Summing the Lies of Trump’s Approval Ratings

When was the last day you can remember that didn’t come with headlines of Trump’s new lowest poll numbers? Go ahead and take a minute. Since before the primaries, the mainstream media has pushed a narrative that no one likes Trump. They rely on Gallup polls and similar resources.

They also love to make clips of their own “polling” where they edit clips of random interviews to make Trump look bad. This blitz has been sustained for more than a year, and yet, it hasn’t proven effective at any turn. Every time the people have a real chance to speak, they put this narrative to the lie.

BLM Poll

In an interesting bit of irony, the Black Lives Matter official Twitter account made a Trump approval poll. They wanted to discredit Trump’s claim that he was polling well on Twitter even while the media tried to claim he was the least popular president ever. Twitter responders showed up to the BLM poll, and they didn’t like the response. So, they redid the poll. Three separate times. Each time they received more than 50,000 responses, and across the three polls, Trump’s worst approval rating was 68 percent.

Let’s talk about this for a minute. The average Gallup political poll surveys 1,500 “random” respondents. These same polls had Hillary Clinton winning last year’s election by a landslide. The BLM poll had 33 times the response. I won’t go into a statistics tirade, but this makes it a far more reliable survey than anything produced by Gallup or the mainstream media.

More importantly, the bulk of BLM followers are believers in the group’s movement. This was basically a poll of one of the most staunchly anti-Trump groups in America, and they still love him. To be fair, we can safely assume that many people who don’t support BLM voted in the surveys, but if such a devout group can’t overwhelm Trump supporters, then no group can. And, don’t bother trying to find the poll results on BLM’s Twitter. They deleted each one after the results didn’t turn out how they wanted.

Investigative Journalism

The BLM poll is just a large-scale look at what has been happening across the country. Liberal reporters are constantly searching for disheartened Trump supporters. They go on conservative radio shows, show up at right-wing rallies and generally hunt for Trump voters who have turned on him.

Yet, despite countless investigative journalists dedicating the past year to this effort, this isn’t a prevailing narrative. They just can’t find such Trump supporters.

Instead, they are consistently stunned at every turn to find that Trump supporters love the job he is doing, even if they can’t say the same about Congress. The overwhelming efforts of mainstream media to indoctrinate the country in their liberal nonsense is falling on larger and larger numbers of deaf ears. According to their own efforts (that they try desperately to hide), they are finding that Trump support is growing across the country.

Why the Difference?

There’s this huge discrepancy between what we’re told about public opinion and the truth of the matter. It would be lazy to chalk it all up to a liberal propaganda machine. That certainly plays its role, but there are some legitimate causes for the differing narratives. A major part of the problem is the limited ability of polls to review all of America. For a polling company like Gallup, it’s a lot more cost-effective to get their samples in the densest population centers. A few hours on a street corner in New York is going to get a lot more responses than the same efforts in Iowa farm country. Even using phones doesn’t compensate.

For that reason, all of the polls bias towards liberal responses. Twitter polls overcome this for two reasons. The obvious is that people in rural locations can respond just as easily as their urban counterparts. The other is that Trump has single-handedly brought masses from the right into Twitter. They made accounts just to follow him, and so the platform has an uncanny ability to equally represent both major parties.

The left is good at finding scientifically sanctioned polls that make Trump look bad. Thankfully, the American people are consistently gaining tools to resist the propaganda. We know why we supported Trump in the first place, and his actions in office have been mostly what we wanted from our votes.

Every time they lie, Trump grows more popular, and they lose more followers. If the trend continues, we can look forward to a second Trump terms and the bankruptcy of some of the worst and most damaging media centers in our country.

~ American Liberty Report

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