Red Coffee Cups and The University of Missouri

This week in the news two of the biggest stories involve FAKE outrage.

One of them is just a silly thing for people to be upset about. The second is far more dangerous and a pervasive demonization of one group of people.

As many readers know I’m a Christian. I respect people of all faiths, but I share that commonality with the majority of US citizens.

Over the last 15 years or so, possibly longer, we’ve seen the erosion of Christmas.   We’ve become so politically correct that wishing someone a “Merry Christmas” is offensive. Now we must say “Happy Holidays” or we’re somehow some sort of insensitive racist.

For the record, I refuse to say “Happy Holidays”. I have many Jewish friends and have asked several of them if they are offended when someone says “Merry Christmas”. The resounding answer is no.

My friends tell me that they do not view it as someone trying to push religion on them. It’s a stranger wishing them well during the holiday season. Like someone saying “Have a nice day”.

To me it’s also humorous when the PC police take offense to “cultural” symbols of the season like Santa, snowmen, and reindeers. Like Santa and Rudolph is somehow forcing religion down people’s throats.

The real religious symbol of the season is the birth of Jesus Christ. This is often represented by the Nativity scene. I’m not offended when I see a menorah. So I’m not sure why an arrangement of figures in a manger offends the sensitive.

The Christmas season has evolved to become just as much a cultural event as it is a religious one. And contrary to popular belief Christmas is NOT the most important day on the Christian calendar. It’s Easter.

The birth of Christ is not why Christianity exists. It’s the death and resurrection of Christ.

So while it is upsetting to see the eradication of Christmas I’m not going to buy into lame media hype.

The latest hot button fake outrage relates to the cups used by national coffee chain Starbucks. Apparently they changed their coffee cups which used to include snowflakes, snowmen, ornaments, and such to a plain red cup. The lame stream media is now trying to convince Christians to be outraged.

Who cares what cups a coffee shop chooses to use. Apparently the move has absolutely nothing to do with being anti-Christmas.

The real reason is Starbucks wound up having to trash a bunch of unused holiday cups every year. The new red cups won’t need to be thrown out.

The biggest thing I can say is learn to think for yourself. Don’t let the media use you to be offended by fake outrage.

The second piece of fake outrage this week is a lot more disturbing and dangerous. It involves the University of Missouri.

Recently at the University of Missouri there have been a few racist incidents involving some knuckle heads. First there was some idiot who called the black student body president the N-word. There was also an alleged incident where some real genius drew a swastika in human feces. This is truly disgusting in more ways than one.

While these actions are truly deplorable, they are the actions of individuals. If and when these individuals are caught they should be punished and kicked out of school.

However, instead of understanding that these are the actions of a few disturbed individuals this has led to a debate of systemic institutional racism at the University of Missouri.

The scapegoat/ sacrificial lamb in all of this is university president Tom Wolfe. The campus group Concerned Student 1950, named after the year the first black student attended the University of Missouri, pushed hard for his resignation amongst many other demands.

One such demand included him acknowledging his supposed “white male privilege”. Are you kidding me?

These protests really started to gain national attention when players on the University football team threatened to boycott this week’s game.

Now I can certainly appreciate students being upset about the racist actions of ignorant individuals. However what I have yet to hear is what Tom Wolfe neglected to do or was supposed to do about it.

Instead he is the big evil white man sitting at the top. He’s responsible not because he actually did anything wrong. No, he’s responsible because he’s white.

This is what I consider to be truly dangerous.

I believe racism still exists in America. And contrary to popular belief racism isn’t an exclusively white male trait. Racism exists among all ethnicities, races, and creeds.

The encouraging thing is that the overwhelming majority of ALL people are not racist.

When it comes to making your way through this world everyone has disadvantages. The worst thing you can do is use these disadvantages as an excuse.

No one wants to take responsibility for their own lot in life. If you want something you need to work hard and go out and get it.

You’re never going to get ahead blaming others. If you encounter some racist idiot screw them. Don’t let them get in your way to the top.

We are all individuals. I’m not going to be made to feel personally responsible for the racist actions of some idiots just because I’m white. Nor would I expect a black person to feel guilty about the individual actions of other black people.

What are your thoughts? Am I just the out of touch cranky white guy? Or has the victimization mentality gone too far?

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