The Legacy of Hypocrisy from Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is one of the biggest names on the left. Every time liberals try to stir controversy around Trump or a conservative policy change, she is at the center of those efforts. There is no shortage of stupid quotes that can be attributed to her, but the most frustrating moments are when she blatantly proves her own hypocrisy.

Despite modern record keeping and the irrefutable proof, she seems oblivious to this particular shortcoming. Let’s review her greatest hits.

Financial Policy

You may have seen the memes circulating the internet, but in case you haven’t, here’s a recap. Nancy Pelosi is staunchly against Trump’s tax cuts. There may have been room for argument before the bill was signed. After all, for the left, economics is a deeply mysterious and murky field of study. You never can know how policy changes will impact the economy.

But, when everything started happening just like Republicans have been predicting for decades, she lost any margin of error. Instead of admitting her mistake, she doubled down. She was quoted saying that the $1,000 bonuses several hundred thousand American workers have already received were pathetic and insignificant.

Keep in mind that these bonuses are in addition to higher take home pay because of universal tax cuts. They are also in addition to more than 600,000 announced pay raises (and that number is likely to rise).

But, what did Pelosi have to say about fiscal policy when Obama was president? You might recall that in 2011, a payroll tax change made it possible for some working-class Americans to receive an extra $40. When that happened, Pelosi went on record exclaiming how important that $40 was for the American people. If that seems hypocritical, just wait.

Health Care

One of the biggest frustrations for conservatives over the past year was Congress’ inability to pass any legislation reforming health care. They put forward a few different plans, but in the end, the party couldn’t align and nothing was done (until the tax reform removed the mandate). While this was the hotly debated topic of the day, Pelosi spared no words to attack the Republicans.

In March of last year, they outlined a bill that would deregulate health insurance to some extent. It would remove the mandate and make it easier for insurance providers to offer policies across state lines. Because it was deregulation, it didn’t really need excessive detail. Instead it promoted freedom and empowered the markets to self-regulate.

Pelosi wasn’t having it. She fought to keep the House from voting until three separate evaluation entities could review the policy and predict economic impacts. Naturally, two of these bodies were left-leaning and likely to completely misrepresent any economic outcomes.

Conversely, when Obamacare was on the docket in 2011, Pelosi had a completely different attitude. She despised any attempt to force transparency. Her goal was to bludgeon the bill into acceptance and then let the chips fall where they may. In fact, she specifically said, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.” It seems she only favors transparency when she can inject it with extraordinary liberal bias.

Sexual Misconduct

Finally, we come to the latest plague of the left: sexual misconduct. In the past year, there have been completely unsubstantiated allegations levelled at two prominent Republicans: Donald Trump and Roy Moore. In that same span, dozens of allegations and verifiable proof have tumbled a surprising number of prominent Democrats.

When the fingers were pointed at the right, Pelosi made it perfectly clear that she supported zero tolerance for sexual misconduct. Any allegation should be sufficient to remove a man from office (notice the emphasis on gender here and the complete disregard for due process).

During that same period, several big names on the left outright admitted to acts of sexual misconduct. In a particularly notable case, John Conyers was unequivocally proven to have abused his power to make sexual advances on his junior coeds. When one of them came forward about the sexual harassment (exactly as she should have done), Conyers had her removed from the office.

Conyers has admitted to all of this, and yet, Nancy Pelosi has not once committed words of condemnation for his action. As soon as the guilty party is a Democrat, her “zero tolerance” attitude completely dissolves.

This isn’t even close to an exhaustive list of all of her hypocrisy. Even worse, she’s a mild case for such a well-known Democrat. Still, these stories should make it clear that Pelosi’s devotion to the liberal agenda is far more important to her than her own integrity, and it should be enough to make you question everything that comes from her mouth.

~ American Liberty Report

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