Russia is Doing it Again: A New Era of McCarthyism

Two recent articles that have been virtually ignored by the mainstream media are ironically both based on some excellent journalistic work by New York Times. Both involve a muddled attempt by the CIA to fabricate a negative expose on Donald Trump and his supposed collusion with the Russians Government.

At question is, who instigated the original bogus story. Was it the Clinton Campaign? Or was Hillary Clinton simply a beneficiary of something more sinister?

The article from the TIMES can be summed up with this quote:

After months of secret negotiations, a shadowy Russian bilked American spies out of $100,000 last year, promising to deliver stolen National Security Agency cyber-weapons in a deal that he insisted would also include compromising material on President Trump, according to American and European intelligence officials.

There is no doubt who stood to profit most from the false information is Hillary Clinton. Fortunately, enough American voters ignored the left-leaning media and its constant drumbeat of Russia, Russia, Russia.

Michael R. Bednarz of enVolve believes the entire ruse was the doing of the Democratic National Party (DNC):

I believe the entire Russia/Trump Collusion narrative is a fabrication. If not the product of Dezinformatsia imported by Moscow; it was originated by The Democratic Party. Spawned from desperation it was a preemptive strike and damage control mechanism created by them. They morphed an internal leaker feeding WikiLeaks documents into a Russian and Trump associated conspiratorial “hack” on their servers. Everyone hates the Russian’s and everyone hates Trump was all they required in implicating Trump in the scheme. It would serve them well politically in the effort to sway their like-minded allies in the mainstream media, their friends of influence within governmental agencies, and the American people. Voter backlash against Trump at the ballot box was an added bonus.

While the DNC seems to certainly have done more than benefit from this false story, it is more likely that the Russian government orchestrated the ploy.

Dezinformatsia is a classic intelligence strategy Russia has used to great effect for the last 100 years. The goal is to spread breadcrumbs of fabrications, disinformation, and lies offered by seemingly credible sources. The playbook of Dezinformatsia includes molding a false narrative that can then be manipulated at will.

The end game of such a tact is to sow division, doubt, and chaos. It also serves to divert attention away from real persons of interest and is being used even now against the President of the United States.

Only those who were still alive in the early 1950’s or have studied history know this deadly game has been played out before. The last time Russia managed to manipulate American opinion on the scale we see today was during the unAmerican Activity hearings of Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy.

Though his intentions came from his love for the United States, McCarthy unwittingly allowed Russian Intelligence to manipulate his hearings at the same time Soviet agents in America were in danger of being exposed. Dezinformatsia succeeding in playing McCarthy and America against each other. Our country was drug through a lengthy witch hunt known ever since as The Red Scare. Many citizens, including honest civil servants, saw their lives sullied and even destroyed. The outcome was an icy chill on the First Amendment.

So how did one senator manage to leave a scar on a generation? According to recently unearthed KGB files, the man who paved the way for Senator McCarthy’s tactics was a Soviet spy.

Samuel Dickstein, a Democratic congressman from Manhattan created the committee’s prototype before World War II in his hunt for home-grown Nazis. When he was 42 years old, Dickstein found a way to contact Soviet agents. By that time he had already been a congressman for years and was deeply invested in the corrupt world of New York City politics.

At first, Dickstein proved valuable to the Soviets by providing details on Russian right-wingers living in the US and later supplied secret details of the 1940 war budget. The Soviets rather quickly decided Dickstein was not of the value he claimed and cut off their relationship. He died the year Senator Joseph McCarthy fell from grace.

Now it appears that important officials in the FBI, Obama’s Justice Department, and the CIA have sought manufactured evidence to pass off as intelligence in their effort to circumvent President Trump. In many ways, this is The Red Scare in reverse.

~ American Liberty Report

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