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Do Polls Really Matter?

With a week or so to go before the next Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the question arises – “Do the polls really matter at this point?” The short answer to that is Yes and No. Much has changed about polling itself that makes one wonder if the entire system doesn’t need … Continue reading “Do Polls Really Matter?”

Election Fraud: Can It Happen?

As the all-important Election Day of 2016 draws closer, one issue is spiking in the minds of many voters: the possibility of election fraud. It’s been raised as an issue before, particularly in the elections of 2000 and 2004, when George W. Bush squeaked out controversial victories in the Electoral College, the first one having … Continue reading “Election Fraud: Can It Happen?”

Dell Computer Company: An American Tale of Betrayal

In what sounds almost too unreal to be true, Dell Technologies (formerly known as simply Dell) is in the process of laying off 3,000 American workers, but wants to hire more than 5,000 workers from India and other countries who would come to the U.S. on H1-B visas to work for them. Of course, the … Continue reading “Dell Computer Company: An American Tale of Betrayal”

Who’s to Blame for Rise of ISIS?

There have been a number of military whistleblowers, researchers, and other insiders who have told us the Obama Administration, including the direct efforts of then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, are directly responsible for the existence of the terrorist organization known as ISIS. Not the least well known of these is Ken O’Keefe, a former … Continue reading “Who’s to Blame for Rise of ISIS?”

Liberal Immigration Policy Favors Illegals over Citizens

Most (legal) American citizens are unaware of this, but when illegal aliens crossing the border are “unaccompanied minors” and caught by the Border Patrol, they are not sent back to the country they came from. Rather, they are placed in a home and designated a sponsor in our country. It’s injury upon insult, as so … Continue reading “Liberal Immigration Policy Favors Illegals over Citizens”

Why Trump Can Succeed as President Where Elites Fail

Donald J. Trump is a bit of a wild card as presidential candidates go. He is a wildly successful international real estate tycoon with properties around the world and a number of famous buildings in New York City- not the least of which is the glittering Trump Tower. He has also had a conspicuous career … Continue reading “Why Trump Can Succeed as President Where Elites Fail”

Another Clinton Aide Gets Immunity

The longer the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server drags on, the more it looks like the events thus far have all been a giant set-up designed to fool the public into thinking a thorough examination has been done and Clinton has been proven careless but relatively innocent. In reality, just the opposite looks to … Continue reading “Another Clinton Aide Gets Immunity”

The Clintons and Haiti: What’s the Real Story?

On January 12, 2010, the Caribbean nation of Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake, which took more than 100,000 lives and left 200,000+ injured and 900,000+ homeless — about 10 percent of the country’s population. It was one of the Western hemisphere’s greatest natural disasters, and nations like the United States rushed to the aid of … Continue reading “The Clintons and Haiti: What’s the Real Story?”

London’s Muslim Mayor Problem

For those people unfamiliar with recent events in Europe — especially those in the United Kingdom — there have been some radical demographic shifts that have seen Muslims rise from a very small minority to an increasingly vocal group that threatens to one day become a majority in countries such as France, the UK and … Continue reading “London’s Muslim Mayor Problem”

Obama Vetoes 9/11 Victim Justice Bill

You may have heard about the “missing 28 pages” of the 9/11 Commission Report that implicated Saudi Arabia in the terror attacks which took place 15 years ago. For over a decade, families of victims in the attacks have been wondering if the pages would ever be released. Now that they have, it can be … Continue reading “Obama Vetoes 9/11 Victim Justice Bill”