Perfecting the Steal: A Brief History of Rigged Elections from 2000 till Now

Here in the United States, we have a long history of controversial election results, voter fraud, voter suppression, Gerrymandering, and procedural challenges. The topic was hardly spoken of before the 2000 election when it was fairly clear that Jeb Bush, then the governor of Florida, infamous for the hanging chad debacle, was involved in some shady dealings that cost Al Gore the popular vote. Leading up to the 2004 presidential election there was evidence that voters were being harassed at polling places, Diebold voting machines were designed to commit fraud, and strident accusations of individuals illegally voting more than once were being bandied about in the mainstream press.

In short, the recent history of procedurally contentious elections has made it easy to come to the one-sided conclusion that only Republicans are perpetuating the fraud. The fact is that the problem of stealing elections is a bipartisan problem- and the current race for the presidency has thrown that fact into sharp relief.

What’s more frightening is the cooperation between the Democratic and Republican parties to deprive their outsider opposition from getting a fair chance at the nominations in this current election cycle. It has shown us that both parties appear to have been hijacked by an outside source, one that is monstrously unAmerican with no interest in the cause of freedom.


It’s been well documented that the names of known felons were intentionally mixed up with the names of non-felons in an attempt to deprive the Democratic candidate of the African-American vote. Countless disenfranchised people, both black and white, have testified that they were turned away at polling places because they had been linked to crimes they did not commit.

While at first glance, it would seem that Democrats are the innocent party in this event- one would do well to remember, however, that they have been responsible for pushing unpopular welfare and immigration programs that are plainly aimed at artificially boosting democratic voter turnout.


By this time, Diebold voting machines were no longer a mystery to the voting public. We were told on mainstream news channels that not only were these machines apparently designed to steal votes but that the CEO of the company that made them was a personal friend to the incumbent Bush administration. Voter suppression was also widely reported.

No federal agency had any regulatory control of the voting machines. Internationally appointed election observers (a first in US electoral history) were prevented from doing their jobs in Ohio. Finally, analysis showed that the number of votes registered on electronic voting machines had a higher percentage of votes for Bush than did paper ballots.


It’s a bit more difficult to recall the election controversy surrounding the 2008 election. America was too wrapped up in its obsession with proving that we are not a racist people to think clearly about what was going on. But there was a lot of poorly reported suspicion about Barack Obama’s relationship with a man known as Bill Ayers.

The professor from the University of Illinois and former member of the terrorist group the Weather Underground has a long history of working with the current president as well as the Illinois congresswoman who named Obama as her successor. How politicians can outright name their successors without acquiring a bad smell is beyond me. Ayers has a long history of contact with Obama and is a known Alinsky-esc anti-American radical.


In 2012, we saw more voter suppression. We saw media takedowns of candidates on grossly superficial gaffs. Worst of all, we saw a straw-man republican set up against the incumbent who hardly seemed to lift a finger. Now, after years of Obama’s neo-con policies; intense bombing of civilians, targeting American citizens, defrauding millions of affordable healthcare with the bill of the same name, and repeated attempts to disarm the American people- the events of the current election cycle reveal a reality behind the political system far grimmer than just shady tactics by one party or the other.


This time, the press is in on it. The Republican and Democratic parties are in on it. Ted Cruz has won voter-less election after voter-less election and went on to brag about it. Bernie Sander’s “supporters” are being paid to stage bogus protests around Trump rallies and incite violence while at the same time playing the victims in the ensuing clashes. Hillary Clinton has been cited as stealing delegates from the Sanders campaign again and again.

The only one who doesn’t seem to be cheating is Trump- and the numbers show that he is far and away the most popular candidate. Disturbing accounts given by delegates who have been intimidated into switching their vote, and who have had their votes changed where they would not consensually change them themselves have been numerous. What’s worse, the media has reported it all to us with a Cheshire cat grin.

It’s difficult to escape the conclusion that our electoral system has long been hijacked by a global entity that has no interest in our national sovereignty. There have been a lot of frightening predictions of riots and civil war when this election is stolen right in plain view of the public. But no one really knows what will happen, or just how dramatic the final upheaval will really be.

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