Tallying the Clinton Rap Sheet

One of Trump’s big campaign promises was to make Hillary Clinton face justice. He has made moves to that end by restructuring the Department of Justice and getting rid of the clearly compromised Comey, but true justice still seems far away.

Until she announces her next presidential bid, we have to endure an endless media tirade that is built to distract us from some of the greatest crimes we’ve seen in the 21st century. To keep that distraction at bay, here’s a brief reminder of just a few of the Clinton’s worst crimes since Bill’s presidency.


Even for conservatives, it sometimes feels like the emails were talked to death. But, you can’t have a serious discussion about the Clintons without broaching this topic. Hillary Clinton’s overwhelming technological ineptitude was her political downfall, so the topic of emails will always circle back into discussion. Leaked emails are the hard evidence in most of the cases against her and organizations she brought to ruin, but the true crime was the personal server and mistreatment of classified information.

You’ve likely heard all of the arguments on many occasions, so we’ll do a simple recap. Whether Clinton intended to mishandle sensitive information is irrelevant. Any person in the military who committed a fraction of her crime would have been dishonorably discharged at minimum, with serious treason charges very likely.

Anyone other than Clinton wouldn’t have just been convicted, they would have been used as an example to the rest. For her to get off with no consequences whatsoever is one of the greatest injustices Americans have seen this century. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only way she makes that list.

Uranium One

This is probably the scariest crime on Clinton’s rap sheet. In case you’ve missed the finer details, Uranium One is a Russian-owned company that currently controls 20 percent of the U.S.’s uranium supply. How could this happen? It’s a convoluted story, but ultimately Hillary Clinton used her connections through the Clinton Foundation and her power as Secretary of State to secure the deal. When Uranium One was first awarded its contracts, it was not owned by Russians. A later buyout was approved by Clinton’s state department.

The disturbing evidence in this case continues to pile. The left tries to dismiss the whole issue because fail safes have prevented the uranium from being transported to Russia, but the deal itself is rife with misconduct. The Russian company that purchased Uranium One was a major contributor to the Clinton Foundations. We’re talking tens of millions of dollars here.

Hard evidence of bribes, money laundering, fraud and other crimes is tied to the deal. There is even a photo of a suitcase full of cash changing hands to make things go more smoothly. It sounds like it’s straight out of a Bond movie. Instead, it’s the reality of the Clintons in power. So far, they haven’t smelled even a whiff of ramifications.

The Clinton Foundation

Unfortunately, Uranium One is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to wrongdoings committed by the Foundation. At best, the Foundation has misappropriated 80 percent of its funds over the last 2 decades. For a nonprofit, that’s a pretty serious crime. In fact, multiple tax filings have been shown to miscount tens of millions of dollars. No one knows where any of the misplaced money went, but we can all easily imagine.

In the worst case of mismanaging money, the Foundation raised and handled over $13 billion for Haiti relief after the major earthquake. Only $500 million of that made it to Haiti. The rest was redirected to foreign entities, mostly in return for favors and bribes granted to the Clintons.

This is the crux of the evil that is the Clinton Foundation. It’s ultimately a front that foreign powers can use to buy access to (formerly) one of the most powerful families in modern American history. Countless examples exist of American enemies making large contributions to the foundation only to be rewarded with a meeting with then Secretary-of-State Clinton.

In every case, the donors were rewarded with contracts, favorable American negotiations or American “aide” that far exceeded the amounts donated. Vladimir Putin himself used the Foundation to gain favor in the wake of Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea.


The last of the great Clinton crimes is none other than Benghazi. Of everything they’ve done wrong, this is the case where Hillary Clinton directly killed Americans. Leaked emails (no surprise here) have shown unequivocally that she knew of the dangers and had access to preemptive and responsive solutions. Instead, she did nothing at all, and Americans died. It was a clear act of treason, and she has faced no consequences at all.

If this rap sheet seems short, it’s only because the full list wouldn’t be readable. We’re ignoring pretty much all of Bill Clinton’s crimes that include rape and illegal acts of war. At least he faced a court before he was relieved of any responsibility for a lifetime of evil. Hillary hasn’t even seen that much. Her only punishment is that she couldn’t trick the American people into voting for her.

We’re also skipping right past the potential election fraud and general corruption of the DNC. The DNC has had to lie in the bed they made with that mess. We also don’t have time to discuss the obvious corruption between the Clintons and major media outlets. Her efforts alone have corrupted the First Amendment.

In the end, Trump might eventually get an investigation off the ground, but so many Americans (or should I say silly liberals) are caught up in the misdirection of media frenzies that he won’t get enough support. Even if an investigation happens, the Clintons will likely get off scot free. It is only in history books that they might eventually be condemned for the decades of violence and corruption that they forced on this great nation.

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