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Will Trump Voters Accept a Rigged Election?

For supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, the prospect of a rigged election is the capstone to an incredibly challenging campaign season that’s featured dirty tricks, scandals, smears and surprises that have shocked even veteran political observers such as Roger Stone and Pat Caddell. The depths to which the campaign of Democratic nominee Hillary … Continue reading “Will Trump Voters Accept a Rigged Election?”

The Top Charges Hillary Clinton Could Face

The election season isn’t over yet, there are still 4 more days to go. But regardless of the outcome — whether Hillary Clinton wins or loses — her goose appears to be cooked, by most judgments. As Democratic media pundit after pundit starts to finally face the truth — that the Clintons’ corruption is just too … Continue reading “The Top Charges Hillary Clinton Could Face”

Are the Voting Machines Being Rigged By George Soros?

Of all of the nefarious schemes and stunts with the potential to change the outcome of the upcoming presidential election, perhaps none is so threatening or consequential as the possibility that electronic voting machines in as many as 15 states could be rigged to ensure that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is the winner. Many of … Continue reading “Are the Voting Machines Being Rigged By George Soros?”

Billionaires for Hillary Vs. Billionaires for Trump

Perhaps one of the most interesting factors in the race for the White House in 2016 is not the candidates themselves, but who their donors are — specifically, their most financially endowed donors. When it comes to individuals — at least in the case of Democrat Hillary Clinton — those donors are virtually all billionaires, … Continue reading “Billionaires for Hillary Vs. Billionaires for Trump”

Does Gary Johnson Have a Chance of Affecting Trump’s Election Chances?

With the extreme name-calling, cheating scandals, ongoing FBI investigations, attempts at discrediting and all-around nastiness of the ongoing presidential campaign, a healthy portion of voters — particularly young millennials — have given up on the idea of favoring either of the two major-party candidates and have decided that they’ll support one of the third-party candidates … Continue reading “Does Gary Johnson Have a Chance of Affecting Trump’s Election Chances?”

President Obama Defends FBI’s Decision to Re-open Case Against Hillary

The president has stepped forward in the midst of the controversy over FBI director James Comey reopening the investigation over the Clinton emails to say, that he [Comey] is not trying to influence the outcome of the election. This is a move that deserves analysis because it is very politically shrewd- and we may say … Continue reading “President Obama Defends FBI’s Decision to Re-open Case Against Hillary”

The Changing Face of Conservatism

Ever since the traumatic events of 9/11, just over fifteen years ago- and the strange mental gymnastics that made the war on terror possible, Americans have been on a steady course toward a higher level awareness when it comes to politics and world events. It’s no longer possible for us to stay in our individual … Continue reading “The Changing Face of Conservatism”

A Brief History of Rigged Elections

In the wake of exposures by filmmaker James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas and other sources, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has made claims that the 2016 presidential race is “rigged” and that there’s ample evidence of dirty tricks being played by the Democratic Party. The Democrats have predictably protested, with prominent members of the Party from … Continue reading “A Brief History of Rigged Elections”

Hillary’s Worst Lies to the American People

Over the course of the presidential race, there have been many damaging revelations about the Democratic campaign of Hillary Clinton that have come courtesy of Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks. Here’s a recap of some of the most incriminating ones that have been revealed thus far: Clinton Plans to Gut Social Security As We Know It This … Continue reading “Hillary’s Worst Lies to the American People”

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Gut Social Security

For what seems like time immemorial, candidates running for president of the United States could debate almost any issue, except for what were termed “unmentionable topics” — Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Unmentionable, because to bring them up for questioning meant stepping into voters’ crosshairs on an ultra-sensitive topic. To raise the prospect of reducing … Continue reading “Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Gut Social Security”