The Mass Shooting in Australia You Aren’t Hearing About

Between the wild international news in Israel, Iran and North Korea, it’s easy to miss other international stories. They tend to seem small in comparison. But, the world still turns, and events unfold everywhere. Unfortunately, this can include bad news. Australia is facing a shocking massacre. The mainstream media will never tell you about it though because it would blow apart their anti-gun narrative.

The Narrative

We can’t just have a civil discussion about facts anymore. We always have to address the narrative and undress the spin. Well, you’re familiar with the bulk of the anti-gun narrative, but we need to harp on a major part of it. The liberals have been saying for several years now that Australia hasn’t had a mass shooting since 1996. That was the year a single shooter killed 35 and wounded many more. The nation was shocked and passed sweeping gun legislation that banned and confiscated firearms across the country. Ever since, crime, homicide and mass shootings have all disappeared.

You’ve certainly heard this, but it was untrue before last week. From 1996 to last week, Australia has had four mass shootings. On the surface, this still sounds like a win for the liberals. The problem with that logic is that Australia has had 14 mass shootings since the end of WWII. For four of those to have happened is right on track with historic records. The gun ban had no impact. Regardless, the liberal narrative at least needs amending, because there is a new tragedy in the books.

The Tragedy

Investigation is still underway, but there is little doubt that seven people were killed by guns in rural Australia. The event took place Friday, March 11, and many details have still yet to be released. What we do know is that the victims were all related. The total loss of life included three adults and four children. It was a despicable act and a horrific tragedy.

Rather than play the liberal card of jumping on the back of tragedy to push a political agenda, we’ll call on all of you reading this to take a moment and offer your thoughts and prayers to those suffering from this incident.

The other details we know are that there were two weapons on the scene, and the police believe the grandfather of the family was solely responsible for all of the killings. He appears to have taken his own life at the end of the event. Police are not actively looking for additional suspects, and they have so far refused to release information about the firearms in question. We don’t yet know what kind of weapons they were or if they were legally obtained. In short, it’s as big a mess as any tragedy of its kind, and we’ll learn more as time continues.

The Media

And, once again, we have to get dragged back into the muck of modern narratives. There’s a good chance you haven’t heard a word about this attack before now. Mainstream media has almost completely ignored this story.

One might think that the first mass shooting in Australia in 22 years would be a big deal. That might be true if the media had been reporting with any honesty up to this point. Instead, they have to remain silent about this event because it exposes their biggest gun lies.

For starters, we know that it hasn’t actually been 22 years; it’s only been 4. More importantly, this highlights the ugly truth of gun crime and murder. There is no magic solution. Our best efforts will still probably fall short, and evil people will find ways to punish the innocent for it.

Perhaps most of all, this tragedy has data attached to it. In response to the shock of a mass shooting in the apparently peaceful land of Australia, many outside the mainstream media have done a little research. What they have found is that gun crime isn’t actually uncommon. Since 1996, homicides and gun crime have both risen considerably. Gun ownership is also up, and this is mostly due to a spike in illegal gun ownership. In some areas, like Melbourne, statistics show that gun crime has fully doubled since the sweeping bans took effect.

Australia is facing a tragedy. We in the states know the feeling, and we’ll offer all the kindness and goodwill we can. We’ll also learn from the incident. Everything we have learned from Australia has shown us that the liberal narrative is a pipe dream that can’t work.

We aren’t going to campaign on the backs of the tragically slain, but we will remember them. We will remember that they were left vulnerable when Australians made a hasty, emotional decision that has proven not just ineffective, but to have conflated the problem in the first place.

~ American Liberty Report

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