Progressives “New” Economic Plan

The progressives have a new economic plan! They’re ready to save the world in 11 points. We got our hands on a copy of it so you can enjoy the show. We’ll go over each point and try not to laugh too much.

1. Jobs

The proposition is to create jobs by investing in infrastructure. There are a few things to note here. First, this is a reversal from the direction of universal basic income and similar welfare programs. It’s also a carbon copy of Trump’s plan to invest in infrastructure and stimulate the economy accordingly. While that’s amusing, the article does take time to attack “tax cuts for the rich.” They still think they can win elections by promising tax increases to the working class.

2. A Green Economy

This part calls for clear goals to make greener energy. Ironically, it offers no clear goals. Instead it rants that climate change is already catastrophic and that green energy investments are the best way to create jobs. This notion ignores the millions of people working in carbon-based fuel industries. It also continues the progressive flaw of ignoring the basic principles of economics. Green energy won’t produce jobs unless it produces results. That’s simple supply and demand.

3. Reduce Inequality

They held it together as long as they could. Basic rational thinking is now out the window. The progressive idea here is that income inequality is the bane of existence. This notion completely ignores the clear facts. As the rich have gotten richer in the global economy, the poor have also grown richer. Extreme poverty is declining faster than the elite are amassing riches, and this is all on the basic principles of capitalism. At this point, progressives are actually arguing that more people need to starve because they don’t like the idea of an honest earned dollar.

4. Social Justice

You knew this was coming. In their economic policy, the progressives are demanding social justice. This article begins with an assumption that they can get the economy to full employment. Dissatisfied with what would be an extraordinary achievement for liberal economics, they would go from that point to investing in social welfare. The plan here is to get everyone a job, and then tax the rich to give money to minorities. Of course, to get to this point in their plan they have to eliminate the existence of the rich, so it’s left to wonder how they’ll fund this initiative.

5. Women’s Pay

Somehow they did it. They got everyone a job and eliminated the wealthy elite. After that, they spent magical money on social investment. Now, and only now, they’re going to try and address the gender pay gap. This is actually one of the more sensible parts of the plan; it’s just predicated on a falsehood. There is no gender pay gap, and, statistically, women are afforded far more workplace protections than men. They did take the time to sneak in a jab about abortion. It’s not an economic plan if you can’t pay to kill the babies, after all.

6. Education

At this point, we should discuss how the progressives have twisted history. They proclaim the right to a free education. This is a misunderstanding of the foundation of institutionalized education in the first place. Public school wasn’t created to provide a fundamental right. It was a calculated investment. The theory was that an educated public would be more powerful. It proved true. At no point was it ever amended into the Bill of Rights. A plan to streamline educational investments to continue to foster an intelligent and empowered population base is a great idea. That’s not what the progressives want. They want to spend inefficiently as an excuse to raise taxes and move towards socialism. It’s telling that in this article they criticize charter schools, even though the rise of charter schools has shown the fastest improvements for educating low-income children in the inner city since WWII.

7. Health Care

This is the most specific plan in the whole pledge. They want Medicare for all. That isn’t some undefinable social healthcare system. It’s a specific investment in a system that has proven incapable of handling 50 million recipients. But sure, expand it seven-fold and hope for the best. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

8. Attack Corporations

They mentioned an attack on the wealthy earlier. Now they want to attack corporations. They plan to achieve full employment, but they want to dramatically expand tax burdens on corporations — that provide more than half of all employment in the U.S. Keep in mind, higher corporate tax rates would apply to most medical providers and about a third of educators. It also applies to virtually every higher learning institution. This attack makes the very things they want to be free more expensive. The richest part (pun intended) of this article is that it claims working-class taxes are on the rise. Even though they were just cut.

9. Global Economy

This one is mind blowing. Half of it is a verbatim copy of Trump’s foreign trade policy. It calls for America first economics and attacking currency manipulation. It also calls for higher foreign corporate tax rates (no idea how they plan to make that happen), so American tax rates remain competitive (after they raise them through the roof). They call it globalization, but the suggestions are to retreat from foreign involvement altogether. Interesting.

10. Wall Street

When you weed through the language, this article calls for a reinstatement of President Clinton’s lending policies that led to the 2007 market crash. It then triples down on the policies. Great idea!

11. Drain the Swamp

Ok. They didn’t literally say it. But, this article calls for decreasing the power of lobbies and incumbent politicians. Sound familiar? Of course they put the spin of progressive insanity on it and call for federal electoral interference that would make fringe politicians as likely to win as mainstream candidates that actually have popular support. It literally talks about a federal expansion of progressivism to build a majority. The audacity and illegality of this proposal blows the rest of this craziness right out of the water.

Let’s be real. The culmination of this plan is thinly veiled socialism. Extremely thinly veiled. Public education has its flaws, but anyone who can add still knows that socialism doesn’t work. Maybe it’s time to invest in supplemental math classes for any self-identified progressive.

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