The Nunes Report: Why Did the FBI Fight its Release?

As promised, President Trump authorized the release of a memo offered by House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (Rep-CA) despite the concerted efforts of a number of parties. Since the Democrats have been beating the Trump-Russia collusion drum for over a year to little effect it was no surprise when they did all they could to first stonewall the memo’s release and now discredit it.

But why the same response from the FBI and the Justice Department?

The Core Issue

Between the 24/7 flood of partial and false information by the mainstream media and an almost rabid determination by Democrats to prove the American voters wrong for electing Donald Trump, it is no wonder that many are missing the real core of the issue.

At its foundation, the Nune’s memo has pulled back the curtain on something few patriotic citizens care to see. It isn’t that the media couldn’t conceive of President Trump but the so-called ‘Deep State’ is a real thing. High ranking government officials actively worked to affect our last presidential election.

While some will question what the motive of these officials may have been, there is no questioning their actions themselves.

It’s All about FISA

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 and the subsequent Amendments Act of 2008 (FISA) was carved out under two Democrat administrations to protect private U.S. citizens from intrusion into their lives without special due process.

When then-candidate Trump claimed that Trump Towers had been wiretapped, many ridiculed the idea. Scoffers said such an act would have required permission from a FISA court to initiate such an action. Now we know that is exactly what did occur and that is acknowledged by all sides.

On four separate occasions both during and after the presidential campaign, the DOJ and the FBI approached a federal FISA court. Nothing about that is illegal since the purpose of that court is to rule on whether to allow or deny monitoring of foreign nationals engaged in efforts to harm the U.S. or American citizens in their service.

There may be arguments as to whether there was questionable activity between U.S. citizens and a foreign power. What is certain is that the DOJ and the FBI knowingly and deliberately distorted the nature of the evidence they presented to the court.

Why the Resistance from the FBI?

The reason FBI officials didn’t want the Nunes’ memo is obvious. According to the majority report of the House Intelligence Committee not one official of the DOJ or FBI informed the court of these basic facts:

1. The Steele dossier the FBI based much of its investigation on was bankrolled by Clinton campaign,

2. The FBI or its surrogates leaked the contents of that now discredited dossier to the news media and then used those news stories as part of its reason for requesting surveillance of Trump associates.

3. An official of the DOJ met Steele and later informed the FBI that he was a biased source. The Nunes memo claims that the former British spy planted several stories on the Trump campaign and Russia while under contract to the FBI.

4. The FBI never informed the source of the dossier it presented to the FISA court was untrustworthy. The memo reveals that Steele broke the FBI’s own protocol by giving his story to a Yahoo News reporter and telling the liberal news outlet Mother Jones that he was working for the bureau.

For a period of over a year, actors at the top of that agency knowingly lied to a federal court so it could surveil U.S. citizens.

The day before the release of the memo the FBI made a last-ditch effort to convince the President it was “acting against national security” to release the memo. An official bureau read:

With regard to the House Intelligence Committee’s memorandum, the FBI was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it. As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.

Nunes blasted the FBI’s ploy as evidence of more “stonewalling” to cover up the widespread surveillance abuses it committed under the direction of Barack Obama.

None of this is an indictment of any kind against the rank and file of the FBI. It is, however, a reminder that no agency should be above the law it is sworn to enforce.

~ American Liberty Report

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