The FISA Memo: What We Know So Far

Every single Democrat on the intelligence committee voted against showing the FISA memo to all of Congress. If we knew nothing else, that would be enough. It quite obviously contains powerful information that is detrimental to the Democratic Party.

But, that isn’t enough information for us to be properly informed citizens. The entire FISA warrant fiasco is ridden with lies and cover-ups, so we’ll take the time to dissect everything we know for sure.

What Is It?

Understanding the memo requires a short lesson on secret warrants. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court handles warrants that enable U.S. agencies to spy within our own borders. Due to the natural secrecy of such warrants, they tend to involve classified information and are conducted behind closed doors. This is exactly what happened when the DOJ decided to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. People working directly under Obama decided that they could justify the spying, and a warrant was issued by FISA for wiretaps and other political espionage.

The memo itself was created by members of the Congressional intelligence committee. As it became clear that there was a chance of corruption and wrongdoing, the committee reviewed the warrant and accompanying evidence. Because it was all classified, they were not granted copies of the evidence. Instead, they were allowed a short session to look at it all firsthand. As a result, several members of the committee took notes on what they saw. The contents of those notes were drafted into a memo, and that is what is actually under debate. It isn’t classified information itself — just the notes of qualified members of Congress.

The Argument

At this point, the public is still largely in the dark about the warrant and contents of the memo. We know a few things through leaks (most notably that the Russian dossier was part of the evidence), but there is still a large shroud of mystery. Understandably, the majority of Congress wants access to that information. Since the DOJ won’t let them see the warrant and accompanying documents, Congress has settled on asking to see the FISA memo itself. That decision is at the discretion of the intelligence committee, and that is where every Democrat voted against letting the rest of Congress see the information.

They argue that revealing classified information to all of Congress would put aspects of national security at risk. More likely, they’re worried about an increased risk of leaks if more people have access to the information. The idea that security-cleared members of Congress aren’t qualified to see the unclassified notes of people who briefly scanned classified documents is asinine. Every member of Congress regularly sees sensitive information. It’s part of the job, and in this case, they need to know about corruption in the DOJ in order to properly do their job.

Democrat Politics

The whole situation makes the unknown pretty obvious. Democrats have never been shy about obstructing justice, subverting policy or outright lying to protect their agenda. We can safely assume that the FISA warrant was politically motivated and unjust. We can also assume that there is strong evidence that Obama was directly aware of the situation, which makes this Watergate 2.0.

The American people, and by extension Congress, have the right to know about corruption and abuse of power in our government. Hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before the truth is fully revealed. The real question is whether or not Republicans in office will be able to ascertain that truth before the midterm elections.

Ultimately, that’s what this is all about. The Democrats have been ridden by scandal for two straight years. They can’t afford something of this magnitude to go public. Sadly, their defensive actions are probably a worse look than admitting the truth. It’s easy for us to overestimate the level of corruption when we don’t know the base facts, and that is going to impact the polls.

The other major concern is tainting Obama’s legacy. It’s already under fire for a number of poor decisions, including illegal wars, selling arms to terrorists and drug cartels, crippling the American economy and selling us out to foreign interests. If it comes to light that he knowingly spied on a political rival, then the taint of his legacy will be complete. It would mean an open door on undoing all of his policies, and the Democrats cannot sustain that hit. They’ll fight to keep the truth hidden, and we can’t allow them to win.

~ American Liberty Report

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