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Companies Return Billions to US Economy Due to Recent Tax Cut

The headlines on everything from CNBC to Drudge Report featured the same thing yesterday – Apple is going to pay $38 billion in taxes this year. While that is great news, the story behind that announcement is even more compelling. CNBC’s headline has been picked up by most news outlet, both liberal and conservative: Apple … Continue reading “Companies Return Billions to US Economy Due to Recent Tax Cut”

What in the World Happened to That Las Vegas Shooter Investigation?

It has been almost four months since the mass shooting from the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas took place and the American people know as little about the incident today as we did when it first happened. In fact, we still have more questions than answers at this point. We can make educated guesses … Continue reading “What in the World Happened to That Las Vegas Shooter Investigation?”

A Hard Look at the Democratic Party

More than a year later, many people are still shocked to think that Donald Trump won the last election. It was a genuine surprise for many on both ends of the political spectrum, and the fallout has revealed deep fissures in both parties. Today, we’re going to focus on the Democrats. The burning wasteland of … Continue reading “A Hard Look at the Democratic Party”

What Is Happening in Saudi Arabia?

While the left is distracted by futile attempts for more gun control, the world continues to be an eventful place. Flying under the radar of many, Saudi Arabia is making waves. A young prince has shaken things up in ways the country has never seen before, and the consequences are difficult to predict. Culling the … Continue reading “What Is Happening in Saudi Arabia?”

N. Korea Enters Talks with S. Korea: Trump Gets “Big Credit” from SK

South Korean officials are saying that President Trump deserves “big credit” for bringing the divided Asian region to the negotiating table. The two countries have endured extremely tense relations since the Korean War in the 1950s in which the United States helped liberate South Korea from the abusive rule of North Korea. Since then, North … Continue reading “N. Korea Enters Talks with S. Korea: Trump Gets “Big Credit” from SK”

Liberal Media Misses the Point in Trump’s ‘S#*$hole’ Comment

Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid getting the impression that people on the left just can’t resist the allure of using vulgarity on television. The childish glee they display in commenting at length, for days, on the rumor that Trump referred to a handful of countries by using a taboo term is very, very telling. Recall … Continue reading “Liberal Media Misses the Point in Trump’s ‘S#*$hole’ Comment”

Who is Most Likely to be the first Female President?

Now that Hillary Clinton has failed to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming President, even after having the full support of the mainstream media and it appears the FBI, the question arises – who is likely to be elected as the first woman to be our Chief Executive? Two women have made themselves very likely … Continue reading “Who is Most Likely to be the first Female President?”

Time to Regulate Big Tech

What do conservative blogger Curtis Yarvin, radio host Alex Jones and bestselling political philosophy author Theodore Beale (aka Vox Day) have in common? If any one of them visits the Google campus in Silicon Valley, even as a guest of a current employee, a silent alarm will be triggered and they will be escorted off … Continue reading “Time to Regulate Big Tech”

Israel’s Wall is a Total Deterrent to Illegal Aliens

For all of the talk about how a border wall will not work, will be too expensive, is impossible to build and is somehow racist, why won’t Congress look at some real-world examples of other countries that have put up walls to block out invaders? Our only ally in the Middle East has a perfect … Continue reading “Israel’s Wall is a Total Deterrent to Illegal Aliens”

Liberal States Show Us the Wrong Way to Legalize Pot

Eight liberal states and the District of Columbia have now shown us the completely incorrect way to legalize recreational marijuana. California, Maine and Massachusetts are the latest states the join the rush to thwart clearly written and duly passed federal statutes regarding pot. Even if you believe that marijuana should be legal for recreational use, Attorney General … Continue reading “Liberal States Show Us the Wrong Way to Legalize Pot”