article in the respected computer journal Ars Technica discussed supposed attempts on the part of the Russian government to interfere with the election. The article claims that the evidence the government provided in a Joint Analysis … Continue reading “Tech Journal Casts Doubt on Dems’ Russian Hacking Claims”

Donald Trump’s Top 10 Campaign Moments

As we begin the year in which President-Elect Donald Trump takes office, here’s a look back at the Top 10 moments of his 17-month-long campaign in a contest that will likely go down as one of the most acrimonious, hard-fought and bitter presidential races the United States has ever witnessed. To be sure, Trump has … Continue reading “Donald Trump’s Top 10 Campaign Moments”

Obama’s Out of Control Regulations Get Worse

To those who are unfamiliar with it, the Federal Register is the record of all government agency public notices, regulations and proposed rules for the U.S. This large compendium measured a mind-numbing 79,435 pages before President Obama entered office in 2009. But as of November, the number of pages it contained grew to 81,640, an … Continue reading “Obama’s Out of Control Regulations Get Worse”

Obama Antagonizes Russia over Partisan Politics

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the office of the president represented the vanguard for globalism; border-less countries, unchecked immigration, legally enforceable political correctness, the evisceration of the middle class and more. Barack Obama is no different, and Hillary’s defeat was a defeat for him as well. Now, Donald Trump, who represents Middle America, the working classes, … Continue reading “Obama Antagonizes Russia over Partisan Politics”

Obama Applies Sanctions to Russia

Democratic accusations against Russia over interference in the 2016 presidential election have finally brought about a reaction from President Barack Obama. But due to the fact that his term is about to expire, it’s probably a case of “too little, too late” more than anything else. The White House announced the government would be kicking … Continue reading “Obama Applies Sanctions to Russia”