Remember When Kerry and Obama Got Rid of Syria’s Chemical Weapons?

The world is watching closely. Another chemical attack in Syria has many world leaders in serious contemplation of how to act. Trump is considering a wide range of military actions, and Russia is promising that they’ll stand strong behind Assad. The potential for war is real, and any fears you have are justified.

They might be displaced by anger when you remember how we got in this situation. According to Obama and his cronies, Assad hasn’t had access to chemical weapons for years now. If only that could have been the one true thing he ever said.

What Was Literally Said

The most notable claim to come out of the Obama Administration on the topic was said by John Kerry. At a Meet the Press event on July 20, 2014, John Kerry said, “We struck a deal where we got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out.” He was unmistakably referring to Syria.

Other key officials and Obama himself backed the claim at several different points in time. They even had UN weapons inspectors play along and say that Syria was fully compliant and chemical weapons free. It was considered a great accomplishment. Up until then, the Syrian civil war included 45 separate chemical weapons attacks that killed close to a thousand civilians in horrific fashion.

Of course, we found absolute proof of the lie just a few months into Trump’s presidency. A major attack shocked the world in 2017. But, what if we told you that the Obama Administration knew long before that chemical weapons were still in Syria? What if we told you that the UN and mainstream media worked together to help hide the truth?

The Modern Facts

The real truth is that the Obama Administration left tons of chemical weapons in the hands of Assad and his forces. It took a whole week after Kerry’s announcement for the next attack to commence. Seriously. Seven days after Kerry said there were no chemical weapons in the region, Assad’s forces released chlorine gas in Hama. It wasn’t big news because there were no fatalities, but it clearly proved the lie.

Only a few weeks later, an attack in Damascus left six dead. They were all civilians. This might not be so damning if they were outlying events, but the simple fact of the matter is that the rate of chemical attacks chugged along unabated.

From the time Obama declared Syria chemical free to Trump taking office, 26 more attacks happened. That was exactly on pace with what was seen up to that point. The culmination of those war crimes killed roughly 200 people and left another 1,400 injured.

After Trump took office, there was a major attack that left hundreds dead. He responded with decisive force, and for the first time in the Syrian civil war, chemical weapons attacks ceased. There was a full year without any additional attacks that lasted until this April. The latest attack killed at least 40 and afflicted at least 500. In all, that’s a massive list of war crimes committed by a regime that was certified by Obama himself to be devoid of any chemical weapons.

Complicit Media

Be honest. You didn’t know that there was a consistent reign of chemical attacks throughout Obama’s presidency. You thought that if he had the audacity to claim Assad was disarmed that there wouldn’t be a constant stream of attacks. It sounds like a broken record at this point, but the truth was hidden by a complicit media.

Monthly attacks and consistent kill counts didn’t escape the notice of the world. Instead, world leaders, mainstream media and UN weapons inspectors all worked together to try and make Obama look good.

Here’s the craziest part. They didn’t deceive the masses with some large-scale conspiracy cover up. They just all avoided talking about it, and it was enough for the rest of us to assume everything was fine. You can see a complete list of all of these attacks on Wikipedia. It’s no secret. It even goes so far as to identify which attacks killed children and babies. Really, it was a missing spotlight and a ton of distraction techniques that enabled our ignorance. In the meantime, far too many innocents in Syria died some of the most painful and terrifying deaths imaginable.

Obama may not have fired the chemical weapons, but he was complicit in their use. It was his policy that kept Assad in power. Worse, it was Obama’s leadership that kept the world from discussing repeated use of banned weapons against civilians.

There are no words harsh enough to describe this evil, and he was our president for eight years. This is the corruption of the left, and it is beyond condemnation. It is the truest and purest evil, and we must stand strong to resist it.

~ American Liberty Report

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