The Coming Fall of Obama

Now that the FISA memo has been out long enough for us to be familiar with its contents, it’s time to start thinking more seriously about its many serious implications. We know one thing, at very least, it’s a damning referendum on the behavior of the entire Democratic Party over the past two years. It shows that the Democrats turned the FBI into a political weapon for use against Republican opposition in the 2018 election and that they doubled down on their crimes all year long in 2017, lying and lying and lying at every given opportunity.

While the real evidence that backs the memo might be difficult for the average person to verify the fact that the Democrats so vehemently opposed its release shows how much they fear it. Not only that but the fact that despite their vehement opposition to its release they all said it was a nothing burger after it was released.

Not only do they not care about the truth, they don’t care about having logically coherent and consistent positions. They just rally for what they want no matter what the facts are.

As we have argued before, the memo does not tell us anything that we have not been saying for months now, other than a few new details. The memo confirmed that Fusion GPS was paid off by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to generate opposition research on Donald Trump. It tells us that Fusion GPS then went on to hire the former MI6 spy Christopher Steele to create the dossier and that he quotes Russian agents as Trump’s points of contact.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that anything the Democrats accuse others of doing they themselves are guilty of that very thing. The memo tells us that it was the DNC who conspired to rig the election. But we knew this prior to election night in November of 2016!

What the memo does tell us that is new is the number of times the FBI went before the FISA court to ask for a warrant based on the Steel document. Permission to spy on Trump’s campaign team was denied three times. Since the 1970s, when the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was set into law, the secret FISA courts have turned down only 12 out of thousands of such requests. That means this one request was denied a number of times equal to 25% of the FISA court’s total rejection rate in over 40 years.

That makes the FBI look bad. It makes the FISA court look bad. It makes the FISA judge look like a ranking simpleton and it reveals the Patriot Act (which provided the methods by which the spying was done) to be carte blanche for intel agents who want to spy on American citizens.

Clearly, if there is to be any justice in this country- indeed anywhere on Earth- those responsible for this flagrant misuse of the intelligence agencies and their powers must be held accountable. Every Democrat who attempted to stall and prevent the release of the memo must be held to account. Every political opponent of Trump who pushed for the Mueller investigation for over a year despite the glaring lack of evidence should be held responsible. And the politicized FBI agents who repeatedly sought permission to spy on Trump and carried through with the spying once the permission was finally given must be taken to task.

First and foremost, Hillary Clinton must be indicted. She must face justice or all of this means nothing. If Hillary Clinton does not spend time behind bars, she will go down in history as the most untouchable criminal known to human history.

None of this is much of a revelation. But the FISA memo elevates all of this from the level of strong suspicion to fact. Now, it is up to the American people, and those of integrity within the government to dismantle the three-tiered system of justice that exists in this country, at the top of which is Hillary herself.

So, the perpetrators of this whole year of flagrant nonsense and gross accusations is revealed, naked to the light, plain for all to see. But Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Adam Schiff, Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz and their ilk are just the pus beneath the scab. The fact is, these people and their power to abuse the laws and the people of this nation do not exist in a vacuum.

If and when the legal system and the Trump Administration follow this string of moldering breadcrumbs it will eventually lead them to Barack Obama.

There is an enormous amount of dirt on the 44th President that is known, suspected, and even more, that is unknown. For one thing, no one had heard of him before his sudden appearance in 2008.

We also know that Obama has a brother living in poverty in Kenya who has no contact with Obama now.

Stranger yet, Barack Obama’s mother was a CIA asset, and a former sex worker who was leveraged by intelligence agencies as a spy.

He’s been called a Manchurian candidate by Rush Limbaugh and many others. And he made more progress on the false and spurious charge into the Middle East than his predecessor ever dreamed of making.

The strange aura surrounding Barack Obama somehow diffused millions of anti-war advocates who, during the Bush Jr. years, could not be silent.

Obama won a preemptive Nobel Peace Prize for his stated aim of nuclear disarmament. But he never made one move toward that goal.

He waged secret wars against Americans “suspected” of terrorist ties, killing and jailing them with no trial. Indeed, hundreds of American born terrorist suspects disappeared and were never been heard from again all while Obama dropped bombs every single day of his presidency.

Obama authorized more civilian deaths than any other President, and has been quoted as saying with his broad smile, “I’m good at killing people.”

If this investigation is carried out in full, we will find Barack Obama working quietly- even now from his mansion in Washington DC- to forward the goals of the globalist deep state.

There’s no telling how deep the rabbit hole goes. Certainly, just as the Russian collusion lies did not create themselves- Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not stand alone actors. In the end, their guilt will be proven and revealed for all to see. The FISA memo is just the first public and official step toward that perhaps far off goal.

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