Soros Responds to Resistance in Hungary

George Soros and the Soros Foundation have been under a great deal of pressure globally for their involvement in violent revolutions in a host of countries which have been funded and orchestrated by Soros and his people. He’s been behind a host of revolutionary movements that have changed the shape of geopolitics in many regions, shifting the world closer to a total globalist state. The Arab Spring and the communist revolution in Venezuela are two outstanding international examples.

He was found guilty of massive insider trading in France in 2002 and has been accused of a host of crimes in other nations including Russia. Vladimir Putin has declared Soros an international criminal who is wanted dead or alive.

Here in the United States, too few people even know who George Soros is- much less that his is the bankroll behind the coordinated actions of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the P***y Hat March. But the peoples of other nations are not so well shielded from the truth about Soros, his background, and his agenda. In these countries, where populations are better informed about Soros, he has responded in a way that shows that he considered their public outcries a meaningful threat.

Hungary is one such country, where the people are not as deeply propagandized as we are here by the mainstream media. Indeed, there had been a groundswell of popular resistance to Soros and his initiatives to which he has personally responded.

The relationship between Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban and Soros has been deteriorating over the past year. Tensions between the two peaked in October when Orban mailed a questionnaire to 8 million Hungarian voters with questions about the billionaire financier.

Bloomberg reported that the Prime Minister “instructed his intelligence services to map what he described as the networks run by the billionaire financier’s ‘empire’ targeting his country.”

These intelligence agencies have been tasked to recon and report on any organized efforts within Hungary by Soros backed groups to get the E.U. to “punish” Hungary by pursuing an agenda that would dilute the Hungarian population with foreign migrants. According to the Associated Press, Hungarian citizens involved in Soros backed revolutionary efforts will not receive special protection.

Ordinarily, Soros does not make any public response to the actions of his political opponents, but he felt it necessary to respond to Orban. Not surprisingly, Soros, who is infamous for his cooperation with the Nazis during his teenage years, accused Prime Minister Orban of being a racist, and anti-Semite. The rebuttal contains denials of Orban’s contention that Soros intends to destroy Hungary and uses accusations of bigotry to back them up. It read:

‘On October 9, the Hungarian government sent a national consultation to all of the eight million eligible Hungarian voters to solicit their opinions about the so-called “Soros Plan.” Statements in the consultation contain distortions and lies, deliberately misleading Hungarians about George Soros’s attitude toward migrants and refugees. The Hungarian government also wrongly claims that George Soros is controlling the E.U. The truth is, decisions on how to address the migration issue are made by institutions and member states of the E.U, including the Hungarian government.

With Hungary’s education and healthcare systems experiencing hardship and corruption, the government sought to create an outside enemy as a distraction. The government choose George Soros to be this enemy, launching an enormous anti-Soros campaign which cost tens of millions of taxpayer euros, encouraging anti-Muslim sentiment, employing anti-Semitic themes reminiscent of Germany in the 1930s. This is part of an ongoing propaganda campaign that has been underway since 2015 including the “Stop Brussels” consultation in 2017 and the referendum that portrayed migrants and refugees as villains in 2016.’

The statements, published on George Soros’ website, go on to list a number of claims made by Orban’s government and plainly call them false before moving on to the next item. The site offers little as evidence against the claims of the Orban “consultation” except to say they are wrong, and the product of racism.

We don’t know how familiar the Hungarian people are with this tiresome shaming tactic, but American conservatives will not find it unique in the least.

Thirty years ago, Soros paid for Orban to be educated in the United Kingdom. But this summer, he denounced his former protégé and accused him of turning Hungary into a mafia state modeled on governments like that of Vladamir Putin’s Russia.

Nevertheless, the Hungarian people appear to support Orban’s anti-Soros sentiments indicating that the toppler of governments may not achieve his aims there.

~ American Liberty Report

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