The Clintons Hires H-1B Guest Workers Instead of American Graduates

Clinton charities have outsourced white-collar jobs to foreign college grads rather than hiring American college graduates. But what do they have to gain by pulling the carpet out from under Americans? It’s simple, money.

It began back in 2004 and there are no signs it will be slowing down anytime soon. When asked if the Clinton foundation was going to be giving white collar jobs to foreign workers rather than American graduates, the foundation’s officers responded in the affirmative.

The foundation has refused to answer further questions, but the available evidence makes it obvious that it sought to hire as many as 130 foreign graduate students for domestic-based jobs for which American graduates are waiting. That’s about half the amount of jobs outsourced by the entire Disney Corporation last year.

Those 130 foreign graduates that the Clintons sought out, however, are not immigrants- they are temporary guest workers who are expected to occupy professional jobs that American students have been training for- and to keep them for up to six years.

They were hired through the H-1B visa program which is also used by Disney and other U.S. corporations and colleges to employ around 700,000 young and low-pay foreign professionals in software, science, education, healthcare, public relations, design, media, pharma, and business.

At the end of the six years in the U.S, most of these H-1B visitors will return to their home countries to use the skills they acquired to compete with American industry. One might almost come under the impression that the Clintons do not have the best interest of the American economy or the people who depend on it, at heart.

Because these foreign workers are willing to take lesser pay, the effective salary cuts allow for greater Wall Street profits and company values.

Polls reveal that the outsourcing is very unpopular. But the foundation has ignored a hailstorm of criticism- very little of which has made it into any mainstream news feeds. With all that extra money coming in, who cares what other industry pros are saying, as long as the voters never hear about it. Right?

News of the outsourcing has been snatched up by both the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump campaigns, but Hillary supporters aren’t phased by it. During a 2013 debate, Sanders said, “It does not make sense that we have immigration reform bills that include massive increases in guest-worker programs that allow large corporations to import hundreds of thousands of guest worker foreigners into the country.”

Sanders also said that the compensation and the conditions the guest workers had to endure were comparable to slavery. So not only was the Clinton foundation willing to throw American graduates overboard for a buck, but they were also feeding their replacements a raw deal.

All for the love of the great dwindling American dollar. Who knew left wing politics could be so profitable?

It’s been going on for so long now, that it’s become a major factor in American relations with India. If Americans knew they were being so poorly represented abroad, one wonders if Hillary would even have a shot at the Democratic ticket in 2016.

But it isn’t the first time the Clintons have come under fire for this kind of double dealing. In 2004, 2007, 2009, and 2011- the foundation was publicly confronted for supporting dozens of corporations that use H-1B visa in the exact same way they do now, including Microsoft and Google.

Every year nearly 700,000 guest workers come to the U.S. to be given a range of temporary jobs, and that’s just H-1B workers. The total number is estimated around 970,000.

Here’s the irony. Trump’s opposition to H-1B programs has been spun by his opponents as another example of his racism and xenophobia. He said this about the program,

“The H-1B program isn’t high-skilled work nor is it immigration: they are temporary foreign laborers, imported from other countries, for the sole purpose of substituting for higher-paid American workers at lower rates of pay. I remain completely committed to doing away with such rampant and widespread H-1B abuse and I absolutely intend to end offensive practices like the ones that occurred at Disney- when Americans had to train their own foreign replacements. I will put an end the use of H-1B scams as a cheap labor importation and easy throwaway program. And I will institute a firm requirement to hire only American workers first and foremost for each and every visa immigration program. There will be no exceptions.”

It’s a stance that sheds a great deal of light on the broad establishment opposition to a Trump presidency- as it comes clearer by the day that the real estate tycoon has every intention of cutting off the Clinton Foundation’s slush money as well as that of the companies that deal with them.






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