The Pentagon Admits Conducting UFO Research

The Pentagon has admitted that they had been running an ongoing project to study “Unidentified Flying Objects,” which, according to them was funded to the tune of $20 million dollars.

Now, it’s time to take a little trip down the rabbit hole.

If you’ve ever wondered about UFOs, you’re not alone. Not by a long shot. Many people become curious, and then they watch some “documentary” on the History channel which ends having said very little in the way of anything convincing. When you watch shows like that, there’s little you can settle on other than a belief that the evidence for what we call UFOs is practically nonexistent.

But the truth is very different. There is actually volumes of evidence surrounding the mysteries of strange aircraft.

Among these are hundreds of thousands of photographs and video images of physics-defying vehicles. Even if the majority of the endless amount of images are fake, some of them still show something that actually exists.

There are also hundreds of professional military personnel, astronauts, and pilots who say they’ve seen disk-shaped craft performing maneuvers that defy physics. But it doesn’t stop there. There have been reams of testimony given by high ranking officers working at nuclear missile silos who say mysterious crafts have activated and deactivated the control machinery of these facilities. Best of all, there are night vision footage clips that show mysterious crafts circling flying ICBMs, disabling them, and then destroying them.

There is so much more to talk about, but for the constraints of typographical space, the best evidence might be the more than ten solid hours of testimony given at the National Press Club where politicians, scientists, military people, pilots and more gave very convincing testimony that there is something to the UFO phenomenon- something that is being withheld from the public.

Of course, there’s also the massive amount of testimony of ordinary people who claim to have been taken by small gray beings with large heads and haunting black eyes that seem to reach into a person’s mind. What is outstanding about this type of evidence is that thousands of people have been telling the same stories for many years. People who never met, people who were reluctant to even talk about it- but were so disturbed by what happened to them that they had to seek treatment.

And there is more- there is so much more. Recently, in connection with the Pentagon’s $20 million dollar confession, it has also come out that metal scraps from UFO recoveries have been stored in facilities in Las Vegas and Washington DC in conjunction with that project that no scientist has been able to “officially” recognize.

There’s also a video, released by the Pentagon that shows a disk-shaped craft performing impossible movements and transformations while the camera operators emote over what they are seeing.

Now, back to that $20 million dollar price tag. This is such a low number that it indicated- more than anything- that they intend to be dismissive of the idea of UFOs. Or they want to seem dismissive. The disclosure hearing we mentioned above happened just a few months before the attacks of 9/11- and if you remember- just a few days before the towers were struck, Donald Rumsfeld told Cynthia Mckinney that the Pentagon had lost trillions and trillions of dollars. He said it’s lost forever, that there’s no way to account for it, and no one could ever be tasked with the job of tracking it all down. And you can bet- trillions was an understatement.

So, if the Pentagon says it spent $20 million, why should we believe them? Alright, it’s more than reasonable to assume that some of those trillions went to expensive cars, luxury gifts, and probably a few thousand pounds of cocaine. But you can bet your unknown unknowns that a big chunk of that went into secret projects.

Those of us who have looked into this subject more than just watching UFO documentaries on the “Discovery” Channel know the military has much more than a passing $20 million dollar interest in strange craft and the possibility that other-worldly beings might have visited the planet.

Having looked at this subject for a while, we feel confident in saying that while alien visitation is far from proven- it is all but certain that vehicles exist which defy the conventional laws of physics. From this, we can conclude that the universe operates according to laws that you cannot learn about without a high-security clearance- even in the highest levels of academic physics.

~ American Liberty Report

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