President Trump Is Not the One with a Mental Illness

The mainstream media has found its new sweetheart, a yellow journalist named Michael Wolff with a history of publishing fabricated quotes. Wolff has written a new book titled “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.” The media is granting Wolff his 15 minutes of fame and driving his book sales up because Wolff paints a picture of President Donald J. Trump as a man who is rapidly declining due to dementia or Alzheimer’s.

In the interests of full disclosure, we haven’t read Wolff’s book and don’t intend to. There’s enough fake news out there which we can watch without putting a few bucks in the pockets of Wolff and his publisher. Yet so many media outlets are now repeating the same claims from Wolff’s book that we felt we needed to address it.

Wolff claims in his book, according to multiple glowing media reports, that President Trump often doesn’t recognize friends and associates when they walk into the room. He writes that the president rambles and repeats himself, does not understand how the US government works and has an extremely short attention span. Wolff even claims that the president is an illiterate.

The media laps all this up and gleefully repeats it, just as they did with the fake Russian dossier and the story from the women who were paid by ambulance-chasing attorney Lisa Bloom to claim that Donald Trump sexually harassed them. They desperately want the Alzheimer’s version of President Trump to be reality, just as they are waiting on pins and needles for Bob Mueller’s clown car full of investigators to arrest everyone in the Oval Office any second now for “collusion” with Russia (which would not be a crime under current US statutes, even if it had happened).

These are, of course, the same media sycophants who practically broke their own thumbs attempting to cover up Hillary Clinton’s numerous, serious health problems in 2016. The press trumpeted the Clinton campaign’s “allergies” fabrication when asked why Mrs. Clinton was having 15-minute coughing fits during her stump speeches. When she collapsed at the 9-11 Memorial ceremony and had to be thrown into a waiting SUV, “like a slab of beef” according to one State Trooper, we were told that she had pneumonia. Her on-camera seizure and the multiple pictures of Mrs. Clinton being helped to walk up a flight of stairs by a team of aides were never mentioned by the mainstream media.

Yet when an author like Wolff publishes a book claiming that President Trump is mentally declining at a rapid pace, the media is all over it with wall-to-wall coverage. Why do they do this? Because they want it to be the truth. They cannot handle the real truth, which is that the president is in charge of all of his faculties.

President Trump is the most televised human being on the planet right now. If he is really sliding into dementia “rapidly” as Wolff claims and the media joyfully repeats, why don’t we ever see that? How is it possible that he continues to give impromptu interviews to the press, fielding every question and delivering repeated verbal smackdowns to his enemies?

Hillary Clinton was obviously very sick during the campaign, but that can be faked for audiences. A quick shot of adrenaline can keep someone on their feet long enough to fool the cameras. Go back and watch the culmination of the Democratic National Convention, when Mrs. Clinton was on stage with Slick Willie. After Hillary accepted the nomination and the balloons are dropping, does she not look like a person who is literally doped to the gills?

But mental decline? There is no pharmaceutical remedy would allow a person suffering from dementia to sit through a 30-minute interview with the New York Times, as President Trump just did less than a month ago on December 28th. The president fields every question and clearly has a full grasp of all his faculties. We would all know by now if Wolff’s claims of a demented Trump were true.

Wolff has been accused of inventing and altering quotes in previous books by his interview subjects. In a 2004 cover story in The New Republic, Wolff is described as being fixated on “money, money, money.” The media is only too happy to deliver Wolff another payday, since he is now attacking President Trump. But the hangover will be fierce when they wake up to realize that President Trump is firing on all cylinders and charging full-steam ahead to Make America Great Again!

~ American Liberty Report

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