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Trump’s Unlikely New Supporters

With the Republican presidential nomination now secured by Donald Trump, all eyes are on the Democratic primary campaign. While Hillary Clinton has all but assured herself a victory, Bernie Sanders and his supporters remain engaged and fighting for every last vote. Preventing Clinton from turning her focus to Trump is proving costly, as it has dragged her … Continue reading “Trump’s Unlikely New Supporters”

Once Berned, Twice Shy: Bernie Digs In

Despite apparently very long odds, Bernie Sanders has refused to drop out of the race to become the Democratic Party’s nominee over opponent Hillary Clinton. Even political outsiders understand how unlikely his nomination is, leading many to wonder exactly why he’s still in the race. Can Sanders Still Win? According to a number of political … Continue reading “Once Berned, Twice Shy: Bernie Digs In”

Are Bill’s Not-So-Secret Indiscretions On or Off the Table?

Trump has been taking serious heat from feminists, and if the polls are at all accurate, even conservative women find The Donald “unfavorable.” But if feminist concerns are somehow relevant in the 2016 election, then what’s to become of Hillary Clinton as she clinches the democratic nomination? Going back into 2015, pundits have long speculated … Continue reading “Are Bill’s Not-So-Secret Indiscretions On or Off the Table?”

Will Obama Veto the 9/11 Bill Passed By the Senate?

If you hadn’t heard, the Senate unanimously passed a landmark bill recently that will at last allow U.S. citizens who were victims or whose family members were victims of terrorism to sue foreign governments if such governments were sponsors of terrorism. The bill, co-sponsored by Senator John Cornyn (R.-Texas), has been a long time coming … Continue reading “Will Obama Veto the 9/11 Bill Passed By the Senate?”

The Democrats’ New Whipping Boy: Exxon

Regardless of whether you believe in climate change or not, there’s a new target for progressives that appears to loom as large as Big Tobacco did almost two decades ago for anti-smoking forces (which ultimately extracted a landmark court settlement from the latter). The target in question? ExxonMobil, the largest American oil company and fifth-largest … Continue reading “The Democrats’ New Whipping Boy: Exxon”

The Creation of a “Transgender” Problem

By Robert Ringer I have a feeling that most people don’t really understand what the transgender bathroom issue is all about.  Obviously, it has nothing whatsoever to do with “civil rights.”  In reality, it’s nothing more than part of an overall radical-left strategy to create civil unrest.  (Yes, the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse the welfare … Continue reading “The Creation of a “Transgender” Problem”

Trump Narrows Choice for Vice President

Whatever side of the line you stand on, Donald Trump’s considerations for Vice President will stir everyone’s interests. Each person he’s considering stands to either help or hurt his campaign in different ways. This man does an excellent job at polarizing people, so it stands to reason that his VP would have to start bringing … Continue reading “Trump Narrows Choice for Vice President”

Demystifying Obama’s Inflated Legacy

Recent statements from the White House have assured us that President Obama has a very high opinion of the quality of his performance. Those of us with a broader than average historical perspective tend to think otherwise. But we thought it would be helpful to conduct a survey of some of Obama’s more outstanding campaign … Continue reading “Demystifying Obama’s Inflated Legacy”

Facebook and its Liberal Media Bias

Recently, Facebook has come under fire for possibly censoring conservative news outlets in its members’ timelines. Websites such as Breitbart News, Drudge Report and Infowars have reported that they believe their stories are being “tuned out” by Facebook content editors who instead promote news and links to progressive and social justice warrior (SJW) sites. Breitbart’s … Continue reading “Facebook and its Liberal Media Bias”

Science Has Advanced Since Roe v. Wade But Abortion Laws Haven’t

In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Roe vs. Wade that abortion was a constitutional right and limited the power of governments to restrict abortion. The key components of the decision included a ruling that governments couldn’t regulate abortion to protect the life of the fetus until it reached viability — the ability of … Continue reading “Science Has Advanced Since Roe v. Wade But Abortion Laws Haven’t”