Paul Ryan Talks to Millennials

The millennials of America have had a lot of words written about them, and it seems like there’s a full generation who have washed their hands of them. However you feel about them though, they represent the future of America. They’re an influential group and there’s a lot of talent to be found there.

Paul Ryan reached out to them, social media hashtags and all, at Georgetown University. He billed it as a Town Hall for young people with a Question and Answer session that lasted about 45 minutes. He came prepared to infuse enthusiasm for the Republican Party, and it was high time someone did so.

The democratic platform is favored two to one for younger people, and Paul Ryan did his best to meet their cynicism with honesty. On both sides of the debate, party members are tired of feeling like they’re constantly being fed information only to find out later on that the so-called facts were so heavily spun it disguised the truth entirely. What makes his talk particularly interesting is that he’s addressing kids on a campus that has historically appealed to young Republicans, so it makes the uphill battle all the more frustrating.

Paul Ryan hasn’t sided with anyone so far for the 2016 election, but he encouraged the young people to first determine whether or not they identified with the party’s ideals before they started looking at the individual representatives behind the GOP. He’s advocating specifically for the policies under his party’s new agenda which they’ll be revealing in July.

He wants people to see the GOP as the side who favors personal responsibility above all else. It was this philosophy that won him some applause when he referenced the ‘doers’ of our society.

He also received additional adoration by sticking by his decision to take down the Mississippi state flag from the Capitol building. Ryan stated “if we’re going to have symbols, we’re going to have symbols that unify people and don’t divide people.” His words ring particularly true during this election period.

Mr. Ryan faltered a bit though when asked for more specific plans to end problems like massive student debt and climate concerns. His answers were vague, which didn’t exactly stir a rallying cry. Paul Ryan does think that credits between colleges should be more easily transferred and he hopes that future technology will be the key to keeping our air and water clean.

He argued against a cap-and-trade system for energy in front of the students, but advocated states’ rights regarding health insurance and the use of risk pools for those with pre-existing conditions. (Risk pools aren’t in effect in every state, but it generally serves as the way those with serious diseases can have access to some type of coverage.)

The good news is that some millennials did feel he did his job in laying the seed to sway people back to the other side. With such a divisive campaign being waged, no one is having an easy job in trying to say the right things to them. Millennials, as a whole, support changes in energy policy and freedom for marriage, plus they don’t think of themselves as religious.

These core ideals will draw them away from the GOP, but for all their talk, less than half of them even bother to vote. There is a certain amount of the entitlement factor going around in colleges today, with everyone declaring that their opinion must be the most important without actually backing it up with action. Paul Ryan realizes there is literally no end to the blame game, and it could be the very heart of what tears the country apart.

Instead of giving up, Paul Ryan has done what he can to start declaring to millennials the ways that the GOP philosophy can improve the country. The GOP believes in owning up to actions, and doing the right thing. Republicans believe in hard work, accountability and doing everything possible to overcome obstacles in their way.

Republicans prefer to stay out of people’s affairs and let business owners make decisions for themselves. He talked about how he wanted to see more diversity in the party, which is definitely what younger people want to hear. He warned against the idea of using Socialistic ideals to solve the countries problems. He’s not advocating that their party is perfect, but that it makes practical sense to adopt his ideals for the sake of our country’s (and millennials) future.

~American Liberty Report

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